Sheck Wes - Hugh Hefner Lyrics

See, look, uh, you know, I uh
When I was a kid, I, I, uh
Uh, I inhaled, uh, frequently
Wes, Wes
That was the point

I got 50 bitches in the trap like my name is Hugh Hefner
Hugh Hefner, like my name is Hugh Hefner
50 bitches in the trap like my name is Hugh Hefner
Hugh Hefner, like my name is Hugh Hefner

Hugh, Hefner (Hefner)
Hugh, Hefner (Hefner)
Hugh, Hefner (Hefner)
Hugh, Hefner (Hefner)
Hugh, Hefner (Hefner)
Hugh, Hefner (Hefner)
Hugh, Hefner (Hefner)

All these bitches, I disrespect 'em
All the women, I just text 'em
If she [?] off the gang, flexin'
In the crib like Hugh Hefner (Burger)
Bitch, my name Sheck Wes (Sheck Wes)
All my niggas call me Sheckter (Sheck Wes)
I could never cuff a bitch (never)
I'm a playboy, Hugh Hefner
All these bitches love Sheck Wes, I'm just too damn valid
I got a white vegan bitch, all that ho eat is salad
When she pull into the mansion, then she chagin' her diet
'Cause she eatin' all this beef like hamburger patties
I got bitches in doors and I got bitches outside (outside)
I got tall bitches, short bitches, hoes with big thighs (I got bitches)
Sheck Wes got bitches, all shapes and all sizes (got hoes)
Bitch, I think I'm Future (got hoes), you can hold my Gucci slides (Gucci flip flops)
All my rich hoes, they buy me whatever (whatever)
I need a beauty, I call that bitch Kendall Jenner (she sexy)
I'm fornicatin', 'cause I'm a sinner (stop sinnin')
In my robe like Hugh Hefner, but they call me Sheckter

50 bitches in the trap like my name is Hugh Hefner
Hugh Hefner, like my name is Hugh Hefner
50 bitches in the trap like my name is Hugh Hefner
Hugh Hefner, like my name is Hugh Hefner

Hugh, Hefner (Hefner)
Hugh, Hefner (Hefner)
Hugh, Hefner (Hefner)
Hugh, Hefner (Hefner)
Hugh, Hefner (Hefner)
Hugh, Hefner (Hefner)
Hugh, Hefner (Hefner)

She suck my dick like my name was Hugh Hefner

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Sheck Wes Hugh Hefner Comments
  1. Saturn 3:33

    Made a icy remix of the song

  2. Kade Jennings

    Add it to fucking YouTube music shit be missing out on some FIRE 🔥

  3. G Jones

    I haven’t heard someone say they decked anyone in a long time. Lol that’s a good word we gotta bring it back.

  4. TheSupremeIguana

    When you leave the car door open...

  5. Roy Ridgewater

    Song started and I thought I left my car door open

  6. KariGxld

    one of his hardest idc

  7. Don Quichotte

    03.february.2019 - 104k views

  8. Kartier. Kai

    That Harry Potter theme song sample is fire

  9. trancenebula7

    I’m high

  10. Anthony Johnson

    This is straight lit asf🔥

  11. Syd Manna

    I swear to God, young Sheck Wes hotter than the sun, boy

  12. Alka Hmg

    His voice look like Young dolf👌


    MOW Mowwfoy!!! Bol 😪😂😂😂😂

  14. Joseph Joestar

    Everyone riding shock wes now fucking bandwagoners

  15. Sunkemo Kiyar

    lol this dhits cool

  16. Diego Barragán

    Why tf is this not on Spotify

  17. Caleb Lewis

    shit slap

  18. Minimal

    Why did I think he was saying "Muck boys" for a whole year lol

  19. NameorTitle

    He should've had this on the album

  20. Jarred Jeter

    I’m so confused

  21. 123omerkazes



    Me and my homies came up we some MUDboys ! MUD= Misunderstood, Underappreciated, and Determined

  23. Antonio Banco

    This is the perfect song if you gotta take a cold shower! It was lit af!

  24. Jake Jakke

    he going up

  25. cole Garthwaite

    This song is stupid fire...61k views at 9/24/18

  26. Noah De Ark


  27. Mandela S

    Here before 1 million views fuck is you talkin bout 🔥🔥

  28. flapp

    Cine e de la Calin?

  29. Jonathan Kohrs

    This is so hard!

  30. HNTR

    sheck wes

  31. Tido Hax

    Stop saying Bobby smurda this sht way harder

  32. MCL

    wow this hoe fire af

  33. Zuse ee

    Ayo quit calling me a bitch

  34. FuzzyDancingBear

    Thank you young Sheck Wes 🙏

  35. Noah Abraha

    Imagine him collabing with bobby bruhh

    b1g chxpo

    yo........ YOOOOOO


    If they collab Bobby going back to jail because this gonna be a crime


    That would go crazy

    126 4:13

    Noah Abraha it will happen

  36. Paco Vega

    Big SHREK wes

  37. Josiah XYZ

    One of his best songs 🔥🔥🔥

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    This goes too hard

  39. Nctrs


  40. Me Too

    this shit go from akron ohio

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    Stumbled on this by accident, dope af!

    Jaret Wood

    Same. And wholy fucking shit.

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    Sheck next

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    This need a visual

  44. TheSwagLegit

    This 💩 slap!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  45. bullheadgpt

    Where he from

    Channel 44

    Harlem boy


    Channel 44

    Jose Pereira

    bullheadgpt he African tho I think his parents or their parents were born there

  46. bullheadgpt

    He different and go be nice

  47. bullheadgpt

    Me2 but I heard Donovan Mitchell say somthing about him on Instagram yesterday

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    Sheesh Sheck

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    my boy malfoy!!!

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    talking crazy end up in a truck boi

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    Caleb Rodriguez is that something worth sharing?

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    this sounds almost like housephone if he was actually hard lol

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    I love finding music

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    Sheck blowing up this year


    I have no legs I have no legs rate that name tho 😂🔥


    badabing bada boom

    b1g chxpo

    Mans spoke it into existence

    126 4:13

    Mind of a warrior bro he already toured wit Travis what u mean

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    Needs more exposure.

  56. Conke

    Sheck IS 2020

  57. Joseph Johnson

    march 17th 2018 - 8200 views

    let’s see where its at in a few years

    Vincent Jacobs

    71k now lol

    Aquafina Boy

    250 k by june

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    now that he release mudboy this shit about to be lit by next year


    well here it is 134k

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    I hear so much Bobby Shmurda in this, Sheck Wes up next. Watch


    Duure us Lmao Bobby shmurda ain't got shit on Wes

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