Shawn Colvin - Bound To You Lyrics

Well, I feel alive like I never have
Because if I go, then someone will be sad
Because as someone said, well, I'd rather die
But if you can stay, then darlin' so can I
And you know I will
Yeah, you know I will

('Cause) I'm bound to you, and all that it means
I'm bound to you, there's no in-between
It's like (the) earth below and the sky of blue
Are bound to me and you

And now every night, when the sun goes down
I remember times, like when I hit this town
All the dreams that just won't come true
I say, (if) you can do it, baby, (then) I can, too
And you know I will
Yeah, you know I will

[Chorus Out]

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Shawn Colvin Bound To You Comments
  1. lisa

    ahhh this great band. she's so On 💚


    Luv Steuart Smith!One of the best lead guitarist ever👍

  3. Kit Carson

    And the bird can sing

  4. Michael Ferry

    August 18, 2017 @ 334pm - Dear Shawn Colvin, I'd like to share with you that I felt this song come true for me In my soul today. Or was it your soul? I 'know' the answer to that now I think thanks to you! I may have finally run out of words but I can say 'I love you' forever now without opening my mouth, touching a pen or keyboard. But I'll say it here too: All my love to you. Peace

  5. Michael Ferry

    April 5, 2015 - Easter Sunday - San Marcos, Texas - Dear Shawn, I could listen to this song forever! Actually, I expect to be! Crazy! I know. But I just came form Mass at 'Our Lady Of Wisdom' church here and it was awesome! I received Communion and prayed throughout the Mass and there was not one second when you were not in my thoughts/prayers. I have felt a mystical bond with you from day one. I still feel it and marvel at it. This song is the absolute coolest song of yours on this topic. It's just another one of your masterpieces but what stands out the most is your 'presence' in this performance. It's my favorite all time in that respect cause you just look so solid and badass! No other way to put it. Your confidence is staggering! "Yeah, I know you will..." Anyone can look at you and see that nothing on Earth can keep you from doing whatever you set out to do musically...I love the way you sing it! This performance is a masterpiece for the ages. So, tonight I'm going out to sing at an open mike for the first time here and then I'm gonna start playing the street regularly cause today I believe I can do it too...I don't care how much I make. I just want to sing and express're the most badass example of Integrity as an artist I've ever seen. So, I'll be thinking of you when I sing tonight. I'll be singing from my gut. One day soon, God willing, the original songs I want to sing will start coming out and they'll all be dedicated to you if and when they come. I think first I need to get more comfortable with performing. I can't imagine ever standing before an audience and just 'owning' the situation as you do but I'll have to find my own way. I just wanted to say 'hi' and let you know I'm thinking of you and praying for you to be inspired and to keep belting 'em out the way you do! You are such a badass Shawna Lee Colvin! It's beyond me how anyone could 'not' be 'in love' with you! How is that even possible? Maybe everyone is...I don't know. I'm sure there are millions. I'm one. I love you! God Bless You today Candlekin! Peace

  6. Michael Ferry

    I love this song...God Bless You Shawn! Peace

  7. dragknuckle

    Michael Rhodes is the coolest bass player on the planet.

  8. paul levine

    By herself or with a band she is always pure magic, why she's so underrated i'll never know, clearly she;s one of the best singer/ songwriters in the biz, as creative as it gets, she has that rare ability to run all the emotions we humans have through her music and channel them right through our souls, always great to see and hear her, nice post

  9. fixedgearforlife

    Cool song.