Sevendust - Driven Lyrics

(stop the man)
Fom endin up with all the chips so he can't
(promse him an only chance)
To have the freedom that's been takin from me

(you - can - try - to - lift - your - head - no)
You fucked up with me now live with the truth
Find a reason to lie (try)

Seems like it hasn't been long - I've given
(so much how could you hide)
You're sick with all the guilt you're never - forgiven
(you try to wash it away - wash it away)

(ask again) why all the dreams I had
Are now left broken
(punished for a wounded past)
Afraid to wake and find reality breathin
(why - has - life - been - taken - from - me)
I fucked up and now I live with the truth
With no reason to lie (I)

Feel like it hasn't been long - I'm driven
(to keep myself alive)
You're sick with all the guilty you're never - forgiven
(you'll never wash it away - wash it away)

(How can you live with yourself)

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Sevendust Driven Comments

    This song brings back good memories when I used to play WWE 2008.

  2. Lorenzo Lopez

    Metal it up!!!!!!

  3. Mr. Walker

    Too many ads for the song smh

  4. Ian Ramses

    And now direct auto life insurance presents awe genisis

  5. Asil Numbeyes

    "Seems it hasn't been long" svr 08 😭💔

  6. Mark Persson

    I must be too high I don't see no lyrics but I don't need no stinking lyrics I know this song by my heart and soul

  7. Maury Raiders

    😅Love this

  8. Bone King

    everytime this song out in main menu i always waited for ending b4 entering match damn i had nice childhood

  9. The WhiteWolfWarrior98 98

    SVR2008 days.......😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Death Star Crusaders Producions

    Who plays SVR 2008 ON 2019 IN PPSSPP

  11. Randy Dubin

    Not ironic that this song was featured in a wrestling video game, considering that the band caters to that sort of fanbase (aka White Trash; NOTE: I am not, repeat *NOT* talking about the band's lead singer, for all of the meathead dumbass fans who think I might be, I am not. Let's make that crystal clear).

  12. BL4ZE

    svr 2008 anyone?

  13. Ice Knight

    1st time I heard this song was SVR 2008 and was in love with this song since.

  14. PaceBreaker Productions

    Last SvR game I ever played. So glad to have them on the soundtrack.

  15. Christopher Combs

    Always one of my faves 😊

  16. Wd Abad

    ممممبف الله تعالى عنه من برامج كمبيوتر تحميل من الانترنت من برامج من برامج في هذا الموضوع سوف تكون من نصيب الفرد والمجتمع في صضضضص الله تعالى عنه في هذا الموضوع سوف تكون هناك في صضضضص من قبل وزارة الصحة في هذا الموضوع الى ث

  17. Wd Abad


  18. Tsuki The Android yandere

    Remember the time when we created our own superstar in SDvR 2008 me too but great time great time

  19. Ivan Mccarthy

    I'm driven...I'm missed you guys in Phoenix



  21. Fifanoob 1893

    Fucking nostalgic song 😈😍😍

  22. Trikste

    WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 :)

  23. The One and Only Lord Farquaad

    I came here just from my childhood, not from any game


    //[name]+1 like

    Bob Evans

    S7 it's on my arm

  24. Mxney Games

    i wanna play svr 2008 again...

  25. Patrick Stevenson

    Ilove svr 2008 and jeff is my fav in the game and shawn micheals

  26. The Kim In The North

    Disturbish song

    Michael Hoffius

    The Kim In The North uh no. First, Sevendust has been around longer and no, disturbed sound nothing like Sevendust. Get your ears checked


    What is this song about?

  28. John Smith

    This song is awesome and so true.

  29. Steve Duplantie


  30. junior D.

    Parental advisory explicit content. *Plays the censored version* 😕😕😕😕

  31. steggles mc nuggets

    great song. reminds me of my cunt of an ex. fuck her

  32. Akirafan99

    Good ol' SvR 2008. BTW does this remind anyone else of Sonic Adventure 2?

  33. EpicPony

    Even though I'm female, this game was truly my favorite as a kid. Back when my dad first got it for myself and my brother, I was pretty addicted to the game for a few months. I'd only play as Jeff Hardy, and my bro was always Rey Mysterio. We would just have a marathon on this game for hours. I'm so glad I ended up bumping into these songs by surprise because it brought me back to some good times. XD

    Etian Myburgh

    You have excellent taste in superstar choices!

  34. grave3hunna

    sounds like disturbed. cant go wrong with that

    Khsathsovairyo bhekizitha

    You mean disturbed sound like sevendust they been around longer then them listen to their albums

    Michael Hoffius

    Disturbed sound absolutely nothing like the mighty Sevendust!! Get your ears checked.

  35. Its Penetrator

    Smack Down vs Raw Featuring ECW 😍😍

  36. Cozmoe1000 Infinite

    Not only LEGENDS but Icons. 1 and all.P2TG

  37. Austin Holbrooks

    I'm about to go kick some ass soon

  38. Austin Holbrooks

    I don't understand. that intro


    from how I understand it, when someone has all the power or chips in this case. They can effectively control others around them. Offering 'chances'. But that ultimately means you're in that persons pocket and you have no freedom.

    that's what I think but I might be wrong.

    Austin Holbrooks

    You make a good point

  39. Katsubii Makumoni

    [incomprehensible] = "doin time while you have your freedom" or something like that

  40. dhay03

    Everybody is Smackdown vs. Raw which understandable PS2 was more popular the GameCube but Day of Reckoning release with the song first.


    dhay03 This song wasn't on Day Of Reckoning or Day Of Reckoning 2 or even WrestleMania 21. This song was only on SmackDown vs. Raw 2008

  41. KenjiCBZ

    I've bought SmackDown vs Raw 2008 last month, I love this song :D

  42. Major mp

    one my favorite song of WWE seven dust driven

    Phantom Pharrel

    But WWE never used the song as a theme : (

    Ray Santana

    it was used in WWE's Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 video game: the reason why i listen to Sevendust now


    Phantom Pharrel yeah they did. for Chris Jericho at unforgiven

  43. Phantom Pharrel

    If this song was chosen by WWE as a theme song which PPV it will fit with ?


