Sheeran, Ed - Nightmares Lyrics

They tell me you can only dream when you fell asleep
But now I'm working to achieve, but sleep is the only thing I never see
And I vowed that my breathing will never cease
To the retrieve then I can't let them be
I won't let 'em leave and I had the same feeling since 17
But I wasn't ready then like a lemon's green
Now I'm in the magazines almost every week,
Cause I'm getting heat like in Tenerife,
Right now it's better than it's ever been
Never fade like a plant that's evergreen
It's what I hoped in my heart, but my self doubts are getting me,
Faith in my crafts getting dark by the day and I'm getting weak,
Cause I'm new, I'm not where the stars be.
They chase dreams together like a slumber party,
And now I'm on my own, even though I'm smooth sailing
I'm scared to sing, cause my nightmares'll fade in.

When the darkness creeps in,
I feel my nightmares watching me.
And when my dreams are sleeping,
I feel my nightmares watching me.
Oh, oh, oh!
I feel my nightmares watching me.

You better wake up cause I am making moves,
And even when I'm dozing I'm breaking rules,
I'm only hitting the sack when I'm training,
Too busy trying to keep up with the latest snooze.
Made my bed and that's where I'm heading,
I fly straight with the best man I embed 'em
Married to the game was a quiet wedding, then I had to fight to get her
Now I'm taking control of my inception,
Cause they try to hit my misses with my erection,
See they better marry donna cause when I strike, strike,
Not even Argentina's gonna cry for them.
See I'm awake at night, with the ammunish
The haters know where the family lives.
Anyone I catch playing knock down ginger,
Is gonna lose a lot more, than I need it.
They say sleep is the cousin of death,
But I hear shit, cousin I am deaf
Gang signs I'm a N/A reading.
I'm a CEO, man you suckers are next.

When the darkness creeps in,
I feel my nightmares watching me.
And when my dreams are sleeping,
I feel my nightmares watching me.
Oh, oh, oh!
I feel my nightmares watching me.
They watching me! They watch me sleep!

Let me go!
I fell asleep on sofa, woke up in reality,
And daydream about losing my sanity.
I've been rhyming forever got a blind flow.
So I can see an off note with my eyes closed.
But to achieve your dreams you can't doze off cause you dream a sleep
I ain't nodding off but I'm nodding to the beat.
I be shocking in my sheets, when I should have been asleep.
See, all the dreams I'm fond of,
You placed me in the team insomnia
Now, I'm Mr hard worker,
In my nightmares I'm Mr can't turn up,
And I missed my chance worst luck,
Trying to hit women like Mr Ike Turner
Ch'yeah, but I walked from that ish,
Now they gotta put me to rest, mattress.

When the darkness creeps in,
I feel my nightmares watching me.
And when my dreams are sleeping,
I feel my nightmares watching me.
Oh, oh, oh!
I feel my nightmares watching me.
Watching me!

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Sheeran, Ed Nightmares Comments
  1. Menorah2 Aj

    2019, Ed Sheran is timeless

  2. Leave me Alone

    Love this :)

  3. Knightrider2k43


  4. Donald Trump


  5. Donald Trump

    This song explains my mental problems like the fact that I beat myself and break tons of shit and my anxiety attacks and the demon in my lonely soul that is practical gone LIKE IF U GIVE A FUCK ABOUT ME!!!

  6. Batman

    I wish Ed would make more songs like this

  7. David Morris

    This is the best of Ed. He sold out after this . . .

  8. Derick Morse

    who is watch in 2017


    Derick Morse the whole mixtape!

  9. Ksenija Jemensek



    The rappers are so good. Do they have any albums out?

    _ Booth I know one of them is Sway Dasafo; his stuff is pretty good


    R U serious! they all have many albums out lol!! Check the uk grime scene bro this is old school 2011 lol 😂


    Still sick tune

  11. Weronika Bogusz

    i'm so in love with this, really. Chorus and melody describes my personality

  12. Adam Linegar

    I dont understand how this has dislikes

  13. aniela foster

    hell yeah love this song..... <3

  14. Aimee K

    who's watching this in 2016? love this since like 4 years, ugh

    Yandel C.

    Amy Ke it's still good xD

  15. ToyBonnieBunBun

    Ciel Phantomhive (black butler season 3)

  16. zero1350

    Relly good song

  17. Carmen Liliana:v


  18. Alex Handshaw

    This is just oh my god

  19. Jay Stone

    Hard song still jheez

  20. Robert Freeman

    Hi , If anybody could point me in the way of the instrumental for this song, would be very grateful

  21. NiamOnCraic

    Ed is so talented, he kills every single song he does!

  22. maskmusic

    2014 im still loving the 5 collaboration more then most tracks out to date!


    maskmusic 2017 & amen , still think this whole mixtape is one of eds finest pieces of work

  23. ScintillaTV

    so did they go to nandos after that then ?

  24. Lindsey P

    *claps along to song*

  25. Zigmund

    Unfortunate teenage girls misunderstood the correct direction for them

  26. Ambigha K

    Just a tad irrelevant...

  27. Andrew Wetton

    Genius; but so are the people he collaborates with. :)

  28. Rosie Renton


  29. stacy c

    what does this song have to do with one direction?

  30. Paige Mathieson

    This is such an amazing song, and Ed Sheeran is an incredible artist. Love him!

  31. Rachel


  32. Ignazio Rotolo

    I don't like one direction, but ed shaaran is good

  33. raynalem

    When the darkness creeps in,
    I feel my nightmares watching me.
    And when my dreams are sleeping,
    I feel my nightmares watching me.

