Shawn Colvin - Mr. Levin Lyrics

Find a nail to hang your hat on
Go and get yourself a chair
If there's little hope to fathom
Mr. Levon left it there
Don't imagine you can lose him
Just take the ribbons from your hair
Give your resistance to the darkness
Mr Levon left it there
Mr Levon left it there
There will be light, empty and flat
California under glass
Hold me tight and don't let go
You can believe your intuition
Yes you have finaly met your match
If everything you are is missing
Mr. Levon took it back
It could be halfway to Heaven
It could be there down the Hall
It doesn't matter if you are begging
Mr Levon took it all
Mr Levon took it all
There will be light, empty and flat
California under glass
Hold me tight and don't let go
There must be a place you can run to
Or maybe someone you you could call
Just to tell them what it's come to
Mr Levon took it all
Mr Levon took it all
Mr Levon took it all

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Shawn Colvin Mr. Levin Comments
  1. AlphaBanjaxedBanshee

    %⁶% lose lips %⁹%ugly ⁸% luck

  2. Kasiagirl

    Sunny came home with a mission😈😈

  3. Sleepygarnet drakensang

    I heard this in first grade now I'm 30

  4. Viantz Pradz

    I found this song appears in the late 90s teenagers drama movie!

  5. Mike Garrens

    Could you imagine making this video for the song? I know one thing I wouldn't be useing Birds, swings or old warehouses.... I'd be showing that tool box more.

  6. Vel S

    Sunny came home to her favorite room
    Sunny sat down in the kitchen
    She opened a book and a box of tools
    Sunny came home with a mission
    She says days go by I'm hypnotized
    I'm walking on a wire
    I close my eyes and fly out of my mind
    Into the fire
    Sunny came home with a list of names
    She didn't believe in transcendence
    It's time for a few small repairs she said
    Sunny came home with a vengeance
    She says days go by I don't know why
    I'm walking on a wire
    I close my eyes and fly out of my mind
    Into the fire
    Get the kids and bring a sweater
    Dry is good and wind is better
    Count the years, you always knew it
    Strike a match, go on and do it
    Oh days go by I'm hypnotized
    I'm walking on a wire
    I close my eyes and fly out of my mind
    Into the fire
    Oh light the sky and hold on tight
    The world is burning down
    She's out there on her own and she's alright
    Sunny came home
    Sunny came home

  7. Adrian Johnson

    Wu-Tang is for the children

  8. Turkel Effendi

    Puffy is good, but Wu-Tang is the best!

  9. David Leleo

    0% Drugs
    0% shake your butt
    0% Cars or money
    0% lgbtq propaganda
    0% feminist propaganda
    0% gender confusion
    100% pure Talent

  10. jayfranciscoradio

    Sounds like Sunny's about to call prison "home" for awhile.. 5-10 for arson! lol

  11. mafu pafu

    2020 ? :,,) I discovered this song from the Radio !!

  12. P Val

    Buffalo Psychiatric center. 2 cops. Greg

  13. P Val

    Rim job

  14. Charlie R

    i'm still upset this beat don't speak for song of the year and i wasn't even alive

    Teal Chastain

    I remember that time well. This song was EV. RY. WHERE. This went "viral" before that was a thing. It makes sense that it won.

  15. Giovanni VDB

    This was the very first CD I bought after I arrived in the US. I saw this music video on MTV (as it was the only channel I could really watch without knowing the language) back in 1997 and loved the song. I then went to a music store, had a very hard time describing the CD I was looking for, but eventually, I found it. I have listened to it numerous times. It wasn't for another several years until I understood what the song was about, but hey, it's a great song regardless. I woke up this morning with this song in mind. It was nice reconvening here with the music video that started it all.

  16. Rodolfo Sial

    ODB should of won #Wutangforlife

  17. Kim Carlson

    This chick got some style I fuckin love it

  18. Sarah Riggins

    Always and forever, this jam. 🤘

  19. dedicated2WHOiLove

    for the love of gawd show her bare feet please

  20. TheNigelr

    from the heart.....timeless

  21. Kali Kiel

    What kind of bird is that? He sure is beautiful!

  22. Ian Aldridge

    Cool song ,sexy chick.

  23. Daniel Johnston

    Yeah, alot of songs develope thier own identity. This is one.


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  25. ShawnGS300

    Anyone listen in 2020?

