Sheck Wes - 2017 Freestyle Lyrics

Woo, aye
I just had a great day
I saw my nigga, Asspizza
On Fairfax-ay, in Los Angeles, nigga
And my nigga Tyl-ay in this bitch
And my nigga Nav-ay in this bitch
Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch

Bitch, young Sheck Wes, I'm that
Your bitch gon' ride that
And when I hop up out that
'Parazzi goin' snap snap
Bitch, I don't want your Snapchat
Talk about me in your [?] trap
But, bitch, you shouldn't do that
Sheck Wes, your crew gon' do that
Got fifty 50s in the shoebox with the chopper
Put a new Glock in my brand new bomber
Your bitch eatin' niggas, I might call her Jeffery Dahmer
Sheck Wes might buy my young
Sheck Wes might bomb again, yeah, uh, ah
[?], I'ma say it right now
Sheck Wes got his hands on a chopper
RIP to your thot, man, your main hoe washed
Sheck Wes, man, you should drop her
Bad hoes all on our roster
Young nigga munchin' on lobster
Guns goin' wild, nigga, don't stop-uh
Suki on waves don't stop, uh
Y-young nigga hoe like [?]
Don't flex, my young niggas rob ya
Ass fat, bad bitch, I'ma throb her
I'ma run it up, nigga, like a jogger
I don't internet beef, I ain't a blogger
Don't beef over chicken like KFC or Popeyes
Send your lil' ass to a doctor
Beef over bread like birds in the [?] fly, uh
A young nigga up to Allah

Uh, uh, bitch

Kristiana Yamaguchi, I'm so icy, what the fuck
I been all up in that coochie, bitch, you fiendin' just to love
I said shorty got that wet wet, it's a five minute, I nut
So I'm wearin' condom, condoms, we gon' fuck like forever
I'm like Sheck Wes, Sheck Wes, Sheck Wes, say my name in every drop
If you love yourself like Sheck Wes, then you wouldn't be a thot
I don't like to rock designer, I don't even like to shop
'Cause I only want that hood shit, I'm a nigga from the block
You could catch me up in Harlem, from [?] to 45th
If you ask around for Sheck Wes, they like, "Damn, we love that kid"
I am the hood's favorite, man, they love me where I live
Ain't gon' call myself a king, but Sheck Wes damn sure is a prince
I swear I don't give a fuck if a nigga fuck my bitch, yeah
He can keep that ho, she still gon' be up on my dick
Yeah, some of these bitches burgers, man, it is what it is
Yeah, but I will get her murdered, then I punch her in her chips
Sheck Wes, I'm from 15, where we clutchin', grip that 16
Where we playin' basketball because we young niggas with hoop dreams
Even though niggas was hoopin', you ain't even ignore shooting
'Cause these opps don't give a fuck if you trappin' or you hoopin'
I said these hoes tryna do me, and her mama tryna do me too
Call me Young Earring 'cause all these bitches tryna screw
I ain't from New Jersey, bitch, Sheck Wes from the 212
I be in New Jersey, bitch, with J Money and the Chatham crew
Sheck Wes, what it do? They like, Sheck Wes, what it do, nigga?
Sheck Wes, what it do? They like, Sheck Wes, what it do, nigga?
Who the fuck are you? Bitch, I'm Sheck Wes from the streets, nigga
If a nigga see me, I ain't really call it beef, nigga
I only beef over all that fuckin' green, nigga
I ain't really beefin' on no bitches or no lil' niggas
Sheck Wes, I got a Glock, that bitch gon' pop
I keep it in my papi's shop

