Sickick - Tuesday (Remix) Lyrics

Bring your friends out sometime,
Party every night tell me you don't like this life and...
Keep me out of your mind,
You cant bring that up, you ain't here to kill my vibe and...
I see you're in love but there's no place for love in here...
I've been down that road and there's no way I'm getting played, not again,
You can't bother me..

I, I'm way up in the sky,
You don't get to touch me unless you can fly,
I know for a fact you'd be afraid at these heights,
There's nothing above me, no reason to love me,

So d-don't try try try to find me,
I'm fine, fine being lonely...up here...
So don't try try try to find me,
Party every night, party party every night.
B-b-bring another round for me...

Got the club going up, on a Tuesday,
Got your girl in the club and she choosey...
Got the club going up, on a Tuesday,
Got your girl in the club and she choosey...
Got the club going up, on a Tuesday,
Got your girl in the club and she choosey...
Got the club going up, on a Tuesday,
I had one too many drinks I ain't choosey...

Girls throwing... up!
And we ain't even began....the weekend,
I'm too faded out my, mind,
Want my mother fucking freedom...this evening...
We rollin' Kelly Rowlands...
Bowl hits till we bowlin', ohh, the ceiling...
I'm empty like these bottles,
She thinks she hit the lotto...ohh...she didn't...

Oh really you know me oh me me me oh me oh me oh my,
Shut your lips you bitch you know that I can read your mind,
All the women watchin' me don't need to check the time,
Whether I want you or not you're mine...

I've been doing this a long time...
Still I haven't hit my, prime...
I know when I go back home,
I'll have my city by my side...

Got the club going up, on a Tuesday,
Got your girl in the club and she choosey...
Got the club going up, on a Tuesday,
Got your girl in the club and she choosey...
Got the club going up, on a Tuesday,
Got your girl in the club and she choosey...
Got the club going up, on a Tuesday,
If you don't sing that hook on beat you gow' lose me....

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Sickick Tuesday (Remix) Comments
  1. Cat Isela mirAnda GarcIA

    Seek out my ❤️.

  2. robinson jr. B.


  3. Samuel Taylor

    Song still lit 2019-2020

  4. Javier Gonzales

    Bro you made this heat years ago.... And I still have this shit on replay ❤️💣

  5. •ADA༆ кηк༄


  6. kellyroces


  7. sana nousheh

    Soft and relaxt song😊

  8. Yashun Bangera

    Hi Sickick

  9. Hi2398

    I am so in love with Sickick voice.

  10. Anime Arena

    Where did he get that jacket it’s looks S!CK

  11. Vadim Dyu

    Грёбаный гений

  12. Cristina Ghe


  13. KaylaSue33

    Still bumping this years shame! Love the uniqueness you bring to everything you do!

  14. Uber Ramos

    pls upload to spotify based sickkick

  15. Geo Mag

    Keep coming back to this it's ridiculously great. Your awesome brother keep it up.

  16. Vikas Bajaj

    Sickick ...........u r making me sickk....u r jst astonishing .....superb songs .

  17. daniel johnsen

    if i could get in that studio dj echo would shine so brite,id blind this hole world

  18. Hazel joy Ladon

    Damn im so inlove with ur voice sickick...much love...from philippines

  19. Charles LLewis Nichols

    I need a bottle they knew that's why they did hacked mine data lame ass Paris Texas

  20. Javier Martinez


  21. Aditya Tati

    Siskick laver ❤💚🤘😱

  22. Feel- O -jockey

    I wish I could make my whole city listen to this masterpiece...

  23. Elusive Gaming

    When he said "whether or not I want you, you're mine"
    BRUH I felt that

  24. Nik boy

    This is the one that made me a fan till this date....amazing music man. A song for every mood and feeling. S!ck

  25. pitts

    pardy pa par pardy every night...

  26. DethMonStar ***

    I still like his musics till today

  27. Charles LLewis Nichols

    It does get bored

  28. faheem ummer

    I'm your fan 💔

  29. faheem ummer

    Your a lovely music of the world

  30. Geo Mag

    Dont like many so called artists trying to come out but you got mad skillz brother. Keep it up I always look for your new shit.

  31. MarshmallowWaffleXP


  32. Angel S.

    No puedo dejar de escucharla

  33. keesha liotta

    Une de mes favorites <3

  34. Lovin Muzik

    Could never get old of this song. 20XX

  35. Charles LLewis Nichols

    your problems you cant steal me from being rich hahahaha

  36. Valeria Montiel


  37. Angel S.

    Fucking amazing, beautiful work


    what the hell are these 974 dislikes.....

  39. Sidney Dykes

    Does he sound like the weekend to anybody else

  40. Gourav Bhuyan

    i like ur voice ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  41. Gourav Bhuyan

    ur rockzzzzzz❤❤❤❤🤘🤘🤘

  42. Gourav Bhuyan

    i lob u bro

  43. boselecta jackson

    My aunt boyfriend looks like sickick without the mask

  44. Typical Mines

    Even those this is old I think it’s a better version of the song

  45. Art Fart

    I have a theory that Sickick is Asadi...I'm good either way. If they are two separate people, they're both talented as heck.