  26. wil llanrodri

    Sunny llegó a su habitación favorita
    Sunny se sentó en la cocina
    Ella abrió un libro y una caja de herramientas.
    Sunny llegó a casa con una misión

    Ella dice "Pasan los días, estoy hipnotizada
    Estoy caminando sobre un cable
    Cierro los ojos y salgo volando de mi mente
    En el fuego"

    Sunny llegó a casa con una lista de nombres
    Ella no creía en la trascendencia.
    Y es hora de algunas pequeñas reparaciones, dijo.
    Sunny llegó a casa con venganza

    Ella dice "Pasan los días, no sé por qué
    Estoy caminando sobre un cable
    Cierro los ojos y salgo volando de mi mente
    En el fuego"

    Trae a los niños y trae un suéter
    Seco es bueno y el viento es mejor
    Cuenta los años, siempre lo supiste
    Enciende un fósforo, ve y hazlo

    Oh, pasan los días, estoy hipnotizado
    Estoy caminando sobre un cable
    Cierro los ojos y salgo volando de mi mente
    En el fuego

    Oh, ilumina el cielo y agárrate fuerte
    El mundo se esta quemando
    Ella está sola y está bien
    Sunny llegó a casa

    Sunny llegó a casa
    Vino a casa

  27. Josh Lewis

    Love this fucking song well sung girl!😘😍💋😁

  28. wil llanrodri

    muy bonito

  29. Travis Kale

    who else got led here after watching Paula Cole??

  30. Rob Lovicz

    So much story telling in 3:45. She says nothing but everything.

  31. hraith

    This song is wired in my head to a specific moment in my life, in a parking lot at a university, asking myself if there's anything more to life. Things got complicated, but this song remains right there in my brain.

  32. SaveTheDramaForYourLlama

    Woah. Don't piss off this chick...seriously...

  33. Blueangl Xxx

    2:11 🖤🎶

  34. P L

    this is my favorite grocery store song. i also imagine this would be quite the song while driving through a corn field.

  35. NDat ø1

    24 years later, still feels like I just heard this song for the first time yesterday. Thank you Shawn for giving a voice and a sound to feelings I didn't know how to express. Thank you.

  36. drugo bianconero91

    Good times. Greetings from Italy ❤️🇮🇹

  37. chris louise

    Everythin about this video and song screams the 90's 😢

  38. D. R.

    Nothing scares me more in the media than these lyrics do.

  39. C eight-twenty four

    Happy Birthday Shawn!1-10-_ 6.South Dakota.

  40. Sam Reich


  41. Michael Ashton

    Ever the most relaxing murder ballad.

  42. Yechiel Cohen

    השיר תפור לגלי עטרי

  43. James Mills

    I am so lucky to have grown up hearing fierce women making true, introspective music in the 90s.
    I wish I was old enough to go to the Lillith Fair.

  44. David G

    She was quite beautiful back then, wasn't she?

    David G

    @Roads ToMadness I have no idea what she looks like now. I wasn't ever a fan. I just came across this and remembered the video from MTV and the song played every day in the radio on my school bus during the morning ride to school.

  45. 뒝이

    I was listening this song in my car on the way to meet the girl whom I was crushing on, and was still listening this song while i was on my way back home after she said no.

  46. Armando Sanchez


  47. Armando Sanchez


  48. Arif Rahman

    Her sounds like Tori Amos,,

  49. Michael Tracinski

    2020....timeless song💝💝!!!!!!!!! ✌💝

  50. Daniel Belardino

    Ryce from The Nanny looked just like Shawn. Could have been her daughter. Love them both!😉😀💖🎶🎶🎶👍

  51. nicholas ng sing kwong

    upper sun descript

  52. Fernando Lapu lapu

    Beautiful song!!! 😍😍
    Who's listening in 2030?

    Croí Flames

    Sorry, I'm listening in 2012

    Fernando Lapu lapu


  53. James Strawn

    Saw her at the asl thing n was blown away by her

  54. Heather Bunnell

    Just inducted into the Austin City Limits Hall of Fame! :)

  55. Justin Németi

    Such a great song. Even with the heavy radio rotation I never really got tired of hearing it. Lyrically it's so well crafted, dark and unusual.

  56. max

    Wu Tang is for the children

  57. Leong Li Yang

    my dog named Sunny , now this song makes me wish my puppydog

  58. Brook V

    The 90s had a lot of really amazing female artists.

  59. TheChemi

    The bridge is just so amazing, nothing compares

  60. A Melmatt

    Amazing song, beautiful woman, so easy on the eyes.

