Shame - One Rizla Lyrics

My nails ain't manicured
My voice ain't the best you've heard
And you can choose to hate my words
But do I give a fuck?
Socks are old and shoes are broke
Lungs are tired 'cause they're filled with smoke
Wallet's empty I'm going broke
But I'm still breathing

Well I'm not much to look at
And I ain't much to hear
But if you think I love you
You've got the wrong idea
Well I'm not much to look at
And I ain't much to hear
But if you think I love you
You've got the wrong idea

Yellow teeth fit the sleeping bags
Not so good at school but I ain't bad
I'd rather be fucked than sad
And that's a start
Lying's fine if you get what you need
You're confusing love with greed
And I won't, I won't say please
At least not yet

Well I'm not much to look at
And I ain't much to hear
But if you think I love you
You've got the wrong idea
Well I'm not much to look at
And I ain't much to hear
But if you think I love you
You've got the wrong idea

And you're clinging to conflict
And you're clinging to conflict
And you're clinging to conflict
Just let go
Just let go
And you're clinging to conflict
And you're clinging to conflict
And you're clinging to conflict
Just let go
Just let go

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Shame One Rizla Comments
  1. Simon Rolfe

    Message to Shame. Conservatives Rock the world

  2. kurt morrison

    What a bunch of posh Tory voting scum!

  3. Carlos Guayas

    A well named band, for a bunch of idiot muppets! ....the music isn't too bad, but their attitude is vile, their lyrics are vile.... and alienating 45% of the UK public, plus millions more with respect for others, and themselves should just shun this bunch of nobodies, telling people depending who they voted for to 'F-off' and they are not wanted at their gigs.... I suspect they were quiet before.... and now adios! Ya can't be a band with near nobody willing to buy the music or go to gigs! ...anyway! As a music lover of many genres from folk, to symphonic speed metal and about anything inbetween, i'd never heard of them!

  4. Jack the Lad

    Haha your music is absolutely pointless. Just like your lives. Hahaha.

    Kartikeya Srivastava

    It's a great band. Maybe not for you

  5. Common Sense

    5 posh boys don't want you at their gigs anymore . Get woke go broke .

    Kartikeya Srivastava

    But they ain't posh

  6. arbitermatt

    I like cornflakes as much as the next guy but wouldn't write songs about them

  7. Rams Brexit

    This is wank, is this what I’m not supposed to listen to because i didn’t vote for a terrorist supporting Jew hater?

  8. Music lover

    Album in my collection, best regards!

  9. christophe da silva

    what does it mean one rizla? Thank you

  10. Rob k

    ...and lucky enough to see them play in a pub on Saturday night - mayhem

  11. Drifting Dan

    Lead guitar is best part about the song. Not a great piece of songwriting thought in my opinion, more style over substance.

  12. Finn

    I just really want to be friends with them:(

  13. David Owen

    I still listening to it in 2019!

  14. Agnes Anderson

    really deserves more views, such a great band. Went to one of their gigs last year and still the best band I have seen live.

  15. Gerardo ramirez aguirre

    Noel gallagher brought me here.


    I came by Noel

  17. Ezidio Alves

    Ouvi o disco Songs of praise no spotify,gostei!

  18. Faulty Echo

    Fab. as we used to say.

  19. Natalie Logue

    Love this


    reyt good

  21. Armando Garcia

    Nasty song!

  22. Rose Phippen

    i honestly love you guys x

  23. Ross Claridge

    top tune, like the way the farmer has to still monitor their behaviour !!

  24. mallory bailey

    2:33 - 2:36 that’s all

  25. Rory Kennedy

    Pure class... music reminds me of early ride stuff.

  26. Cosmodog Cosmodog

    lol so british, post punk on the farm. bit of farmcore ay

  27. Jonathan

    Ngl this video is one of the best things I've ever witnessed

  28. Kartikeya Srivastava

    Bloody fucking good. My number 1 new band.

    Sam Delaney

    They’re way underrated aren’t they. Absolutely sick band to see live

  29. Larry Buchman

    This band is playing at Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas this year & wanted to check them out, sure glad I did, this song rules!! Can’t wait to see them live, they have a new fan in the US!!

  30. 1124英太


  31. cassius 2

    Best band around

  32. alex


    Tommy Gibinson

    this is literally terrible, everything about it sucks, rock music designed for girls

  33. Dave Morrison

    Happy Sunday

  34. Chris x

    я был там где не был ты

  35. OSTED

    So great

  36. Rafael Rocha

    Very Good!

  37. 000

    i heard this was a good new punk band
    just a yawn

  38. James Starkie

    bloke looks like Jeremy Corbyn

  39. sheslostcontrol


  40. Tiki Tiger

    Thank the gods for this band! ..........Andyouthoughtpunkwasdead!!

    g man tramp

    This stuff doesn't lace the boots of 70,s old skool punk rock

  41. Levi Shalom

    You have a new fan :D

  42. Massimiliano Ligabue

    Best rock song of 2018.

