Simon Curtis - Victory Lyrics

And so the boy traveled on,
undeterred, upon his quest
For he now knew
that it was not another's love that would make him real
But the love within his own heart
And with that
He knew that he would never be

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Simon Curtis Victory Comments
  1. Blanca Vita -

    emm... te falta la cancion Flesh

  2. Ronald Stevens

    I meant wtf !!

  3. Firaro

    listen to his song "boy robot" first, boy robot is like the intro the album and this is like the outro

  4. Firaro

    sounds to me like boy robot was the intro to the album since it was the first song, and this is the outro since its the last song, they are both very similar and i think are both supposed to add some sort of context or something for the album

  5. Luna ,

    This sounds a lot like a sequel of Boy Robot, like, seriously!
    Is there any connection ?


    Love ur username :o

  7. Gay Love

    ??? i don't understand this!

  8. LKnightVA

    Why did I think of final fantasy when I listened to this and Zelda too xD

  9. TheAnimeLuvers

    It just occured to me..... did... was the whole album a story...?

  10. wastelandsaint

    Obviously :)

  11. lawlitachi

    Why does this sound like the Forever Alone Anthem? I see Forever Alone guy walking into the sunset with his flag flying high

  12. Dev-Kyuu

    If this was a movie....everything would be so clear...

  13. Davy Monsterous


  14. Becca Glantz

    this is epic!!!!!!!!!