  34. Coverz For u

    8 dislikes! I mean really! awesome song!

  35. thewatsonater

    Ed didn't write anyone elses verses on this. Music and chorus certainly though.

  36. Abigail Burchfield

    amazing, i love it!

  37. Gibtrickz

    7 Dislikes!? Call me Freddie Kruger i'll see you in you're Nightmares!

  38. capricej

    But it's still Ed's song lol

  39. Ross Subzero


  40. Scott Tester

    6 dislikes?! *generic violent comment*!

  41. chris farrar

    he wrote all the songs and all the bars, they just rap it for him, so yes they are featuring on his track even if he has less of a part than all of them

  42. Lloydy0105

    @rickinio Its called the collaborations project for a reason bro..

  43. Ricki Demmery

    @erikleiden24 yeah i know but ed sheeran has less of a part in this track than the others..

  44. Erik Leiden

    @rickinio It's off Ed's album, No. 5 Collaborations Project.

  45. Ricki Demmery

    Is this not random impulse sway and wretch ft ed sheeran?

  46. iReacTionzV7

    i might just dislike the video to see the abuse in the comments...

  47. Justin Bateson


  48. avenger014

    wretch 32 makes this song

  49. JoLondonBurg

    This is purer than water!

  50. JoLondonBurg

    @123zakzakzak , now theres 2 dislikes, he mustve read your comment!

  51. Shoon

    sways lyrical ability is better than anyone.The word play is just unbelievable,everytime i listen to one of his songs i notice another play on words.

  52. Shoon

    @123zakzakzak His boyfriends come to back him up now

  53. noedittv

    check out no edit tv for up and coming uk artist

  54. Sammy the crab

    wretch 32 makes this

  55. Fabian Robinson

    @gingabear1990 he is signed and and is already known world wide you tool

  56. Kalina Zawada

    FFFFFFUUUUU...! <3

  57. Kayleigh le marinel

    fuck u biches hes mineeeeee :)

  58. Jonathan V

    sways verse is just FAR too good

  59. Oliver Lamont

    I feel my nike airs watchin me too!

  60. travor kundeya

    hey really worldclass staff lovin it.

  61. Bulmer

    @elgeorgeo909 Cool thanks.

  62. Jack Jmc Cole

    Yeaah What elgeorgeo909 said :)

  63. George Reade

    @bulmeruk EP means extended play and is basically a record not quite long enough to be an album, normally like 5-8 songs

  64. Bulmer

    @jmcizere24 What does EP mean. Isn't the word album? I r confus.

  65. max sparrow

    @JessicaaLouisee3 If your reply is serious your so so dumb

  66. Jessica H

    @maximus1540 shut up, rebecca is CRAP. Ed is amazing. you have no taste in music.

  67. MCJmizzle

    Sway killed it, so did Ed Sheeran but that goes without saying

  68. max sparrow

    @solex21212125 thank you very much. fancied a good laugh :) :P

  69. Ross James

    @maximus1540 How can anyone fall for your trolling, well played, very well played.

  70. CTurbinado

    @maximus1540 go die muvafuka

  71. max sparrow

    @cary12c1 yeh rebecca black has a voice of an angel totally has no auto tune or anything like ed shitty sheeran

  72. Bradicus93

    @maximus1540 Such a dick.....

  73. Connor B

    @maximus1540 TROLL ALERT ! TROLL ALERT !

  74. kurt burckett

    lol ''Twonks''

  75. max sparrow

    @MHR4PiDzZ never said i werent from uk did i but yeah was just attention seeking tbf :L

  76. max sparrow

    I disliked bcos its fucking shit you british twonks

    Matthew Falconer

    Wally boy yank fuck

  77. Dave Riley

    Ed Sheeran is amazing

  78. Kye Whittle

    random impulse is amazing

  79. YourOriginalOfficial

    Wretch bars on this are big

  80. yasmin bowkett

    ed sheeran literally KILLS every song he does! he's amazing!

  81. kurt burckett

    @19sasuke91 lol

  82. luNARrRR's COD4 & Other Crap.

    1 person dont like music .

  83. Luke O'Gorman

    fuck me this is good

  84. Rhys Jones

    see they better marry donna
    cus when i strike back, not even argentina's gonna cry for them!


  85. luNARrRR's COD4 & Other Crap.

    want this instrumental.

  86. randomimpulser

    i love randoms flow, maybe my name lets you know that

  87. 123zakzakzak

    1 dislike... what a massive prick that person is :/

  88. StanSmithShoe

    sounds like 'nike airs' in the chorus!

  89. kurt burckett

    i fell asleep on my self n woke up in reality, i day dream about losing my sanity

  90. foleshill boy

    pure talent n every1 on this tune raised it

  91. sneakysantos

    who got da feedback on da instrumental ? ?

  92. Gibtrickz

    @rockeryears 1st verse. ;)

  93. Adam Claydon

    swap absolutely kills it.

  94. Lukas High

    @jmcizere24 I read a book that said that money is power, which is corruption, Destruction is its one and only function. ...

  95. Hauntzz

    Is it just me or does Random Impulse have a really similar voice to Tinchy Stryder. Far superior lyricist though.

  96. oOMaGMaHOo

    "Then I had to fight to get her I am Tekken control of my.."

    Sway is too sick.

  97. Dominic Brady

    Ed's an incredible songwriter.