Shakespear's Sister - Goodbye Cruel World Lyrics

She likes to wake up and just fake it
She knows if she touches it she'll break it
She can see all the houselights fading
And the ground beneath her feet is shaking
She's singing bye bye my old friend
You're never going to see my face again
You left me outside in the rain
So goodbye Mr. A

Just when you think she's wearing thin
She's walking out with the biggest man you've ever seen
You're never gonna see my face again
It took some time so here I am,
So bye bye Mr. A
Well now her grass is looking greener
And you hope that sometime you might see her
What a diamond, boy, looks like you missed it
It must have left you feeling sick and twisted
Bye bye my old friend
You're never gonna see my face again
You left me outside in the rain
So bye bye I said bye bye

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Shakespear's Sister Goodbye Cruel World Comments
  1. Adele Covus

    Smashing duo. Hope to see ya in Scotland sooooon🎼🎤🎸

  2. Олег ГАСАНОВ

    Хорошие исполнение.

  3. MuscleJacker

    I am so glad they uploaded the original version and took down that ghastly remix.

  4. Frost

    Is Dave Stewart the guitarist behind Siobhan?

  5. SS-20 Kropotin

    Великолепная вещь, музыка просто завораживает. Почему по нашему тв этого не увидишь... ??! ))) + я угараю... +

  6. Maria Eleni

    Yeah, baby!

  7. hashtagpopculture

    This isn’t just a music video. This is art!

  8. Thierry Dupuis

    Siobhan makes a fantastic Norma Desmond!!

  9. Michael Gonzalez

    I missed you ladies both very, very much. I hope you will make more videos like this and All the Queen's Horses.

  10. Kit Imp

    Hello Hello My Long Lost Friends!

  11. Free Speech

    such a cool and classic song, never ever gets old, 1992 never forget :-)

  12. g m

    No offence to the amazing vocals why doesn’t someone post the instrumentals of their songs!! This song particularly!

  13. Nygel Andrewartha

    Its up there with my favourites


    The Angelic Marcella and the Devilishly Charming Siobhan! :) Pssst...this is my fave music video ever! :)

  15. Rachael Britz


  16. paul elliott

    More brilliance from a wonderfully creative duo
    Very happy they are back

  17. g m

    Upload the Instrumental version too :)

  18. Joy Division

    Good song from a great album their best in late 80’s and early 90’s ...I wish them well with their tour this year and happy they’ve made up 👍

  19. Moosh Monkey

    It's so good to finally see this oustanding video with more than 4 pixels

    Adele Covus

    Hahahaha!! Indeed mate. 👌