    Boiiii I've been looking for this music video for like YEARS and I'm am so fucking glad I found it!!!! 😍😍😍

  47. Ranjit Kaur

    U r gr8

  48. Ranjit Kaur

    U r best gr8

  49. Nghia Nguyen


  50. Soham Goswami

    I am just sick to sickick

  51. Bea Bianca

    2019 anyone?

  52. Kunal Jeet

    Not much bad

  53. Telah

    How i love you Honey ~ ♪

  54. Meikachan1

    I’m still obsessed with this song 🖤🖤

    Bea Bianca

    Yasss me too, can't stop listening to this all day😷😷❤❤🔥🔥


    This is my favourite sickick track and maybe my top 5 best song of all time

  55. Pedro Aspiroz

    Fast forward 5 years and sixkick getting jewelery and a louie vuitton mask lol

  56. Mikki Davis

    the chuckle at 0:40 im D E A D

  57. gibsyking2

    So lame


    gibsyking2 why ❓ your life must be pathetic


    gibsyking2 END YOUR LIFE


    MOLE easy buddy


    Tamer Khalifa sorry but really how can you say this is lame

  58. Akuma Lee

    0:39 that little smile so cute!

  59. Sacred Angel

    Sun/ moon. Destroyed hearts don't love . Passion is their fire. Destroy passion and receive disaster. So let be. What's your choice? LOVE / the master of passion/ fire desire. Or the other way around? Take take till there's no more to give. Dead. Stop playing with hearts! Learn from the difference from not having,and being.

  60. Brody Bain

    When u here in 2019 cause of memories

  61. ツAero

    Damn time flies

  62. Brendan Cintron

    Very creative video. Huge thumbs up. Everything about the song was just perfect



  64. PixelPictures

    2019 on a tusday

  65. hell x

    His voice is pure love😍😍🖤❤️🔥🍁

  66. Dashing Planet

    I want this song to hit 100m


    *high voice* she think she hit the lotta
    *low voice* SHE DIDNT 😜

  68. konny into you

    I don't know why but I just love his voice 😍😍😍❤️

  69. Yelena Denton

    this man is a musical LEGEND - talent level - Sicick!!!!! heres a free replay button because why the hell wouldnt you???? 0:00 when he sings "you dont get to touch me unless you can fly, i know for a fact you'd be afraid of these heights" and does that sharp gasp you can HEAR his pain 1:11

  70. Lily Vargas


  71. غيث العمري

    كل سلح💩


    غيث العمري هد الوضع 😂

  72. Lovin Muzik

    2018 and this song still hot

  73. sickick Naeem

    🤔 Umm love you sickick

  74. Koushik Manna


  75. Özgür ekran

    YouTube özgür ekran

  76. V M

    2019 is right around the corner and I always find myself listening to these cause they never get old

  77. Lovin Muzik

    2018 and still rockin' to this ish'

  78. Rebelsuckscock

    i always listen to this on rooftops alone and i fucking FEEEEL IT UGH

  79. FreeFallingUp13

    I've been listening to this all day, wishing it was Tuesday, and only just now realized it's not Wednesday today. It's Tuesday.

    It's been nine hours.

  80. Lila K

    Best Voice!!!!!!!!!

  81. Lil Monstro

    I want more!! I love your mouf boo. *swoom*

  82. ironclad

    Would love a collab with connor maynard or demi


    Sorry had a couple drinks.


    yoU'RE MUSIC AND STYLE ARE DIVINE. ;) lol.. I've my hands in my P***nties right now watching your vids. ;) ;)



  85. Wal Terio

    You make my days happier!!! Thanks

  86. slick Ace

    Love his voice every since his Tuesday remix came out.

  87. Suave Temper1

    Talent undeniable bro 💯

  88. dee jay

    Man this artist is so sophisticated...I'm amazed

  89. I Wish For Freedom

    💙✨👅✨💙 I wanna make you moan. You would probably sound so hot, wouldn't you? You're so cute. I love your music. 💙✨👅💦✨💙

  90. Lovin Muzik

    Could never got old of this version. 2018 and still going!!

  91. Guahan Soulja

    wayyyy fucking better than the orginal x_x

  92. music factory

    😂😂So funny


    Ahmed Abouzyd what’s funny? I’m amazed by his talent and you’re laughing??

  93. Goode Naske

    You are great😀

  94. 001001 001002


  95. Jonathan Jamar YT

    hello, can i use your musics in my videos productions? your musics will be in my description videos, your songs are so good...

  96. Ryan E

    Dude you by far more talented than any celeb out there..u gna be at the top one day...keep it it!!👌✌