  61. nicholas ng sing kwong

    I am shawn colvin';s muse for thos e lyrics and music

    nicholas ng sing kwong

    toxic parents and spouse feature here in song lyrics

  62. nicholas ng sing kwong

    ene chanter ki mone ecrire kan mone alle lendroit cauchemars

    nicholas ng sing kwong

    mo  p etudier prieres de vies

    nicholas ng sing kwong

    mone combattre chaos ki tini sources de folie

  63. Cody Martin

    Puffy is good but Wu Tang is the best! Wu Tang is for the children!

  64. A Nihtgenga

    Seriously, who thought that haircut was a good idea?

  65. nicholas ng sing kwong

    aiur llllllllllllli lile moris

    nicholas ng sing kwong

    par lust

  66. nicholas ng sing kwong

    contrere ini inverser

  67. Xstine wue

    Great mix

  68. Tiffy Jean

    Was watching her christmas concert song with n'sync and Tatiana Aliwith my fiance and she can't sing for shit in that. I was like "she is good she just sings lower, she's not Mariah Carey, she can't belt it out like her" so I had to show him what song she sings.

    Merry Christmas Happy Holidays. 2019

  69. Spankyblack69

    If someone dislikes this song or video why note just move on. Why give it a thumbs down. Whats wrong with people.

  70. Mo River

    Love this song, but if I was the producer or director of the video, I would had cast someone as Sunny, and see what the vengeance and mission was. Miss the 70s, 80s, and 90s music..

  71. Pilar Valdez

    I love this song

  72. deo lopez

    I love this song

  73. TeNgGiLinG

    December 2019. Legend song

    Brandon Moore

    I'm listening to Shawn Colvin Sunny came home December 2019 too!

  74. ice la honk

    I always got this confused w Sophie b Hawkins as I lay me down. but I was like 12, so

  75. ice la honk

    what does this song mean to you?

  76. ice la honk

    Puffy is good, but Wu-Tang is the best! Wu-Tang is for the Children! 🙏

  77. hellacrunk1

    I was mad at this song when I was a teenager because I only knew it from Ol’ Dirty Bastard crashing her Grammy acceptance and famously telling us all that “Wu-Tang is for the children!” So I wrote it off as VH-1 old people music lmao. I was a Wu-Tang disciple then and still to this day (RIP ODB...but let Shawn have her moment, bruh😂), but stumbling across this now at 40 with my tastes varying beyond gangsta rap nowadays, this song goes pretty hard, I’m feelin’ it👍👍

  78. Nel Hernandez

    I finally found this song today I'm getting emotional! I first heard it from my dad's car during high school in 2008. Tried searching for the lyrics "...and I don't know why" and "into the fire" but to no avail until today :D

    daniel molloy

    good job. its such a great nostalgic song

    Nel Hernandez

    @daniel molloy yes it is :

  79. Smurfmummy

    Heard this in a shop I was in the other day. I'm humming it ever since. Can't believe it's 22 years old, I was 17 when it first came out. I'd forgotten about it, once I heard it I remembered all the words 😊

  80. Ken Bray

    Still wondering about Sunny in 2019 !

  81. Martin Odendaal

    LOVE this song for ever!!!!

  82. DeAnn Goodman

    I remember watching this video when i was little with my mom on VH1. ugh I'm old.

  83. lalo mendoza

    Love this song

  84. David Johnson

    Looks like Sunny could use some antipsychotic medication and a couple months of counseling in the Hee Hee Hotel.

  85. T LC

    Such heavy rotation today!

  86. Justin Bennett

    I would like to give a big rha is to the humans who just say what happened to them. Everything hurts.

  87. CJ Larson

    All abusers need to be burned alive

  88. William Sandell

    Still sounds great

  89. Jenn Koko

    Sunshine....tell the truth....

  90. Charles Davis

    How funny things are, I was 13 when this song came out and it was very mainstream. Sounds more like mainstream country in 2019

  91. Stephen Chase

    First of all, I thought your lyric was: "Sunny came home, with a different name?" And second, congratulations for earning almost 9,600,000 worldwide views!! And I heard you have earned $2,000,000.


    Still watching 2019 ✋

  93. Joey Kulkin

    This song was enormous, and then Sunny stopped coming home.

  94. Ann Reyes

    I love this song

  95. Supreme Reader

    Not that I care, but it is a little odd that songs about killing your husband are so much more acceptable than songs about killing your wife.

  96. Metal Mutant

    Silent hill 2 vibes

  97. Adam Bohman

    F#class this video for commercials

  98. Craig Shelton

    Definitely in my top five for most irritating songs of the nineties.

  99. George Wright

    1997, ohh yea