Simon Curtis - Brainwash Lyrics

The villains and the heroes are merging
Everything is blurry
Time is standing still
The sky is switching with the ground
my world is turning upside-down
My sense of judgement seems to be compromised
You're too strong to be denied

Ooh I'm brainwashed, captivated by the fame
Oh it's taking over me now
Mighty baby, untamed lover
Ooh I'm brainwashed
Double - oh who, seven digits
Connect me to you, Sweet Center
Baby-baby, take me with you
Brainwash, brainwash
Brainwash, brainwash

You're speaking, it's so clear
But all the words are hard to hear
And I think I kind of like it that way
Mirror mirror on the wall
Says you'll catch me when I fall
I've always been the hunter
Not the other way
Now why do I feel like the prey?

Ooh I'm brainwashed, captivated by the fame
Oh it's taking over me now
Mighty baby, untamed lover
Ooh I'm brainwashed
Double - oh who, seven digits
Connect me to you, Sweet Center
Baby-baby, take me with you
Brainwash, brainwash
Brainwash, brainwash

I saw this coming, but I did nothing
I saw this (I saw this)
I want this (I want this)

Found out how to make it now
Take me over, take a vow
What you're waiting for?
What you're waiting for?
Take me over now

Ooh I'm brainwashed, captivated by the fame
Oh it's taking over me now
Mighty baby, untamed lover
Ooh I'm brainwashed
Double - oh who, seven digits
Connect me to you, Sweet Center
Baby-baby, take me with you
Brainwash, brainwash
Brainwash, brainwash

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Simon Curtis Brainwash Comments
  1. Under Guard

    The 8bit heart album dosnt have many good songs but I love all the song in his RA album and some other songs he has done

  2. Alexcia Pocha

    time to go look at yaoi yeet

  3. Alexcia Pocha

    i was singing this once and i thought i was alone but my uncle was there and he gave me the "what the fuck" face LOL

  4. get scared_ at my chemical_disco

    I don't wanna seem mean, but at the beginning of the song, the talking kinda creeps me out, so if your like me,

    0:33 you'll thank me later😉

  5. Livi Adams

    My girlfriend brainwashed me

  6. BrilovesKurtHummel Briones

    Imagine Chris colfer singing Simon curtis songs!😉

  7. Mini Tsang

    Friend say" you'll catch me when I fall
    Me: I don't know what you talking about

  8. Dimensionteevee

    2019? :D

    Beki Chan

    Im here ;D

  9. Ur Mum Gæ

    What does unplug their bananas mean

  10. the 3 Bairs

    This makes me want to unplug the bananas from my ears LMAO

  11. Enery

    This song brain washes just by saying I'm brain washed who agrees..??


  12. GoDinoGirl

    This song is brainwashing me to love it

  13. Gena Ives

    ok class, unplug your bananas please and turn to page 203.

  14. eli niche


  15. Ace The Not So Great

    Me: *falls*
    Mirror: *lets me fall, break me head, and fucking die*

  16. Creator C

    This is my first time listening to this, and before I watched this video, I tried to sing the lyrics in the thumbnail.
    Somehow I got the tune and music right.

  17. Diário da Nicole Milim

    Amei essa música

  18. Sara Leveton

    "Is there a knife in your dick?"
    "Is there a banana in your ear?"
    I'm starting to see a pattern in trends.

  19. Fandom Garbage


  20. The Unicorn


  21. Liina

    Back in 2019

  22. Jamela Wiese-Al Abasi


  23. September

    i like bananas on my ear it remind me of the prison .JK

  24. Izzy DREW

    This song reminds me of shinsou from my hero academia I feel this really suits him

  25. ChrisColfer'sgirlfriend:3 Bri

    I think Simon curtis is Bisexual because he said "Bra" in the song

  26. TheFoxFan

    Anyone else get here from
    A Danganronpa crack vid?

  27. Emmy Hartwich

    Person: get them to unplug the bananas from their ears

  28. Imgunnagetyou

    i hear "kiss me santa" in the chorus shdushshshs

    get scared_ at my chemical_disco

    Lol I just heard that after reading this😂😂😂

  29. Mika Zero

    I feel like this song was made for Hitoshi shinsou

  30. Ace The Not So Great

    "Unplug your bananas"
    *grabs banana my rabbit is eating*
    *he gets peeved*
    *he pisses on me and bites me*

  31. Jonquil Gemstone

    "All American mass media has to do is remove their bananas from their ears, open up their eyes..."

