Shinedown - Stranger Inside Lyrics

This day could be the worst one yet
I just won't relax I can't catch my breath
Because I'm sick and tired of you'll be fine
Well how do you know, can you read minds?

[Pre Chorus]
So take it while you can, so you can meet demands
My insanity is what you thrive on
So rip it from my soul, so everyone will know in the end
We were never friends

Have you ever felt lost inside? So unloved within that you almost die?
Have you ever stepped out of the light and realized there's a stranger inside?

Don't push your ignorance on me
I'm not unrehearsed to your jealousy
And I know you don't think I see the signs
Well how do you know, do I look blind?

[2nd Pre Chorus]
So take it while you can, so you can meet demands
My breakdown in what you thrive on
So rip it from my soul, so everyone will know in the end
I'm the break, you're the bend



Stranger inside

[Chorus out]

Have you ever felt lost inside?
Have you ever stepped out of the light and realized there's a stranger inside?

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Shinedown Stranger Inside Comments
  1. Suzanna C.

    _Still_ one of my favorite Shinedown songs!

  2. Classic Chrome 70s 80s 90s classic rock and Metal

    I'm sorry to say. The drug addicted bluesy heavy Shinedown is so better and more meaningful than the pop trying to fit in Shinedown we have now. Thier first 3 records are so fucking incredible and so heavy!!!!!!!

  3. Tracytron

    “Have you ever felt lost inside, so unloved within, that you almost died?” Every single day of my life mate

  4. Tracytron

    This song describes the relationship between me and my abusive mother perfectly


    I wish I had the guts to say this to her face

  5. RWAC Thompson

    Most underated/underappreciated shinedown song ever but I ll keep coming back for more !

  6. GOOSE1334

    Oh shit real Shinedown.. I can dig it

  7. Chris Morales

    This band helps me embrace lifestyle's challenges and embrace my struggles. Cant be anymore thankful for it

  8. Marina Kopisarova

    They pretend to be friends with you but really their that ugly monster hiding in the closet while your gone and steal things that aren't theres. UGH... And it's sad because there the only people I can confide to. But their like your enemy at the same time.. Again the damn mind games..!!!!

  9. Marina Kopisarova

    Sounds like if someone were to gaslight someone body and to use it to their advantage. There's times when I wish I actually never met this person. If someone were to do this I'd get rid of them while I could. I hate mind games.


    Agreed. It’s exactly what my mothers been doing to me my entire life, but there’s nothing I can do about it because I’m still 16 * Sigh *

  10. Victoria Jones

    Fucking love Shinedown - I loved them back then, I love them right now. Always badass ❤️

  11. Jamie116 Stull

    Nice mix of Shinedown.......

  12. Cory Vetter

    Still a great band! Love everything they do. They could take a Lady Ga Ga song and make it Rock N Roll!

  13. Nadeen Jarkas

    who remembers when Shinedown was a rock band?

  14. Faye Howard

    In Memory of My Brother John Tapp;and My Nephew John Tapp Jr;last year John jr died of herion;;this pass week;brother took his life with pills;for anyone who ever feels this way;Call anyone ask for help;Friends Dont give up on them;cause you can never get another chance

    Jamie116 Stull

    Faye Howard sorry about your losses.

  15. lucas D

    Remember when shinedown was a rock band?

    linus pump

    They lost everything... even their hair


    They still are a rock band, they're just a little "meh" at the moment. They'll be back to their classic rock/metal tracks in no time.


    Well no it is official that they will release a heavy album... which got me very hyped...

  16. Resilient Embers

    Such an awesome chorus... All I can say is never run away from the obstacles or uncertainties life presents to you. My mistake was pushing forth, but never acknowledging or addressing things I conceal. Eventually all that shit catches up with you. When it does it can be so debilitating that you lose sight of everything that once gave you sustenance.

  17. Giovanni Rigo

    I like Shinedown, but honestly, i'm sad that they don't make songs like this anymore.

    kristen stewart

    New song called devil

    Brandon Bennett

    Soncerae Lopez is shit

    Nick M

    @kristen stewart thats hot

  18. Pink Glitter

    Seeing shine down again soon!!

  19. Pink Glitter

    Yeh it's k and fab job mate luv this song

  20. Loreee_

    Freaking love this song!

  21. Alan Vallejo

    one of us most died

  22. Super Hylian

    Shinedowns music has helped me through a lot actually. The emotion in the music and the demeanor of the lyrics always let me know that I was not alone on the way I felt, and pushed me to keep moving forward in my life no matter the circumstances.

    Also out of all their songs...this is still my favorite.

  23. Nastya Kazimirova

    I love it

  24. david green

    song just speaks to me right to my soul

    Gregory Smith

    I can listen to this song all damn day

  25. elizabeth48689

    i can relate to this so much!!!!!

  26. hellnair

    Yes, I've felt that way, every fucking day of my life.

    Gary Bruce

    Lmao. Pussy

  27. nicholas spearman

    this song and lost in the crowd say it all!

  28. Keytone productions

    my song

  29. Toni Mantana

    Loooove it.... \m/

  30. Spartan Zc

    amazing song..