Fuck, but this, bro
What, what, what, what, what

Bitch, I got juice, dog on the loose
Said I fucked your baby mama
Then I gave that bitch a deuce
Said I knocked the pussy loose
Said I gave that bitch a deuce
Said she liked a nigga juice
So she hit me on the Boost
I'm a dog on the loose
I'm a dog on the loose
I'ma eat your baby mama
I'm a dog on the loose
Man, I swear I fuckin' shoot
Man, I swear I don't fuckin' lose
I swear all I do is win
Nigga, I'll kill for my kin
Nigga, I'll kill for Austin
Nigga, that's my nigga, that's him
Nigga, I will spill my blood for a nigga like him
Nigga, eatin' bitches, then, then
Nigga, time to eat din-din
Nigga, 2017 I'ma win
Nigga, 2017 we gon' win

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Sheck Wes 2017 Freestyle Comments
  1. Tonny Naibei

    This shit is hard🔥

  2. assaulted

    he not getting geeked he getting lost

  3. Yung Eddy

    when it's been 2436 weeks since she'd said "no sex honey" 3:36

  4. Yung Eddy

    when it's been 2436 weeks since she'd said "no sex honey" 3:36

  5. Saturn 3:33

    I made an icy remix on my channel

  6. Just Jordan

    B!tch 6x

  7. N Dawg

    Still can’t believe this has under 100k in 2019 after he has blown up🤦🏾‍♂️🥺🦋

  8. Nimal 5004

    Why does his voice sound so different in his mo mamba song

  9. SupR_T0oxiToZz


  10. Cazaculitos

    Happy birthday asspizza

  11. Eman Beats

    90s vibe ?

  12. ipwnukazu

    This sounds like an icytwat beat?

    777 P

    ipwnukazu idk who produced but carti was on this beat first for his song lost

    Gucci Wasabi

    It's an ethereal beat. Icytwats style is more trancelike

  13. Blanco

    When did this get 90k veiws i remember it at 13k

  14. juice

    These visuals are fucking sick

  15. Shamar Vader

    2:38 sheck wes might be regretting those lyrics now🤭

    Hasan Yusufzai

    maaaaan we know that hoe lying tho 😤😤😤

    Alpha Barry

    He been saying wilding shit like one song talking bout killings niggas in the woods lmao

  16. wizard sabbath


  17. too rad


  18. SSJCJ

    Fye asf

  19. RoastMan2900


  20. Sicko

    Playboi Carti - Lost

  21. Marcus Phillips


  22. Jeff Stanton

    Sick Screen play bro for this song -asspizza should do another video for you.

  23. Isaiah Peterson


  24. catinabin

    2018 anyone?

  25. 24inspirer motherland SG FML G click

    Yeah young Sheck est in the motherfucking internet

  26. 24inspirer motherland SG FML G click

    G. Motherland bitch

  27. Sweet Jennifer

    Young nigga Sheck Wes crazy af reminds🤔me of Waka Flocka😲😁😆😀😅😜😜😜😜😜👏🏼

  28. Adam Falatko


  29. Swag Cat

    Playboi Carti - Lost beat

  30. ohronl Pader

    what are the effects used in video lmaooo?

    Zein Zein

    ohronl flashlights

  31. Sleazy

    bro isnt this the same beat carti used for lost

  32. Something Somewhat original

    This is my Blunt Rolling Song 😭😭

  33. DeathlyAlive225

    Straight fyee

  34. Sir Cartier

    Lil B influence is crazy on this

  35. Lenny Cole

    First song I listen to everyday

  36. Luis Ruiz

    27 dislikes forget all u haters Sheck Wes the G.O.A.T

  37. Liu Kang

    Knew he was gonna blow up

  38. Marquise Abdullahbé

    Go fucckn krazy🐺🔥

  39. Alex Fuentes


  40. Rent Fok

    Ass pizza and the homies

  41. It'sMeBenson

    This guy would be respected in the UK

  42. Steelo 47

    This the beat from Plaboi Carti’s old song Lost🔥🔥

  43. vano newell


  44. lagginlmao

    Sheck that nigga

  45. C Rambo

    could i get the instrumental to this

    Yung dominance

    Jus make it lol

    Peaches Haskins

    Lost by layboi carti

  46. samuel mwangangi

    I thought this was an old playboi carti song when the song started

    Gucci Wasabi

    Same beat lol

  47. FlyingButterKnives 3523

    When u got a mean wedgie 3:37

    jarel diagi

    that shit was lame and funny at the same time LOL

    FlyingButterKnives 3523

    jarel diagi well thats me for ya

  48. FlyingButterKnives 3523

    Asspizzay a snack

  49. FlyingButterKnives 3523

    Supa fye

  50. Atuman Diagne

    The god of the rap is born! Trust me


    I love how he used this carti beat

  52. mudboy fa


  53. mudboy fa

    Yo can someone post “Peas n Rice” PLEASE

  54. Jullian Fletcher

    This actually good

  55. Cj Campos

    Imma eatcho baby mamma, imma DAWG on the loose

  56. 4KT 38 Baby

    He is so fucking ass he will never be a good rapper

  57. Jose Jimenez


  58. Juan Alej

    Isn't this that nigga Franklin from Snowfall?

  59. Yvng Zay

    I miss the old carti :(

  60. Little Eskimo

    Hold up Carti Was On This Shit

  61. koren munson


  62. Null


  63. edwin reyes

    One of his hardest songs

  64. Jeremy Smith


  65. fenom john

    This shit fuck bitch!!

  66. Odysseas

    Official song beef by playboi carti


    @Black Mamba whoopsy my fault

  67. Ritzy Burrito

    Does sheck wes have any more music

  68. asapcinnamon

    S H E C K W E S F R O M T H E S T R E E T S

  69. blueberryskygang

    I fuck with this dude.

  70. James Rickard

    This song hard AF how has it not blown up yet

    Μusic Kitcheɳ

    It is too raw for these soft ass kids

    Mandipa LECHA

    @Μusic Kitcheɳ highly agreed

  71. Cam Deshawn

    Ayy this the lost instrumental

  72. CoCoCrispy

    “If you love urself like sheck wes then u wouldnt b a thot”

  73. Alek Kow

    Got a bad as bitch form New York

  74. crip knuckles

    My niggay
    Ass pizzay
    On fairfaxay
    In los angelay

  75. Lerry Ocean

    That 2015 beat. Fye yuh

  76. Yung Adam Beats

    crazy visuals


    "If you loved yourself like sheck Wes then you wouldn't be a thot" I really felt this 😢

  78. FuzzyDancingBear

    Easily my favorite music video of all time. Thank you young Sheck Wes 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  79. le bimby

  80. k0tten


  81. Cisco Kidd

    Didnt know saiyin bitch gets you fame... Not in LA beach

  82. frostchills

    old carti beat ;(

    Diego Padilla

    frostt but w a new twist. This is something its own. It even has diff drums

  83. tommydarko

    damn i’m late lol

  84. Ihmiri

    sheck wes x merlyn wood needs to happen


    travis love brockhampton so maybe a sheck wes x brockhampton gonna happen

    Colin Baloun

    That would be so heat

    777 P

    Ihmiri hahaha fr

  85. David Brüsewitz

    Sheck Wes not getting geeked, he getting lost.

    Christopher G.

    sir Cartier 🔥

    Steelo 47

    Young Carti🔥🔥😈

    Fendii Kam

    David Brüsewitz 🔥🦋

    Ibrahim Ahmad

    Sheck wes got a bad ass bitch from new york

    Aesthetic Richmond

    Never lost nigga 🤟🏾

  86. bodeguz *

    Azz pizzaria


    B!TCH !

  88. Gio Guzman

    Yo bitch eatin niggas you can call her jeffrey dahmer.......... #GOAT

  89. Judah Diamond

    how does this not have more comments

  90. Judah Diamond

    this is the future

  91. Ejiro Greg

    live sheck wes die sheck wes

  92. RMoses4444

    this is great lmaoo

  93. Phenomeno 94

    5.700 views ? WTF? UPUP ORIGINAL MEN

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    you go harder than my dad