Simon, Carly - Halfway 'Round The World Lyrics

Thank you for informing me
That I've been banned from Canada
It comes as no surprise to me
Since last week it was Africa
Since you've been ambassador
There's trouble at the border
La la la la la la la Halfway 'round the world

It's amusing still it makes me wince
Your face is like a scimitar
When accidentally eye to eye
You shoot a look of vinegar
What could I have done to you
To make you act the way you do
La la la la la la la Halfway 'round the world

For whatever reason
You would keep me
Halfway 'round the world
I believe it's like some kind of compliment
I must be quite a girl
Quite a girl
La la la la la la la Halfway 'round the world

Once upon a time you swore you'd love me
'Til the end of the world
Now, nowhere is far enough away for you
I must be quite a girl
Quite a girl...
La la la la la la la Halfway 'round the world

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Simon, Carly Halfway 'Round The World Comments
  1. Petr Slivinski

    Great song and musical arrangement and sung by our lovely Ms. Simon.  Nobody ... nobody does it better.  Thanks Ms. Simon!

  2. David Andrews

    Like a Warren Zevon song, some Carly version of "Jungle Work." Some kinda sexual apartheid backed up by rich girl-hired native tribesmen and a charlotte russe on the crsft services table backstage.

  3. Lisa HelmsL

    My favorite female song writer/singer. I was lucky to have been able to see her 2x's. Thanks to some one I once knew. She was everything I thought she would be. Fabulous. I hope he knows what those shows still mean to me.

  4. catrina podberesky

    The 3 titled boxset in 2003 with frankincense & a buddha Great songs & my 2nd breakthrough in recovery from not wanting nightmares of totalitarianism & moral wars

    catrina podberesky

    This with Angel from Montgomery. Unison Sauntering looking for calm & waiting to jump

  5. steven griffin