Shane & Shane - That's How You Forgive Lyrics

Slow to anger
Abounding in love
Good to all
All who call upon You
You will rescue and forgive
This is why I live

You lived the life I could never live
You died the death, oh, that I deserve
You rose to life and now You live
That's how You

Forgive me in Your mercy
I'm unworthy of your love
And I'm running back to
All I have in You, my gracious King
This is why I sing

You lived the life I could never live
You died the death, oh, that I deserve
You rose to life and now You live
That's how You forgive

The measure of Your love
That You came and died for us
Let us not forget
That's how You forgive

You lived the life that I could never live
You died the death that I fully deserve
You rose to life and now I live, I live...
That's how You forgive

You lived the life I could never live
You died the death, oh, that I deserve
You rose to life and now You live
That's how You forgive

The measure of Your love
That You came and died for us
Let us not forget
That's how You forgive

You forgive
You forgive

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Shane & Shane That's How You Forgive Comments
  1. Alejandro Contreras

    SHANE n shane, los queremos en español porfavor

  2. Nacho Channel

    Such an anointed song. One that you can really worship with, so simple but yet so deep.

  3. John Munro

    And you use your use of media to lie to people instead of leading to God you scatter.. Christ died for the church .. no when in the Bible is he speaking to individuals. Its about a body of followers you should have an honest preacher with you on your show instead of making up your own theology...

  4. WalkInTruth

    The word says if you don't forgive then our Father in heaven cannot forgive you. God sends tormentors to us till we forgive.

  5. Furious knockout/shadowbolt

    I remember singing this song years ago and after all this time I hear it again thank you for making this song

  6. Rose Anne Tuplano

    i listen to this song everyday🙏🏼

  7. Christopher Wheeler

    Great song! I'm trying to build up my channel; mind checking it out?

  8. Heloniel Jazer

    Amo essa música! <3

  9. JuneBrian Lee

    Bless everyone who may fall in times of hardship. God is with us. He puts through suffering for a reason. Bless all who read this. Christian or not god loves you.

  10. Budkupar Rynjah

    I wish I can see you in India someday. :-)

  11. Bexy Evans

    I needed this today. God is awesome!


    Amen Sis he is So Awesome!! Wowwww 🙌🏻

  12. goo

    Who else was at Hlub 2016?

  13. Jessi Cone

    How great that you included the chord progressions!

  14. Millie Delorbe

    😢😢😢😢I am crying so hard I love this song thank you jesus for this song

  15. Debieliz Mokho

    i love this worship song..i praise our Lord for u bro's Shane anf Shaine

  16. kdaejmmm

    this touched my heart thank u so much.. thank u Jesus!!

  17. Tee Lynnette

    Loveee this songgg

  18. mariah wright

    when you forgive anybody who has hurt you then you can live life the normal way instead of just remembering the one day they hurt you

  19. Jarrod Morby

    Forgiveness is death on a cross, hard. But necessary

  20. Billy Johnson

    To the 19 people who dislikes this song, may you be "forgiven".

  21. TheJCfreak123

    THANK YOU!! JESUS for dying the death I DESERVE!! & FORGIVING ME!!! A love that can only be measured by GRACE!!

  22. Asia Mcgill

    This song is really sweet and calm I love it

  23. Asia Mcgill

    I love this song

  24. izkhalwag izkhalawag

    So much gives me a lot of hope from God"

  25. izkhalwag izkhalawag

    So much gives me a lot of hope from God"

  26. Roselyn Hall

    Amen !!

    Roselyn Hall

    Awesome Song !!

  27. Lindsay Navarro

    Love love love this song :) and I like how they have the chords at the side for other people to learn! Every song should do that!

  28. Exploring Northwest Ohio

    Love it, thanks for your music!

  29. Cardistry

    only 100k ? NO WAY.........

  30. Logan Horton

    amazing song!!! 

  31. Sharon Cathcart

    My new favorite!!! Thank you!!!