  43. Joe Sarna

    What the hell is this garbage...

  44. Monique Moody

    shame are so crap haha

  45. Eduardo Alvarado Salazar

    What is this song about?

  46. Red Construct

    Kulaks deserved worse

  47. Natália Barros

    loved it

  48. survivor geek

    cool lads

  49. Emmet Myles

    Singer looks like mumkey jones from some angles

  50. Daniel Avital

    Got to love Jeremy Corbin for putting himself forward to do this.


    theresa may was not happy about it


    Nah can't be him he doesn't have a ushanka on with the symbol of the USSR

    Julian Herbert

    Exactly what i thought

    Robert Rodak

    Whomtitehead piss offffffd

  51. Wesley Calazans


  52. Hippy Jodorowsky

    Ya know what this is just shit

  53. E Gabriewl


  54. Wells Alewine

    Meh. Mediocre

  55. Aligator7


  56. Eric Mitchell

    My new favourite band

  57. Giulio Vaccaro

    "and you're clinging to cornflakes!"

    Isaac Raynor

    Giulio Vaccaro and your clinging to conflict

    Giulio Vaccaro

    @Isaac Raynor yes I'm aware. Twas a joke

  58. giorgio baldi

    wow. i like it!

  59. Léa Bittoun

    it's mad !

  60. New Scientists

    Any video with chickens in is a great video. !

  61. capone70

    Great song...but why do so many musicians take up the first minute of the video with stupidity that only they find funny or interesting? It just makes them look like narcissistic twats who are full of themselves. Just play the bloody music...that's the ONLY reason we came here.

  62. The random times

    Quite like these... They've got the 80s indie sound to a T

  63. Loha TV

    so sick

  64. celia ayneto

    shame on me! I just discovered. Expectations here. I love their sound and words!! cheers....

  65. Clint Shirley

    Punk is alive

  66. one soul


  67. Colin Albright

    Defiantly something good here.., really need to work on the vocals before they can get to the next level..

    salty onion

    In my opinion i think that the vocals make it more unique and i also think that its already a great song no change needed

  68. bestfullyy

    why are people pretending this isn't just extremely generic indie music

    halodis ciple

    Maybe cause the singer sounds like old punk

    salty onion

    Cause it's good

  69. Bruno Costa

    And you're clinging to corn flakes
    And you're clinging to corn flakes
    And you're clinging to corn flakes
    Just let goooooooo!!!!

    Gonçalo Catarino

    corn flakes for conflict! love it.

  70. Paul Jenkins

    The kids are alright. : )

  71. Laura

    Who's here because of Jesse Rutherford lol

  72. MadArticDriver

    Anyone else thinking Flowered Up ?

  73. TrainInVain

    Good tune this, for a bunch of posh boys

  74. Jason

    Sounds promising.

  75. Timmy Sharpen

    Brilliant sound

  76. David Winchester

    I watched their Over/Under and I was like who are these dudes? Clicked on this video and found out these dudes are my new favorite band.

  77. adrián garcía

    "Songs of praise" is so good that I can't stop listening to it again and again.
    Every time it seems shorter. I want new songs!
    I predict a long career lads!

  78. carlos fabian

    Mierda suenan increíble

  79. Alexander Setedois

    guitarrinhas diretas dos anos 80, hein??!!! ;-)

  80. Brian Torres

    Yo they made stardew valley into a music video lol

  81. johnnyboy11000

    and your bringing ze cornflakes

  82. Rosana M.

    Beautifull guys!

  83. Leo Glickman

    Great song, terrible boy band video.

  84. Joshua Fecher

    Fookin best i've heard since 97

  85. Polo Mafata

    Still not over how good this song is- the whole album

  86. Raibeart

    saw these guys live at Electric Fields in Southern Scotland, they were fucking brilliant live, can't wait to see them again.

  87. Tyler Walter

    wow it's impressive that they got corbyn to appear in the music vid

  88. Razvan Florentin Popescu

    bad philosophy , they need to step up Ayn rand - romantic manifesto

  89. Oscar Jones

    anyone know what gear to use to get a lead guitar tone like that??

  90. Ian Howlett

    The singer appears to be wearing the tie of Worcester College, Oxford.

  91. Jonathan

    Saw them live at Sziget fest a couple weeks ago, brilliant gig!

  92. Alex Buckenham

    Why did I just read that the BBC called this band 'the saviour of British punk'. Just another dreary southern indie band

  93. Marc-André Giroux

    Much love from Montreal 🙌🏻 You've been my jam since the album came out!

  94. logicannullata

    good vibes


    "And you're clinging to cornflakes!
    Just let go, just let go!"

  96. Nniet Brovdi G V

    Good sound

  97. Kris Nield

    Is it just me or does the lead singer sound abit like Shaun Ryder out of the Happy Mondays?