Shakespear's Sister - It's A Trip Lyrics

It's a cracked-up city
As the dawn hits the sky
All those beautiful dreamers
They go home to wonder why

We're all glued to the scene
And strung out
On some strange high

Hey boy
When the money knows
You can't help but cry
When the colon blows

It's a trip
When you're young and hip
It's a dream
Such a beautiful scene

It's a cracked up city
But it makes you feel alive
If you lose it you can get it back
On the other side

So come on
You're too pretty to think
"I'm suicide"

Call on me anytime
Day or night
I might not be in
But I might

It's a trip
When you're young and hip
It's a dream
Such a beautiful scene

It's a trip
There's no way back
It's a sin
Come on let's do it again

You've got to laugh about it
Cover it up
Cover it up (yeah yeah yeah)
Don't have to advertise it:

It's a trip
When you're young and hip
It's a dream
Such a beautiful scene

It's a trip
When you're young and hip
It's a dream
Such a beautiful scene

Love and desire
It gets me higher
Love and desire
It gets me higher

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Shakespear's Sister It's A Trip Comments
  1. Kaeble

    I Don't even like this shit, but i love this shit,....Im confused , lol,....Guds Gud

  2. I. Bosquez

    This was released in 2009.

  3. Johnny MFan

    The guy is passable .I didnt know til the end. I thought Siobhan was playing the guy

  4. Richard Guarascia

    Very cool song and I am glad they are back together 👍

  5. alex verdia

    Which year is this from? Album?

    I. Bosquez

    Released 2009

  6. steven muirhead

    She reminds me of Jessica Lange here! Going to see them in Glasgow in November 2019!

    I. Bosquez

    Wow, lucky you, wish I could go!

  7. I. Bosquez

    Shakespeare's sister has reunited and are touring in the fall 2019.

    Simon Edgbaston

    Siobhan made further Shakespear's sister album's in between & enjoyable tour's 😊

    I. Bosquez

    @Simon Edgbaston
    I heard about that. 👍

  8. Zafnat Paneaj

    Siobhan Fahey Queen !!!

  9. Mark Spitz

    What a fuckin good Song Miss Banana

  10. N English

    Siobhan Fahey clearly has made a devil deal, cuz 2019, and damn, smokin'

  11. YTOnceAgain

    Sometime in the late 90s, British producers found a new formula to catchy pop tunes. It's not the song, it sure isn't the performance - it probably boils down to a bloody synth pattern or shaker loop. Whatever it is, it gets me hooked.

    That said, Siobhan is very pitchy (always - not only in this song). Some folks can pull this off and it works. She's not one of them. On the other hand, I'm glad they didn't autotune her.

    Oh wait... I know how they got me: I think they just pimped "Funky Town".


    @I. Bosquez Elaborate, please.

  12. Kaeble

    Miss you Michelle, ....Always

  13. Angelena Dykes

    it's a tripp

  14. chris craft


  15. Soraya Campesino

    December 2017

  16. Daniel Huber

    It should be played in schools. LOVVE

  17. Dietrich Driessen

    Wauw, still a great song. Keep playing it over and over again.

  18. Moyet

    I see and hear that for the first time!WOOOOOOOW!

  19. Markus Wohlgenannt

    i saw this video at first time...and hey..i think i get addicted to it ...cant stop watching and listening ..i love the groove...Siobhan ´s voice, her look, the way she feels like magic to me...theres something special i cant it...Miss Fahey you are awesome ;) this track should be new promoted

    I. Bosquez

    Shakespeare's sister is going on tour this autumn/fall 2019

  20. Atomic Lina

    that girl with the moustache is fucking hot... ad Im a girl. 10/10 would do sexual stuff with.

  21. Phangmaster

    Excellent video. Is it too rude to ask the budget?

    Paul Boyd

    no budget

    I. Bosquez

    @Paul Boyd
    Seriously? Wow! Amazing work.