  32. Stuff

    @George, I'm with you brother! It's amazing how much he loves us! Give his own life to free us all from sin. Love us even though we are all so far from being perfect. His love is such an amazing feeling!

  33. Stuff

    His love is such a wonderful thing! Great song!

  34. María Mary Miriam

    Jesus said:

    Matthew 5:48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

    Many will say... how can we be perfect?. Jesus was teaching about how to be perfect... but for some of His disciples He was asking for too much...

    Matthew 19:25 When his disciples heard it, they were exceedingly amazed, saying, Who then can be saved?
    26 But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

    Jesus will give us the reasoning to understand and follow all of His teachings... and they will make sense to us. Repentance is the first thing we must learn, because with repentance comes forgivness.

    kael vincent

    Thank you Maria you are so correct. The Lord does not ask us to do anything we cannot. And he said (come follow me) We can live the life he lived, and more than that, it is required. We must repent and follow him in faith. He does not ask too much from us he knows what is possible and good for us. He is not unfair or a father that asks us to do something that we cannot do. May you continue to walk with Him in truth, beauty and justice. May we bring the Kingdom if God here, through love and good deeds, denying ourselves and taking up our cross, and being obedient even unto death!

  35. Jamie Bankston

    Thank You Jesus Christ

  36. Cristy Sanchez

    Love it!!

  37. Tony Celestin


  38. Thank you so much for the chords<3 Amazing song

  39. George Connor

    This makes me cry everytime I hear it anyone the same

  40. Saucy Soup

    I think it's the guitar notes for the song. (How to play it)

  41. Aubrey Mazak

    what is that in the right hand corner?

  42. Aubrey Mazak

    can shane and shane have concert?

  43. dsorceres

    that is why scripture states that if your eye causes you to sin better you rip it out, for it is better to enter the kingdom with one eye than never to see the pearly gates, God isn't interest in appearances, what he does search is one's heart, that is why scripture also states that He who is free in Christ is free indeed for the blood of the Lamb is able to cover all our sins be they past, present, or future, so praise be to Jesus the onlly one who is capable to Justify and redeem through grace

  44. dsorceres

    not through our own boastfulness or works but through grace, so really ppl if you think or believe that God is a respector of ppl, you're up for a rude awakening for it has been biblically proven that he has used the lowly, meek, and weak to shame the strong, wise, and powerful so better who we are in Christ than who who we pretend to be to the world for iti s written, better to be poor and wise than old and foolish and without Christ.selfrighteousness sucks, let the Lord be our Righteousness

  45. Jessi smith

    i love this song

  46. Ian Purba

    Awesome...... That's how i forgive..... Thankful to Jesus.....

  47. explosionofsummer

    Really, this is just another bland worship song, but I have to say that putting the chords in the video was both courteous and generous. Kudos.

  48. Jenika Martinez

    Just went to their concert and they performed this song! They were GREAT!

  49. Elliot Davis, Sr

    I'm in love with this song! Song sung to Jesus are songs Il want to write for the rest of my life.

  50. Jerry Lee

    Oops sorry about that iPad autocorrects and accidentally pressed done:/, anyways, I saw Shane and Shane at this program called destiny from my church. They sang this song :)

  51. Jerry Lee

    Teehee I saw shame and

  52. Heath Wells

    I am going through the greatest trial of my life. Thank you Jesus for you love and thank you Shane and Shane for this song. He is first and I am second!

  53. Leicy Nova

    What a song!! Thank you Jesus for everything you've done for me, thanks for your forgiveness!

  54. rca

    Such a great&wonderful song! Glad I saw u guys at ABT.

  55. Jeremiah Christian

    Love the chords with the video!

  56. connor chouest

    heard this song at fusion in Alaska love them!

  57. Daeion

    Thank you Jesus for forgiving us Lord God You REIGN3 forever n ily..I worship n praise u you let my mind think about you all day !

