Sheck Wes - Fuck All Adults Lyrics

Fuck these old ass, bitch ass, snitch ass
Sick in booty ass, dick suckin' ass, [?]
Wanna be important ass culture vultures
Culture clout head ass mother fuckers
Bitch suck my dick, bitch

Niggas fake, bitches fake, family fake too (bitch)
Sheck Wes, he a real nigga, real name Khadimou (facts)
I ain't from New Jersey, bitch, I'm from the 212
But I be in New Jersey eating Tabor with the crew (crew)
I'm the realest young nigga in the whole fucking US
Nigga, fuck the clout, on the block they jack Sheck Wes
Bitch, I want the money, give me cash or give me check-checks
I'm about the richest. so I give fuckinh respect-spect
Fags calling culture, Sheck Wes, I call this shit life
Sheck Wes call that bitch a thot and you call that ho a wife
I don't gotta carry ganja, Sheck Wes, bitch I love to fight
Sheck Wes always keep them grips, he keep a nigga after life
And this a rap song not a motherfucking diss
You ain't got shit, you a motherfucking bitch
Pedophile nigga probably out here fucking kids
If I catch your ass again, I'ma bust your fucking lip, uh
I'm an 18 year old nigga from the fucking six, uh
[?], suck my motherfucking dick, uh
I'm the best one, bitch, I'm Sheck Wes, I'm the shit
Sometimes call me Hugh Hefner, 50 bitches in a pent'
And you don't wanna peep 'cause I got 50s in a clip, uh
Riding in that turbo with' my nigga [?]
Saw my nigga [?] we was on fucking Lenox, uh
We was out here in the streets, you was suckin' Yeezy dick
We was out here in the streets, you was suckin' Yeezy dick
Ain't no nigga under 21 better than Sheck Wes
I be dubbing features with niggas my new name is Sheck Best
Best niggas make they hoes suck dick yo come out with them hits
And I ain't a fiend neither, give me a beat and it's lit
You a old ass nigga, you a cold ass nigga
You a bitch ass nigga, I'm a bold ass nigga
Don't want no diamonds in my chain I ain't no faux ass nigga
I wanna drive a [?] like I'm in a Rolls Royce ass nigga

I ain't got shit
You a ho
Bitch ass
Fuck ass
Fuck bro...
You a ho
"Culture, culture, culture, culture, culture, culture, culture
Culture times ten-thousand, I love culture"

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Sheck Wes Fuck All Adults Comments
  1. Skyler Crawford

    Shit go crazy at 1:17

  2. Larbixdali

    Asspizza brought me here

  3. Swxfty

    0:50 best part dont @ me

  4. Elijah Renteria-Jackson

    Cant believed my big bro produced this

  5. Yasmin Dunbar

    Nigga got the bars tho 🙌🏾🔥

  6. Mr.Ranger Koolsmooth


  7. iheart lucifer

    Lol y u add that stupid shit at da end u weird nigga i produced this

  8. Anton Gringo


  9. douglas silva

    esse mano salvou a minha vida !!!!!

  10. C Dai

    Fuck Kanye

  11. SHINE


  12. Harrison Friedman

    whats that song in the end


    Harrison Friedman that’s part of the whole song!!

    Yasmin Dunbar

    @EleFantMonty R/WHOOOOOOSH

  13. Eze Gonzo

    Fucking Finally

  14. Tessolat Pierce


  15. Zavier Mcfly

    8/13/18 let’s see how long it takes

    jah.007 007

    Zavier Mcfly oof but st least mo Bambi is over played