    Paul Boyd

    I. Bosquez —
    So kind thanks :)

    Paul Boyd

    I did it as a favor to Ms Siobhan as she is one of the nicest and coolest people out there // so I didn’t charge her — I shot and edited it myself with my own gear and we worked with friends.. thank you XXXX

    I. Bosquez

    @Paul Boyd
    Wow Siobhan is amazing in it as well as the two actors that play out the story line. No wonder it was shot like movie (quality work all round).

  22. Andy Davidson

    Contender for best song ever. It's a trip.

  23. Adriaan de Goede

    Perfect video Paul, you make Siobhan the tar she is.... love it!! You must have had much fun working with such an incredible artist!

  24. svagrod

    7 years old and I've only heard this a couple times on 'radio" I didn't even find out about it till 2013.WHY? This is effin GREAT !!!

    I. Bosquez

    They have reunited and are going on tour this fall

  25. Juan Antonio Moreno

    This is a good track.

  26. Freddy Mondo

    Subsequent SS is dog shit.

  27. Brandon Arkell


    I. Bosquez

    Brandon Arkell
    How many women have you seen singing in a man's suit? Annie Lennox and? They don't have everything hanging out like their breasts. In today's world that's Noteworthy. You mean you haven't noticed the difference between Siobhan, Annie and the rest of the women you listen to Beyonce, Taylor, Gaga, and others who love singing in what amounts to a bathing suit waving their vaginas in your face because they know That sells. Come on!

  28. Jerry Gaither

    so beautiful

  29. Con RIZZIO


  30. Rokk Unikate

    immernoch cool

  31. Dániel Kovács

    THE Queen of My Adolescence!!!
    And SHE is still hot!
    And SHE has still great voice!

  32. B D

    SIOBHAN FOREVER!!!!! One of my favorites. "Songs from the Red Room" may be the most under-rated album of all time.

  33. weirdo freak

    When was this song released?

    I. Bosquez

    weirdo freak

  34. Ulf Utstrand

    I might give myself a trip...but not on drugs....And..then again what did Shakespear get high on....what did the sister take ?

  35. Sebastian Montagu

    Great visuals. SF looking very Johnny Depp. Always admired her. That voice. Who else sings like that?

    weirdo freak

    Fueler Have you seen Johnny Depp shit????

    weirdo freak

    Fueler That is absolutely amazing because she has been dead for a very long time.

    I. Bosquez

    @weirdo freak
    Siobhan is not dead. She's touring starting this Oct. 2019

  36. Ralle Rundstück

    her voice is absolut fantastic !!

  37. Xuul


  38. crebegea

    Great song, again. Still, it's like some spark is missing. Maybe Marcella?

    Jennifer Brigitte

    crebegea they really complimented each other

    I. Bosquez

    They are touring in the fall 2019

  39. Andrey Shunkov

    It's a cracked up city
    As the dawn hits the sky
    All these beautiful dreamers
    Stragger home to wonder why
    We're all glued to the ceiling
    And strung out
    On some strange high
    Hey, boy with the runny nose
    You can't help but cry
    When the cold wind blows

    It's a trip
    When you're young and hip
    It's a dream
    Such a beautiful scene, wow

    It's a cracked up city
    But it makes you feel alive
    If you lose it you can get it
    Back on the other side
    So come on,
    You're too pretty
    To think of suicide
    Call on me any time, day or night
    I might not be in
    But then again I might

    It's a trip
    When you're young and hip
    It's a dream
    Such a beautiful scene, wow
    It's a trap
    There's no way back
    It's a sin
    Come on, let's do it again, wow
    (Do it again, do it again)

    You got to laugh about it
    Cover it up, cover it up
    (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
    Don't have to advertise it, smile

    It's a trip (it's a trip)
    When you're young and hip
    (When you're young and hip)
    It's a dream (it's a dream)
    Such a beautiful scene, wow
    It's a trip (it's a trip)
    When you're young and hip
    (When you're young and hip)
    It's a dream (it's a dream)
    Such a beautiful scene, wow

    Love and desire
    It gets me higher
    Love and desire
    It gets me higher

    weirdo freak

    Andrey Shunkov why

  40. J C

    WTF?! It's 2016 how come I've never heard this song before? It's a f***ing Trip! I Love it!

    Jamie Lord

    Same here!


    J C omg same wtf

    I. Bosquez

    They are touring in the fall 2019

  41. meinerzweier

    A copy of the later Siouxsie and the Banshees. Therefore it’s not bad. ;-)

  42. Vidal Barrera

    Siobhan Fahey was FIRST...later came Lady Gaga...

    Jerry Gaither

    Dale bozzio of Missing Persons beat Lady Gaga


    Grace Jones beat them all.


    David Bowie.

    Adriaan de Goede


    Johnny MFan

    @Jerry Gaither You must be young .Everyone knows Dale and everyone else back then was inspired by Debby Blondie Harry. Debby was the original trailblazer.

  43. Andrea Telly

    Paste/copy Siouxies look


    Was just thinking the same


    Not only the look, but also the singing and the musical style of albums like „Rapture“.

  44. lovely fluffyducky

    This is freaking awesome

  45. Raymond P

    Love those days

  46. Tom Stein

    I love this song!  

  47. Jon Boy

    Only found this track recently, love it. Amazed it didn't chart.
    And shes so fit, I would for deffo !!

  48. Martin Del Carpio

    Love it! ^-^

  49. N7ShadowSR2

    This friggin song is just ridiculously awesome! Cannot stop listening to it. Over & over & over I just can't get enough of it.


    i agree Shadow--we must have the same taste of music!!!!! Love "stay" though

    Rony Cesana

    It's a mix with Michael Jackson's Billie Jean and Donna Summer's I feel love, but the lyrics are original, I guess.


    Not an actual mix, it's just inspired by the two songs you've mentioned, but it's completely original

    I. Bosquez

    I love that have reunited and are touring! Oct 2019

    Johnny MFan

    @Rony Cesana I was thinkin of Donna when I heard this. I was thinking I wish this had been her dance music sound in the 90s -2012. although she was still pretty good then on her own. I wish Siobhan had made it a rock song though. The lyrics and vocal are too good to waste on a dance track.

  50. Yeti

    sampling I Feel Love is always a terrible idea, because it will ALWAYS come across as nothing more than an inferior version.

    Jens Davidsen

    It's not a sample, it's just a disco baseline.

    Brandon Arkell

    Yeti, No. Siobhan elevated Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder to a new dimension. You cannot possibly think that incorporating that infectious dance groove into a new song is a bad thing. Please tell me you don't think so. Honey.

  51. Kim Phan

    very cool song!!


    this song needs to hit the radio stations cant belive not listen to it b4. so much better than most the crap on the radio today. bring it back.

  53. Android18uk

    This woman is amazing. She looks like Xena/Lucy Lawless.

  54. 6dazey9

    What a trip x

  55. B0T0H0

    белые тетки не сдаются. никогда. разве что когда самим станет прикольно сдаться.. сестры шекспира молодцом. норм тетки в переводе на универсальный язык, как таковой.

    Олег Иваноф

    Согласен, бро!

  56. WillComet

    Love the song. Good to dance to. Love Siobhan Fahey. She does not mind being different. The album "Songs From the Red Room" is their best! I think their song Hot Room rocks. Should give it a listen.

  57. Fauntleroy

    I really like the song and the video, but wow, I just cannot believe how incredibly beautiful she looks. I mean... WOW!

  58. Gage Öhrn

    my fave SS song

    I. Bosquez

    They are touring this fall 2019

  59. copyshop21

    ...belive me... this is not Siouxsie Sioux !!!!!

    Andrew Morrison

    Exactly what i thought!

    I. Bosquez

    @Andrew Morrison
    Me too

  60. Minimanx55

    This song is actually soooooooo good. I just randomly found it because the thumbnail caught my eyes, thank god.

  61. Stephy Thompson

    She's still got the fantastic voice and gorgeous looks she did in the 80s. :)

  62. sarrjel

    Where's the other girl in the band that plays guitar?

