Shinedown - Better Version Lyrics

Excuse the mess, I didn't see you from behind
I caught a glimpse, but the reflection's only mine
It's almost like I'm paralyzed and locked outside myself
What I don't need is to concede because I won't be someone else
I am not perfect and I don't claim to be
And if that's what you wanted
Well then I'm so sorry

How about a better version of, the way that I am
How about a better version that, makes me understand
How about a better version of, the way that I am
The way I look, The way I speak,
How about a better version of me

Excuse the wall, I put it up from time to time
A silver shade, and the design is all mine
It's just a maze that everyday I seem to be stuck in
It never seems to fade away but I pray for the day it ends

I am not perfect and I don't claim to be
And if that's what you wanted
Well then I'm so sorry


Show me my vital signs until I'm realigned


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Shinedown Better Version Comments
  1. Larry Mullen JR

    First 30 seconds of this song gives me goosebumps I love this song

  2. jack hunt

    hell yeah fuckşng yeah

  3. OhNo Antonio

    Relatable af...

  4. Larry Mullen JR

    Love this song I jog to it

  5. Chastity Lincoln

    Well, everbody with a mohawk has to have a jam like this. Yeah know. It's kind of like hawk rules..

  6. Tomás Estay

    Superior Spiderman brought me here.

  7. MegadethDude2001

    Back when Shinedown was a decent band

    Giorno Giovanna

    They still are

  8. Ryan Williams

    This song cuts so deep

  9. Jack Taylor

    I can relate

  10. Damián Marcelo Vergara Zuñiga

    Wenaaa ! 😀 na que decir...

  11. Jorgekg

    best shinedown album...

    Michael Campbell

    I agree. Good taste in music.

  12. Elliott Medina

    I honestly don't know why someone would dislike this.


    Elliott Medina what's sad is i'm makin fun of the people angry with me makin fun of the comments under Shinedown's Get Up video, when they did amazing positive songs like this that don't sound like a katy perry pop song.

  13. Douglas Ortega

    essa é uma super banda

  14. RegiDCh

    I love the pre-chorus verses, but besides that I prefer any other Shinedown song.

  15. Juggalo Jigsaw Gamer

    I hadn't been listen to this band for long time

  16. Devin Sickx

    shindedown by far my favourite band sadly but not so much but I relate to most there songs this one especially damn man got me thru it all...

    Beeswax Not yours

    Devin Sickx same here !

  17. Devony Thompson

    takes me back

  18. fede camusso

    This song is so fuckin amazing.

    Brian Case

    I agree!

    David Jones

    Your the best singer

  19. trill 29

    WWE vengeance 2015 theme song

    trill 29

    +RobotCrocodilz lol

  20. Genesis Denisse


  21. DSkehan2004

    Love this song

  22. jeremylovesmusic1

    This song and Crying Out are probably my favorite songs off Leave a Whisper that weren't hit songs


    Off this record "Lost In The Crowd" is my favorite and it wasn't a hit single

  23. Suelen Soares

    concordo com voce eles sao otimos!


    Suelen Soares this's a terrific song!

  24. sarah larkin

    this song describes me so well, its unreall i can complete relate to it. u guys r the best whenever im down or upset ur songs ALWAYS cheer me up

  25. SiccWrittItt


  26. Peter Renting

    thanks for uploading this in proper quality :)

  27. Klair Love

    anyone who loves this song gimmie HELL YEAH

    Robert Smith


  28. Adam Call

    In my top 10 favorite shinedown songs.

  29. Zachary Gregorczyk

    no this song rocks i loved listening to it as a little kid

  30. Lord Fuck The Not Giver

    I know xD I knew it would before I sent the message. That's why I did for lols xP

  31. nascargo19

    and now that arrow is pointing at you :P

  32. Jesus Castro

    Havent heard this song in a long time!! :) good to hear it again (: