Shinedown - Crying Out Lyrics

Don't use a weakness
Don't change the subject,
Don't ask the questions if you fear the answer
You look distorted
Lets make you clearer
Lets flip the switch and use the smoke and mirrors
Re-invent yourself today
Re-invent your world today

Crying out for the last time
Clear a space for the warning signs
Crying out for the last time
And there's no turning back now that you've opened up to your mind

What guides your vision
What holds the balance
Don't think that I can't see you shake and tremble
Well I know your nervous this world is scary
You have to let go all the madness you carry

Re-invent yourself today
Re-invent your world today


There is no turning back now
Everything you've ever wanted
Everything in this moment
There is no turning back now

[CHORUS (2)]

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Shinedown Crying Out Comments
  1. Nathanael Wassmann

    This song reminds me of “Unframed” by Ill Nino and “Now” by Staind.

  2. Edward Mc Coy

    I'm 20. And I have to admit, the versatility of their music, would make Shinedown ALMOST an equivalent to GnR in today's hard rock scene.

  3. Kim Norton

    I love this song! Loving my life now Healing & opening my mind ! First time I heard this song! WOW!

  4. GiganJr13

    I heard better...but I'm going to give one like and subscribed your channel

  5. roi boi

    I should listen to this band more.

  6. Karyn Jennings420

    good work 💯👍👌

  7. fede camusso

    amazing track.

  8. the vampire rocker

    who doesn't like this pft I love this song good job on the video

  9. Dillon Kepler

    This still technically violates copyright lol, as this is not actually considered fair use. Record labels just do not care to take down every video that has music of theirs.

  10. Paul & Megan

    Saw these mofos open for Seether, Three Doors Down, and Our Lady Peace back in 2003. They opened with this incredible JAM. They completely stole the show. I've been a fan ever since.

  11. Laura Esbensen

    I dont know anything about movie making but I know a thing or two about art and colors. This video is fantastic. Finally, someone realized that simplicity is the best thing for lyric videos such as these. And then, of course, the music is great

    H Blackburn

    This seems so cut and paste it's not even funny.