  63. Emanuel Silva

    nice very nice grils : ) ( ;

  64. Fadi Safieddine

    yeh u are right!!!

  65. BrittMonkey

    Oh that smile at turns the clocks back. A timeless smile that takes me back to being a lovesick teen staring at her in Bananarama videos, to a teen mesmorized by the Death Queen walking down the steps in "Stay", and now here we are watching in 2013 and that smile still does it. Long Live Shuv.

    I. Bosquez

    They are touring this autumn 2019

  66. therazorsedge555

    A little Siouxsie tribute she has going on there

  67. Shaemus O Reilly

    Who is the fucktard that confused Trip Shakespear with.......Shakespears Sister????? Epic fail.

  68. side2 Side

    she looks like Siouxsie and the banshees!!!

  69. Będę Gryzła

    I love them <3

  70. granulosum1

    beauty queens,with beat, and not a bad tune, you gotta love them

  71. Grim Panda

    I've been a Siobhan and SS fan since the first day I heard that amazing voice. This is amazing. Thanks for telling your story to us Siobhan. It's an honor.

    I. Bosquez

    They are touring this autumn 2019

  72. Jacek Piotrowicz

    True artist! Thank You Siobhan!

  73. Babeolicious777

    The "guy/girl gender swap costumes for one night" thing portrayed in this video is totally my fantasy....HOTTT!!!!!!!

  74. nunya busness

    Reminds me so much of Patsy Stone.

  75. Davidius Doremouseius

    it's a trip thru time to channel plays back to 16th century writers.SHE wrote the plays, he he he.

  76. Idol Billy

    Stunning ,Siobhan is beautiful x

  77. Kenneth Zink

    I love these guys * saw them at Slims in San Francisco year ago... they are one of my many musician inspirations which have led to my new album * ZINK A CHANGE IN THE WEATHER on iTunes and CDbaby

  78. Thorfinn Galahad

    IT'S A TRAP!

  79. feralferret

    A female Jack Sparrow! Seriously digging those moves. Damn, she's 53 and looks better than me (33).

  80. WoodRatGirl

    Siobhan reminds me of Siouxsie Sioux a bit here.

  81. Comedian Marvin Howard

    I love the Michael Jackson Billie Jean drum beat!!

  82. 5UhrMorgens

    i don't know what you expect. she's over 50 now. i discovered this video a few weeks ago and watched it over and over again, cause she is just so cool here....stylish and good-looking. with charisma. and i really don't see a "craggy old face".

  83. orinoko1

    tak trochu visáž Siouxsie...

  84. Juliette Fuyer

    remembers me to Siouxsie...

  85. TQ255

    Seriously i didn't expected that ending. Thought they were both female....

  86. Hot Vamp Club

    imagine if this was your mum

  87. DrMarthaJ

    this video disturbed me a bit, i thought this was bananarama

  88. Filip Galetic

    she really knows how to work the camera.

  89. hearditman

    I saw her in Tesco last week!

  90. begent73

    Great song! Siobhan always reminds me of female version of Johnny Rotten. Her stuff is always different from the mainstream crap!

  91. doowopftw

    Good one!

  92. stusixtyone

    looks like noel fielding

  93. Emanuel Silva

    Parabéns desde de jovem venho vos seguindo estão maravilhosas as duas, 15-02-2012

  94. gottengot

    She always above most many andere Stars women. Fantastic Siobhan!!
    And so for me shame, very shame, what I never see her in girls around me...

  95. bastlake

    Great job, and what a boon to work with Siobhan Fahey herself!

    I vote this should be a new thing, having oldschool musicians teaming up with new indie internet filmmakers to make new videos for old songs, instead of fighting over copyright.

  96. roadkillpossom

    her and siouxsie should do a song together

  97. Phillip Bozarth

    Wicked video a newly discovered treat for me

  98. bob rae

    I thought the blonde girl was really hot at the beginning, then I was like... Woah.