    *nods head in agreement*

  32. Jay the GermanShepherd

    Simon Curtis:
    Super physco love
    How you start a war
    Pit of vipers
    I hate U
    Beat drop
    Laxer guns up
    Don't dance
    Chip in your head
    Get in line
    Don't wanna be alone
    Boy robot
    8bit heart

  33. TheExtraChromosome

    radio music is quaking


    2019 and I still listen to this song xD
    I LOVE IT~

  35. Rouge Raven

    If you actually pay close attention, you will realise that a lot if his songs have a deeper meaning. He just sexualises his songs (like the ending, for example).

  36. Ann Prime

    Hitoshi Shinsou

  37. Red or Whatever

    If he writes his own lyrics, they're pretty clever. If he doesn't write his own lyrics, I still have a lot of respect for him and his ghost writer.

  38. Matti Suutarinen

    He who controls the past, controls the future

  39. Jovie Felsheim


  40. Jessica Carter

    This fits Goro Akechi _way_ too well.

  41. eternal chastity

    0:50 :0

  42. Ravenwing the wolf

    I died on the unplug their banana's part 😂😂😂😂😂😹😹

  43. Ravenwing the wolf

    The 'sweet center' part sounds sexual

  44. crimson phoenix

    Im scared that the forced laugh out of my chest is part of the brainwashing about bananas

  45. Gracyn Lian

    I don’t know if he uses auto tune with his songs, or maybe his voice just sounds techno, but whatever it is, it’s working for him and his music.

  46. Maewyn Thotbane


  47. Georgia C.

    I like the way he says "time is standing still"

  48. JAB light

    Yuri bezmenov I suggest u listen to the full interview

  49. beano

    lmao the beginning sounds like someone's school notes but in a russian accent

  50. Brenten Hannick

    This song is deep AF. I love it

  51. Crescentissymo

    Everybody commenting about him saying “bananas” at the end, check this out:

  52. Miar Maya

    Anyone else heard this from the Webcomics Ad???

    Lucille Grabe

    Rebellious Queen me lol

    Red Eyed Monster

    Rebellious Queen Me too 😁

  53. The Nightwatcher

    I keep hearing "I'm pregnant"

  54. Tyrese Whyte

    So this is a gay song?

  55. Nelly Hopkins

    tfw I like simon curtis but not for the yaoi...

  56. Sam Ski

    This song got used for an ad on YouTube and I've never been more happy in my life


    Wait an ad? Where? What is it?

  57. RipleyandWeeds

    "Unplug their bananas"
    Ohhhh, thats why I always get brainwashed! I don't unplug my banana, golly gee gosh it was so simple!

  58. Tzarina Carrido

    *You can't hear the song when there are bananas in your ears. Unplug them.*

  59. Yeh Yeh

    Eyyy 2018 anyone??

  60. Kricket Stockton

    I think my bf brainwashed me...

  61. Clarisse Baudry

    all I can think about are the shls despair in danganronpa !

  62. Gay Lord

    "Unplug the bananas"😂😂😂

  63. chat blanck forever super psicho love

    I love brainwash Simon Curtis and you😘

  64. JustAnIllusion

    I found simon curtis from up next list.

    I'm slightly normal

  65. rosie J

    Brain wash baby

  66. Kimber Kelley

    you know, I think these songs brainwasme in a good way

  67. Jade Chan

    Dark Nix and God Dragon?! FTW! (for the win)

  68. Stripe tweeker

    *DoEs AnYbOdY eLsE sEe ThE eYeS iN tHe BaCkGrOuNd*

    Whisper's Joking Wolf

    Stripe tweeker i see it

  69. Witch Eliza

    And People Still Think I'm Innocent......

  70. Sparkling dancing Queen

    I heard bananas

  71. Some Nerd Named Jackie

    Help so much is happening

  72. Lobke Vandendael

    All you have to do is unplug the bananas hahaha

  73. LittleWingedKuriboh

    Is it just me or is he confessing to his listeners that he writes sex music for the money?