  58. Kenneth Keys

    this song speaks so much truth! we need to learn to forgive but it's so hard for us as humans. we all want to hold onto "I'm right and you're NOT!" we need to change our way of thinking. we need to look at the way He forgave us. He made it so simple, Thanks Shane and Shane for making it so simple again! God Bless and keep making great music by God's Grace!

  59. Daeion

    Or was it you came and died for us?* either way sounds good :)

  60. Daeion

    The king*:) that died for us:) 3

  61. Lori Pruitt

    Shane and Shane. You guys are awesome! Excited to see a new album drop and to see you at The Courage worship event in October!

  62. Emma Pannenberg

    I like this song because it emphasizes: we come to God because He is so good not because of anything we've done 'cause we could never do anything to get ourselves back to God. It's all because of Him and what He's done.

  63. Laura Stardust

    Ana Howland, the beginning does sound A LOT like the beginning of The A Team by Ed Sheeran.

  64. nooby nyt

    like if you think shane and shane should be the best music artist

  65. Jenny Bischoff

    Such an amazing reminder

  66. Dustin Young


  67. Ana Howland

    And if you are comfortable, I'd confront your dad about his issue. And if he doesn't stop or try to get help, then let him know that you're going to have to confront your mom about it. You don't wanna let her keep being hurt too.

  68. Ana Howland

    Love this song :) Also, I think the beginning sounds alot like The A Team by Ed Sheeran.

  69. Ariel Marie

    Nobody is cheap or worth less than anybody else. You were beautifully and wonderfully made. You did the hard part of realizing your problems. Now hand them over to God. Let him wash you clean and restore to you the beauty you once wore-pure and without fault. And if you are comfortable, I'd confront your dad about his issue. And if he doesn't stop or try to get help, then let him know that you're going to have to confront your mom about it. You don't wanna let her keep being hurt too.

  70. Chris Crawford

    I have a new favorite song!

  71. Roy Park

    more of these lyric vids please!!!

  72. Julio Rios

    Jesus 3

  73. Julio Rios

    Jesus 3

  74. TheVaz19

    I just got it! :)

  75. ViralSpace

    Shane and Shane Ive been a listening to your music for so many years now...and you guys know how to change it up every album...and keep your music on the top of my playlist every time! You guys have done so much for my life and I thank you...buying this album today! Thanks guys!!!

  76. Adeboye Adeoso

    JESUS, he's our Savoir.
    Nice song

  77. penny merrin

    love this song

  78. Anthony Spann

    Just a great Gospel filled song! Blessed greatly by this song!

  79. mikawayanazuki96

    I instantly liked this song when I heard it on K-Love and I've been hearing it for about a week. Only now did I look it up here on Youtube and wow, I finally ACTUALLY listened to the lyrics. This song gave me goosebumps and I also cried. :')

  80. RayZorbackWPS

    love the chords ... now I just need you to Matrix style interface some guitar-fu skillz.

  81. Anthony Nieuwsma

    The chord chart is an awesome addition. Heard this one at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference in Indy in March. I love the turn into the 2nd verse. Thanks for sharing.

  82. viperito


  83. Ptetnt

    Heard this twice on Klove radio today!!!!!!

  84. Ye Hyun Lee

    On replay this morning <3 Praise God from whom all blessings flow...and thank you, Shane and Shane, for blessing us all with what God has blessed both of you with :') so encouraged and moved by both of you! May God continue to convict, to anoint, to grace both of you with His perfect love. And in all things, may glory always be given to God alone!

  85. katgirl587

    This is a GREAT SONG! Gave me goose bumps!

  86. Shayle Figueroa

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! <3

  87. Taylor Putman

    Brilliant chord chart within the video! love it!

  88. Diana King

    As always awesome anointed

  89. ShaneandShaneGuitar

    Love it!

  90. Michael Ghobrial

    So amazing! May God continue to use you for His glory! The words are so lovely. How wonderful is our Lord that He so readily forgives, so eager for us to enjoy His presence :)

  91. csu12

    Awesome!!! Let US NOT forget!!

    LOVE the chord chart...genius!