Sheck Wes - Losing My Mind Lyrics

My mind
I feel like I'm losin' my mind, and I miss you
I feel like I'm wastin' my time, gotta dismiss you
I feel like I'm losin' my mind, and I miss you
I feel like I'm losin' my mind

Make one call, and my niggas outside
If one of mine fall, five of yours gon' die
My boys been on the block for they whole damn lives
So they gotta keep the grip on 'em for like 365
'Cause I feel like I'm losin' my mind without my pistol
Boy, you better not come outside
'Cause we gon' hit you

I feel like I'm losin' my mind, gotta dismiss you
I feel like I'm wastin' my time, gotta forget you
I feel like I'm losin' my mind, gotta dismiss you
I feel like I'm losin' my mind, even though I miss you

I be up 'til dawn, I be stuck on the Gram
Fell in love with a pic', and I ain't got no time, I did dismiss you
Damn, don't triple, everybody going through this shit too
Damn, you know I missed you
Left for someone else, and now you brand new

I feel like I'm losin' my mind
Feel like I'm losin' my mind
(Feel like I'm losin' my mind)


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Sheck Wes Losing My Mind Comments
  1. clutch bg94

    Day one fans here !
    Thru thick and thin!
    Sheck drop a mixtape asap playa! We need more heat, like d-wade in 06

  2. Freddy Star

    Love Sheck wes

  3. Jorz Voskopoulos

    These deserves Grammy🌒☄️

  4. *Mathews

    Shit goes crazy ! Sheck is different , he’s an artist not a rapper ❤️ .

  5. tired sky

    damn sheck !!*🤭🤧

  6. Jgj Don

    bro can we get this to 100k wtf don’t only focus on ykts focus on this too wtf here before 100k

  7. Jgj Don

    if nas and travis scoot had a baby

  8. E K

    Only real fans are here🌵

  9. PepsiZombie 23

    I came back, this is cool, chilled out. I can't believe Sheck Wes ain't get another hit. He fire.

  10. ArmandoVR negro69

    Viva AMLO

  11. Dewan Payroda

    This song goes maaaaaney

  12. 박준영

    너 왜이렇게 퇴물이 되는거야?

  13. Joshua Silva

    Beat go crazy

  14. Hector Vega

    Beat hit rightt💯🔥

  15. Nathan Huff

    (Remaster - HUFF)

  16. Nathan Huff

    Remastered this track! If you love it as much as me come check it out. fr fr!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Russian Bill


  18. Enes Eskiköy

    I feel like I am losing my mind and I miss you
    BITCH 🖕🏽🤯

  19. Poseidon Gameplays

    buenisima musica sheck weess saludos desde ARGENTINA!

  20. Chief Feminist

    Yo this go hard af🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. Antyk

    underrated song asf

  22. Freezy ATSV

    Hard af stop sleepin’ on him

  23. VenomDuckSolid •

    once sheck drops the album the views will poor in

  24. Mark Becker

    Idk if people are taking the piss or not when they say this song is good, this song is garbage.


    Mark Becker it’s not great but it’s not terrible. Still looking forward to his next album

    Yo Moe

    Mark Becker wdym it’s good

    Adam Neri

    get your ears checked bro

    Saucy Boii

    Tell ur m*mma

  25. Deimos Anomaly

    Is this mo bamba 2

    Eli Sanchez

    DeimosTV his voice goes on for a min

  26. TheTyBoogie

    This slaps

  27. Med McFly

    Proud to you my nigga i'm senegalese as you 🇸🇳

  28. Hoop Nation

    Why Only 10K Views? This should have blown up already

  29. Samba

    Dope track! Label should not sleep on this ☝🏾

  30. Michael Z

    why the label not pushing this dope song?

    Desiigner git git thrahhh

    GOOD Music only cares about Pusha, Kanye, Travis Scott, Big Sean, and 2 Chainz. They did this same thing with Desiigner


    Desiigner git git thrahhh Jack Cactus?

  31. Dereck Gaytán

    So few visits, being a good

  32. Stephon Nelson

    Underrated Song

  33. DenGrimmeSo

    biggest song of 2019


    @1of1 what do you mean? look at the numbers. sheck wes killing the game with this song, people thought he was 1hitwonder. no, this song just proves that he is on the top of his game


    DenGrimmeSo 💀🤡


    @Drumf emoji king <3

    Offset’s face

    DenGrimmeSo no he’s right 15k views is bad for “biggest song of 2019”

    adamrocketer 6

    Biggest song of the centruary

  34. BluntEdits

    Prod yunglunchbox🔥

  35. Tommy .G

    I remember when no one knew the Mo Bamba song. When it blew up I was happy for Sheck Wes bcuz he was getting the attention he deserved. But now I just dont understand why his music is not blowing up like Mo Bamba. Even though he blew up , he's still underrated. Only 3k views WTF. This song fire btw 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Julian Trowe

    i feel u all the way tracks like vetements, never lost, wespn are underrated as fck way more better than mo bamba

    Tommy .G

    @Julian Trowe Yes. Those songs are really underrated.

  36. Armani R-B

    Beat is on point

    tt k

    Always bruh

    tt k

    Especially on mindfucker

    Tommy .G

    Sheck Wes has good ass production

  37. f j

    im getting travis vibes off this one

    Tanner Maelow

    f j 💯💯

  38. Jorge Trejos

    where did sheck wes go all this time? also this song fire!


    All bro does is play ball and preform mobamba


    he dropped a fire ass album last year u simpleton