Simon, Carly - Davy Lyrics

Davy, is there a song out there in the night
For us?
Davy, is there the kind of smile that you
Read about?
There are ghosts who would warn me
Keep me alone...
Davy, are you the heat I feel in my
Foolish heart?
Davy, there's not a day that I haven't prayed
To feel something so worthy
For someone like you...

Davy, could there be love so bright
Like to jump off the sea?
Davy, did I imagine it or did you look at me
With a look so bold that I had to look away?

But if it feels alright
If it feels alright and it feels alright
Davy, Davy, Davy!!!

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Simon, Carly Davy Comments
  1. J N Walsh

    Carly, "You're the One!"

  2. William Kirkland

    Mesmerising perfect voice anytime she sings. I LOVE QUEEN CARLY ♡

  3. David Wright


  4. J MacManus

    I've dreamed of being the object of this fine woman's desire. Whomever Davey is/ hat's off to you for being that guy.

  5. Henk Wilbrink

    This is art!!!

  6. Juli D. Finch

    wow this song takes one's breath away.

  7. Abbey Lewis

    Still fmy favorite female songstress ever! Now my new favorite song: thank you <3

  8. Steve Chapman

    My favorite song from "Letters" and a great video. I heard this song last year on Sirius channel The Loft.

  9. utscav

    I knew she had a beautiful voice, but I didn't realize she could play guitar so well. Man I love this woman. God Bless you Carly Simon for the beauty you have brought to this world.

  10. will darr

    Remember seeing this wonderful concert on tv many years ago. This song was the highlight for me. Love Carly's vocal and the interplay with the boys in the band. Videos like this are why I love Youtube.