Sickick - Nightlife Lyrics

I make you crazy, you make me high
I'm talkin' daily, you're on my mind
Your lips don't phase me, what drives me wild's that you're livin' your life like you got nothing to lose

Girl you think I'm crazy, to think you're fine
You say you hate me, but I'm your type
It's all yours baby, look in my eyes
You are the one that I could never leave

I need you like the night life,
You help to set me free
I need you like the night life,
I'm drowning in your Hennessy

Baby, I like your stuff...

You are the one that I could never leave

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Sickick Nightlife Comments
  1. Sydney Pellar

    Love this nice beat

  2. Dr. Batman

    Songs so trippy it's got me hearing this with my third-eye and shit🤯

  3. Reyhaan Hussain

    Amazing man still

  4. Gulay Ahmet

    Very nice!

  5. Naznin Rahman

    Really can't be seperate

  6. Rated Games

    In love with this.

  7. Dou Ja

    What are you 😍😍😍😍

  8. Rambro Prime

    4 years old but still burnin.

  9. Eric Fram

    I love this song

  10. Rohan Harmalkar

    Please mashup Justin Bieber songs🎧 l love Jb ❤😘

  11. 4L0ve _

    I love sickhop

  12. Mr. Game & Watch

    Sad summer vibes

  13. Somesh Dubey

    Summer vibes 🦁

  14. Carlos Blandon

    This is even better than the original.


    U could do muuuuuch better on this remake one dance one more time BALIIIIIIIZ

  16. Rhiannon Harris

    I'm so curious what he's face look like but at re same time not kuz it's good in the mask like he makes me like him even more when he is under a mask. Pullin me in deeper ig😂😂😂

  17. Ashley Leßoing

    I didn't like the version of Drake... But yours is just hillarious!

  18. xXMeowzerXx

    FUCK 💕

  19. blaise russo


  20. Akbar Ali

    Amazing u r super star

  21. Chris Finkbohner

    so are you just redoing the beat exactly the same?

  22. Sacred Angel

    I need you like the night life too.

  23. Sabrin soso

    Where you have been befor in my life ❤❤❤

  24. ALEX ASX



    so amazing 0:52 😭💗💗💗I’m big fans from Saudi Arabia, a wish meet u in the future , love u

  26. Kristina Craig

    Btw this lit 🔥 af

  27. Kristina Craig

    Face reveal pls

  28. Arun Kumar

    The crazy and my favorite song 😇😍

  29. nicole victoria

    I'm so addicted to his songs he is on a very good way of becoming my new favorite artist, woah

  30. Not Yours


  31. goodguyz369 madlipz

    Can you do Sawn Mendez in my blood 👍🏾

  32. Сергей Карьев

    АХУЕЕЕТЬ!!!! ТАЛАНТ!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍

  33. Dora Nava

    Me Encanta.!!! :)

  34. EZ Tink

    Your a genius!!!👏😋😏😍💋❤💋

  35. Strider H.

    "Look at my eyes."
    *Wears mask*

  36. casper repsac


  37. [Wrøng _Way]

    I think He can so every shit Bad Song Turn into great!!!🔥🔥🔥

    Sry for my Bad english

  38. Dani

    ❤❤❤ que boca

  39. raymond small

    This reminiscent song takes me away!!! Amazing!!!

  40. Robert Karuku

    am still caching up

  41. Diya Patel

    I didn’t even know this was based off of one dance🤨🙃

  42. Nader Islam Tamim

    You should be the president of edm... Take a bow master 🙏

  43. Hellen Porras

    Me gustó todos sus videos, su voz y los sonidos, excelente, dan ganas de bailar!! Saludos desde Costa Rica

  44. Bradley welch

    This is an entirely different song, nothing like one dance. Rename and copyright it.

  45. اوتشيها مادرا

    l went to see yor face 😆

  46. Ammar Salah

    Fuc marshmallow

  47. Raju Kumar

    Love this all songs 😍😍😍

  48. Anushree who?

    Wait what's the lady saying?

    Mr. Game & Watch

    "That's sick huh?" or "That sick fuck"

  49. Trudy Abela

    much better than the original

  50. purabi deb

    I'm on heaven 😍

  51. theofficial patient

    Do drake gods plan

  52. Pity Heart

    Who are you.?
    Need to know who you are?!

  53. Jayson Estellla

    Im in love with ur songs😍😍😍

  54. DeRi

    I can't stop listening to you 👌👍👏💓👏
    every song, version are fuckin amazing, sensual beats and voice

  55. kelly van gyseghem


  56. Siddharth Tamang

    U r very nice singer and dj

  57. Anant Singh

    Your taking these numbers at random and making them into your own..... EPIC SICKICK

  58. Rashed Ratul

    I like this.

  59. xX_ Bandit_Xx

    I hear that song instant,its great and now i have to go through rough things but i will always here your music cause it cheers me up and i know how much work is in that great music ^^ pls keep it up

  60. Moksh Saini

    Please answer me

  61. Aleeza Mahmood

    he always changes the damn song

  62. Siri Chellapilla

    There should be an entire genre dedicated to taking music and making it beautifully unrecognizable! What would it be called?

  63. Ruby Atul


  64. Viktorija Budryte

    I thought it should’ve been one dance by drake ?!?!?

  65. J3ĄH 98

    I love how you do it to get rhythm in any way


    Please show your face
    I so excited to see your face

  67. Komal Srivastava

    Can someone post the lyrics of the song ?

  68. VO_DanRx Matsu

    I would love to see you do a remix version of 6lack one way song 😃

  69. Yanne ramiro

    sickick can you please make a mash up of bruno mars songs.. thank you

  70. Lejla Hondo

    Dudeeee u re d bestt

  71. M Beazy

    He take good songs and make dem into OP music bombs... U r crayz man... I love it

  72. Jamie Hawkes

    “ I’m drowning in your Hennessey” love that line ❣️❣️

  73. Зара Дадашова


  74. Mel Peeuake

    Love it bro awesome.

  75. scooby gubygu

    str8 12 inch version. 2018

  76. scooby gubygu

    sade flava, dont stop

  77. scooby gubygu

    longer , dont stop

  78. Himanish Dutta

    Sickkick make me wanna smoke weed so bad. 😭


    Himanish Dutta do it only one life

  79. Lucifer 420


  80. Gleice Pereira

    I wanted you here by my side singing in my ear just to hear your voice and your breath

  81. Gleice Pereira

    I wanted you here next to me singing in my ear just to hear your voice and your breath

  82. Gleice Pereira

    can you tell me your channel is his if it's official

  83. Gleice Pereira

    I already fell in love with the voice by the melody by the letter and by him I knew his work today and I fell in love with him completely he is very talented ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋😻😻😻😻😻😻😘😍😚

  84. Ol i

    fucking awsome Sickick !!

  85. k y

    I love dis song


    Great way for

  87. Petros Grandi

    Wow MAN, really i respect you, from Africa Ethiopia

  88. Sarah Legassick

    Sick sick if you pin this your going to be the next biggest hit in music and tracks.

  89. Dirk icke

    Einfach geil 👍👍👍👍😎😎😎😎😎

  90. amy-leigh lindsay

    My mum got me in

  91. count .mendoza

    What a smooth jelly voice keep it going am a fan