Shawn Colvin - Roger Wilco Lyrics

Roger Wilco it's okay
It's all yours it's anything that you say
My company fell in we were airborne again
the next thing I knew
we were dropped like like sticks in the wind
I relinquish this mission sir in the interests of my men
I do not expect to see my children again
You have your reinforcements and I take that as a sign
I'm walking back to Austin
or at least die trying....
It's up to you, it's not for me to say
While I may have mislead you sir I did not do it with intent
In the beginning I believed that our objective was low rent
But now I've seen your tactics and your fire in the hole
The entire operation is a misappropriation of my soul
Roger Wilco it's okay
Roger Wilco it's okay
Roger Wilco it's okay

Roger Wilco

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