Shawn Colvin - Venetian Blue Lyrics

It still hasn't snowed in a lifetime
And I am still frozen in time
Where did you come from?
How could you leave?
And why can't you be mine?

I'm caught in between a lifeline
And a love so deep I will drown
Let it pour like silver
In this empty room
And wear this memory down.

So come to me soon and I'll hold you
We'll be eye to eye, skin to skin

And I'll stoke the fire
Of this cruel December
Until I see you again.

Then I'll lay you down in May
I'll have my way with you
The water town
Is raining down
Pools of Venetian Blue

Let it pour like silver
In this empty room
Pools of Venetian Blue

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Shawn Colvin Venetian Blue Comments
  1. G_Guy001

    This might be my favorite songs of all time

  2. Elizabeth Tobey

    Lovely. According to Shawn Colvin's memoir, the song was inspired by the Heath Ledger character in "Brokeback Mountain."