  74. Got Truth?

    Ex KGB Yuri Bezmenove  explains how after communists create the chaos, destroying a nation, they then come in to save them with socialism which is communism wrapped up in deceitful tricks just long enough to deceive the people into a full blown communistic OVERTHROW.  A peoples brainwashing is created by the lies brought into the schools, and media.  Tricking the people into thinking certain ways about one another to create control over the people.  This way they oppress each other into their own overthrows. see his California lectures this one listed is the first one.


    This song is a MASTERPIECE .I cannot stop listening to this XD

  76. Edward Gerwer

    Yuri Bezmenov is in the introduction! A former KGB agent who literally had to manipulate and brainwash people in Soviet Russia!

  77. kwan p889


  78. killer foxy

    - love this song-

  79. hyacinthocervi

    this is so nostalgic for me idk why

  80. Elizabeth GaMa

    Finally found the origin of the speech at the beginning of the song.....

  81. jewelpawz_159

    While everyone is talking about how he said bananas at the end, I’m over here like“The line ‘Connect me to you, Sweet Center’ to me sounds like ‘Connect me to, Kiss Me Santa” Literally I’ve heard this song so many times and I can never hear it say “you, sweet center” Even my friends who don’t even listen to Simon agree w/ me-
    *I need help*

  82. Cristiano Moura

    OMG, não tiro essa música da minha cabeça

  83. Jessie Hogg

    Who else is binging Simons songs?

    The Witch

    @Rosie Low I'm interested


    @Edward Gerwer Yuri Bezmenov? You mean that double agent who fled to the States and later revealed the 25-year long subversion to undermine USA political ideology through its youth? Broooo! I study that stuff!


    Also, im binging trash gay songs, too.

  84. hannah doran

    really good sound tracks for the Songs 👌simon 👌

  85. Pancakes Forever

    I heard bruh the I was like

    (my expectation) song: bruh bruh brainwashed
    me: BRUH!!
    me: *looks at the lyrics*
    song: bra bra

  86. Thrillz

    For some reason I think this would make a good Five Nights at Freddys song

  87. Rayquaza Use Shadow Ball

    now that i think about it, whenever i am listening to this music and reading smut, somehow, just SOMEHOW, it fits 😂

  88. Ariana Cucovic

    *me when I see my crush *

  89. Dona Sandy

    Yaoi is really brain wash and I love it 😍 can't stop wanna more

  90. law rence

    Bra? 😂😂 but I tho he is gay, nice hobby dude 😎

  91. Mirai 999

    I feel like 80% of Simon's fans are actually yaoi fangirls

    Frida Rosales

    It would seem that we've been compromised XD


    Ahhh! I been exposed

    Annie San

    At least i am 😂

  92. Zee

    What are these "7-digits" he speaks of?

  93. Marcyplier RP

    OK, so, I'm over here LOVING the song and at the end all I hear is "Unplug the bananas from your ears." And I'm like: "... WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? XDDD"

  94. TJVenom

    *How I found Simon Curtis Yaoi amv. listens to a lot of is songs*


    +Lauren Perfetto Wat? Seriously?
    Russia is your profil pic?! =D

    Lauren Perfetto

    kh2866 seriously he’s gay and yeah Russia profile pic


    That's cool

    Lauren Perfetto

    kh2866 mmhm

    Kägurä Chän乂 AMV

    Hahha i found it by ayaoi mep

  95. Denki Kaminari

    When it said "Untamed lover" My pitbull licked my face. All because he likes being sang to. Which is what i was doing.


    am i the only one who thinks he is a sexy gay robot

    Not my personal account

    ED MURPHY I agree


    So Hal from Homestuck? Because Simon Curtis may or may not be my friend's headcanon voice for Hal...

  97. SarahC Stanfield

    I sang this song out loud in one of my classes one day at my school and I didn't even know I did until everyone started chanting my name and waving their arms in the air while the light were off and they had their phones so they turned on the flashlight to their phones and while waving their arms in the air they also waved their phones in the air with the flashlights on and I felt so special

    get scared_ at my chemical_disco

    Could you post a cover!!?!? I would really love to hear it!!