Shelton, Ricky Van - I Was Losing You Lyrics

I should have noticed this when
You started turning up in sad songs
It should have hit me when
You began to sing along
I should have realized when
There were tears in your eyes
Every time a song was through
It was more than the music
I was losing you

I should have seen it when
You started watchin' those late, late movies
And you'd sleep on the couch
Instead of sleeping next to me
When I'd wake up in the night
Sometimes I'd hear you cry
But, baby, I never knew
It was more than the movies
I was losing you

I wish you had screamed
And yelled out the things you held deep inside
'Cause I never dreamed
That our love was dyin' right before my eyes

But I should have felt it on
Those too few nights I held you
Oh, I should have known
All those whispers weren't true
There was a reason why you never looked in my eyes
And it breaks my heart in two
When you were makin' love to me
I was losing you
When you were makin' love to me
I was losing you

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Shelton, Ricky Van I Was Losing You Comments
  1. Robbie Stewart

    Allea Pippin It Was More Than The Music I Was Losing You

  2. Terri Manuri

    Love this guy

  3. Mac Attach

    GREAT singer

  4. donna nash

    When was this album released? I just don't understand how he had music I didn't have. I have or have had everything else by him on either album, cd, or cassette

    Mac Attach

    +donna nash This was his last record he made. Now he is born again Christian and decided to stay home with family then tour. He had trouble with Booze and women on the road.. he new it had to be family or touring.. I think he made the right choice.. Then again he could do a Christian music ture, that would be nice.. he is a GREAT singer..

    Rodney Collman

    this Album 2000 he has released 12 studio Albums