Sickick - Fire & Rayn Lyrics

I'll bring that fire then I make it Rayn
Look at this boy have I gone insane
I'm livin' life mellow, mellow, mellow, mellow!
We're livin' life mellow, mellow, mellow, mellow!
Fuck all the money and the glam and fame
A life so sweet no one knows my name
We're livin' life mellow, mellow, mellow, mellow!
We're livin' life mellow, mellow, mellow, mellow!
I'll bring that...

I'll bring that fire then I make it Rayn
Look at this boy have I gone insane
I'm livin' life mellow, mellow, mellow, mellow!
We're livin' life mellow, mellow, mellow, mellow!
Fuck all the money and the glam and fame
A life so sweet no one knows my name
We're livin' life mellow, mellow, mellow, mellow!
We're livin' life mellow, mellow, mellow, mellow!
I'll bring that...

Mellow, mellow, mellow, m-m-m-...
I know you don't know...
I know you don't know this body no
But you feel it even though
You won't hear nothing like this on radio
All my people yeah they like it!
I'm healin' in the club let Marvin know
I'm lovin' with my fingertips down low
I'm mellow mellow mellow....
I'll bring that fire then I'll make it Rayn
Look at this boy have I gone insane
I'm livin' life mellow mellow mellow mellow
We're livin' life mellow mellow mellow....
I'll bring that...

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Sickick Fire & Rayn Comments
  1. nissa shamiza

    This guy is S!CK

  2. Islam Simou

    Art ❤

  3. Sonic Tiger TV

    wow this go hard nmh nmh nmh

  4. EluzDray

    I fucking love Sickick. Always has bangers with sick drops.

  5. Akmal Qurbonov


  6. Опарина Ирина

    Great song

  7. *ღBreenyღ* *ღSevilleSLJღ*

    00:00 = replay button
    2019 = year
    10 = month
    10 = day

  8. Nashaat 921969


  9. Ismaeel Arendse

    #SICK# The best singer in the world *in my opinion*

  10. Super Man

    Every song I tap on is dope no matter who year from this dude

    sandeep gujjari

    Yes youtube is recommending this legend.... Wish i had found him early

  11. music ON

    Mannn I just love All ur songs man

  12. The Tony Hernandez

    great mix. I like all sickick songs

  13. Andrew Payne

    This is art

  14. CammieGee

    First heard this song in a video showing footage of Jeeps on Daytona Beach

  15. simren 888888

    What a treat. Everytime I hear something of his I haven't heard before the sun shines again. Love you Sickick music for all lifetimes ❤️🎶

  16. lipika

    I made a lyric video for this song, I'd love it if you could take the time to check it out :)

  17. Earni Eliazer

    what a song !!!! you can cross the professionals also bro!!

    Akther Brothers

    Lol he don't need to do that cause' he's a LEGEND ♥

  18. bellim issar

    if you show me your wing i show you mine. they are diferent but that is not the point. so show me ;)

  19. Mohammed Haseeb

    Mello marshmallow lolololol

  20. Thomas Weigand

    Benötige einen Feuerlöscher... Anlage brennt... Hahahaaaaa

  21. emma garcia

    I love it

  22. emma garcia


  23. Harshita Senpai

    Epic!!!! You are truly on fire!!🔥🔥🔥

  24. Kail Dornbusch


  25. David Manuel

    I would like to hear a collaboration with M.I.A and Sickick

  26. Anonymous Smith

    I love sickick 😍😍😍

  27. Yelena Denton

    holy shoot im a two week old Sickick fan/discoverer and HE CONTINUES TO SMASH IT AND BRING THE FIRE!!!!!!!! heres a free replay button because why the hell wouldnt you....????? 0:00 ive got the SICKNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Efe Taha

    Abi yanlış açmışım

  29. S J Mirza

    Lomatic ..culture shock..sickick ...doesn't matter his music, vibes and lyrics ...sensational musician and singer 😍💯💯🔥

  30. Adem Parlak

    this song my favorite !

  31. Olivia Person

    Reminds me of the weekend

  32. Mohammed Rafiq

    Stealing other people's work tisk tisk

  33. Arthur Pro

    i have original video, he is unlisted. :)

    Chris Ven

    Can I have the link please?

  34. Lorenzo Rizzotti

    Sickick means Sick Voice, Sick Beats and Sick Songs #SickickArmy💪💪

  35. Tina Thyberg

    Sick is talented and to me your music is infectious.🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤

  36. Sugar_ Coconuts


  37. Bass Boosted Maniac

    😍 LUV IT!

  38. Samvar Shah

    What a transformation to sic kick from lomaticc


    love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Sabrina Islam

    Why he delete the original??

    Stay Weird

    Complications with the video

  41. Amanda Angel

    Badass sickick....I love it

  42. Amanda Angel

    In love with that beat and bass dam hot and fire burning it up.. go sickickarmy.....

  43. NosMusic

    Here is the sickick song, but where does his face appear?

  44. 2girlzr1

    Not the mortal combat gong...nice

  45. kingofvintage

    DJs Amira&Kayla brought me here...

  46. Jouse Chill

    Try to do a remix like to pump somebody to go to a gym or a high up song

  47. Leon Noel

    hat ewig gedauert um fire and rain zufinden fucking James Taylor

  48. micha domgöregen

    Versteh nicht , warum so ein Talent , unendeckt bleibt!!!! wenn es einer verdient hat , DANN ER .....M.... F...

  49. Azalea Redinger

    Why isn't this song more popular?!

    Dead Meme

    It's not 2009 anymore my dudes. Your taste of music is ass

    Chris Ven

    @Dead Meme Your taste is as dead as your name

    Ethan Xu

    Chris Ven lmao 😭🔥

    Ryu's Bubbles

    Then tell us what kinda music we should listen to mate. I'm doubting you can say anything except Justin Bieber and BTS or basically some shit K-Pop.

    Gina V

    He's an independent artist so no lable pushing or promoting but his following is strong. #getwiththesickness

  50. Ruth Dravigny

    Fan ❤

  51. Husky Busky

    tarmandov from tuisyen oren brought me here with his passion for sickick

  52. Warlock9

    Why did Sickick take down "Fire and Rayn" off his channel along with a bunch of others too that were good??!!

    Maren Arnold

    legends say he reveals his face in there....


    Maren Arnold he doesnt. Ive seen it in the past. He took down "problem" too. In the vid he jumps with a parachute but that doesnt stop him form wearing the mask. Yet its taken down too. :/

    JitanEDM (Invisus)

    andasaral is it perhaps there was some proprietary issues regarding beats, as in the people the artist going as sick kick had worked with previously as lommatic (culture shock). Lock up ex'd up by culture shock, it's similar to this

  53. Waseem Munsur

    Lomaticc rises from the ashes as Sickick

    Oktarina Shafira

    Waseem Munsur yea... all scorpio zodiac does that

    Toast X



    From The Ashes We Will Rise Sickick

  54. tr0lL7 7

    filiš dropulic brought me here

  55. Andrea Sanchez

    i love this song so much ty for uploading plz do more plz

  56. Filip Dropulic

    Tavi Castro brpught me here 😇

    Marvin Bane

    Same! Had to find this track haha

  57. Paul Sandou

    sickick got true music talent , ist not like mozarr or some other good musician he use EVERYTHING to make music this guys is genius . #sick


    Lol what

    Rahul Jaiswara

    One of my best dj with singing talente.
    This world gift us sickick😍😍

    faye valentine

    I love youu

  58. Gala Dimitrova

    amazing 😍

  59. Breanna Frank

    what happened to the original music video?! I cant find it anywhere! it was my favorite one.


    no thats not him in the music video

    Shibin Ben

    Slavik Cher send the link

    Akther Brothers

    It shows 'the video is unavailable' please share the video. PLEASE!!

    Fun Lab's

    please send me the video bro

    Amar Bogol gondo

    If you want to watch the video search the rayn he has the original video
    On his Channel

  60. NosCare Official

    2016 ^_^

  61. jonas jakobsen

    i love it

  62. Ylex

    The awkward moment when you realized its a stolen version of the song. Going back to Sickicks channel.

    Khalil Lari

    +Ylex once again, if you would ask instead of accusing it would be nice, this video has been seen by YouTube and I have accepted the term in which they have given me for that Sickick gets the credit/money for the views, I don't benefit anything from this. I'm a fan, plane and simple.

    Khalil Lari

    +Ylex as well as this video was uploaded before his music video was ever on YouTube, it was to spread his music and his song for when it did come out on YouTube.


    +Khalil Lari Nah man, still doesnt make it any better. 
    If you really want to support him, make a 30 sec sample of the song ending with annotation links to the actual song on his channel.

    Khalil Lari

    @Ylex he gets the credit regardless my friend, I really benefit nothing from this nor did I ever want anything from this other than promote him. And yes I'm going to edit this video to do just that :).


    Well, Sickick removed the original song from his channel. I don't know why but that's why this video can stay

  63. Lakhvinder Lakhi

    on repeat bro u got something different shit .. really sick ..

  64. Dija Mohammed

    how did you get this? i've looked and waited so long how is this possible
    Neva mind this has just made my life

  65. pri minelle

    Can't wait till the music vids out. I'm in it wahoo

  66. Ciwpa Youtube

    You must see my dance version : watch?v=Unf6xB6nfWw&

  67. Priyanka Nair

    Thank you so much for the dnl link and the video!

  68. Arif 488

    Thx for the upload

  69. Abz IOD

    no way did I just find this track. thanks for the upload

  70. Thedayyoudie Thedayismile


  71. Somdutt Bhaggan

    Spread the #Sickness... B|

  72. Victoria Phạm

    so nyc i love it really <3

  73. Juelz

    Thank you so much for uploading!! Just made my night!!

    Khalil Lari

    My pleasure

    Jaskeerut Nunwa

    Juelz Brown


  74. Mohit Khandelwal

    mp3 download link ?

    Khalil Lari

    Don't have one, took me a while just to get the track lol, use any online YouTube to mp3 converter, Google it.

    Toast X

    Just use YT to mp3 converter or Vidmate