    Phantom Pharrel Payback? Maybe

    Phantom Pharrel

    Yea and maybe Survivor Series

    like a bosss

    Phantom Pharrel unforgiven

    Naseem Scott

    Survivor series 2017

    dirttrackin 77

    Royal rumble

  44. Lamar Verdin

    1:11 I coulda sworn that he yelled out Estrogen


    Ah great, now I can't unhear it. lol

    Stevemeister 316

    "Estrogen... Why has life been taken from me" lol 😁

  45. Rion Dozier

    When I had Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 on PSP this was the first song I heard and it was awesome!

    Gerald Wallace

    listening to this makin me wanna buy it again


    Whenever I made my own original CAW that nigga would always have this as his theme song!

  47. SilverSilva75

    SvR '08 = Great Roster

    Metalhead Michael

    Not really.

  48. Quantam Kid24

    SVR 2008 BITCHES!!

  49. Reencuentro al Pasado A.C

    svr 2008

  50. Tahj Pierce

    I haven't played smackdown vs raw 2008 in years soon as I heard this song I remember the lyrics fast as fuck

    Kourtney Alexandria


    Kaleb Duncan

    This song brought back so many memories of my cousins in tears because they always lost to me lol

    hannah chamblee

    Tahj Pierce damn straight


    SO TRUE!!! 😇🤟

  51. Stephen Sturgis

    Good times. Me and my homie would play this game for hours after coming inside from skate boarding. He'd always have the undertaker while I had Jeff Hardy

    Austin Holbrooks

    Stephen Sturgis. I'm a batista guy always was


    Stephen Sturgis
    You've chosen the best fighter my friend.

    You've gained my approval.

    (I'm a girl and Jeff was the only character I played when I played this game xD)


    Stephen Sturgis Rey Mysterio guy right over here. :D

    Luke Smallwood

    Yes! Jeff Hardy was a beast

    Frank M

    Sounds like a badass combination. 🤘

  52. Matthew Pohl

    right ????


    this takes me back

    Michael Hoffius

    izzysmith19 to what? When you were 4?

  54. Batman Comic

    Drums outstanding .

  55. Dillon Walker

    Anyone else see these guys yesterday (OCT 25, 2015) at Aftershock?

  56. Johnatan Moura Lima

    SmackDown vs Raw 2008 <3

  57. Cameron Mcdonley

    I miss playing SVR 08 with the entire neighborhood. Those were great times.

    Cameron Mcdonley

    I played this game with my Grandma's entire neighborhood back in 08. Damn were those times fun. 

    22 SJHJ

    Cameron Mcdonley AGREE

    Jordan Rama

    Cameron Mcdonley i

    Jesse Duran

    Now that's music let me tell you something that's what brings the best in the WWE game's for Xbox 360


    @Cameron Mcdonley the *ENTIRE* neighborhood???

  58. Yves Heinrich

    Seems like it hasn't been long
    I've given so much, how could you hide?
    Throughout time while you have your freedom
    Believing (that you could wash it away)*

  59. CJ Casson

    I feel like it hasn't been long
    I'm driven to keep myself alive
    You're sick with all the guilt, you're never forgiven
    You'll never wash it away, wash it away

    Fighting Hellfish

    My favorite part of the song

    CJ Casson

    Mine too

  60. Tyler Turner/LoneRebelisSummer 96

    I Love This Song From WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008

    Andy Doyle

    I know right smackdown vs raw 2008 is the one


    @Dalton Turner Same

  61. sean carlson

    Feeeeeels like it haaasnt beeen loooooong

  62. great 100

    Smackdown vs Raw 2009 Mother fuckers!!!!!!!!

    MD QasQas

    +great 100 actually it's 2008 but nice try

  63. wav.yliving 波打つ

    To this day I still love this song. SVR put me on to so much good rock, & Ghostface lol


    Hell yea


    Hell yea

    Jesse Duran

    You could of never been anymore right right now hell yeah rise some hell

    prod. dangerroom

    wav.yliving 波打つ Whoa crazy to find you here you be getting around huh bruh? Yeah SVR put me on to Three Days Grace, so many good memories on this shit bro.

  64. riggedhead

    Sorry I just got here. Tony Stewart ran me over

  65. OMC Hunter

    Great song to hear come on your itunes radio near the end of a 3.5 mile run

  66. kenny whitney

    "Doing time while you have your freedom" is the lyrics im pretty sure...

    MH Spirit

    I always thought it was "I'll do my time while you have your feet up", but I think you're probably right.

    Kharvin Washington

    I thought it was enjoy your time while you have your freedom


    Through time while you have your freedom for leaving

  67. SheckleRFan715

    no.. it sounds like light up the sky by TFK

    The Architect

    You on drugs?

  68. John Smith

    WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008!

  69. Mister ?

    oh ok saw the lyrics xD

  70. Mister ?

    Sevendust-Driven- -->LYRICS<-- xD but i only want hear the music ! :D

  71. Hunter Boyce

    sevendust is one of the only bands I can listen through every song on the album and actually enjoy it.

  72. Tutankhammunity

    That doesn't mean they can't have completely ripped off Disturbed in this song, particularly David Draiman's signature vocals

    Khsathsovairyo bhekizitha

    Excuse me sevendust been around since 94 they have their exposure in 97, disturbed comeout in 2000... Disturbed influence by 7dust with their sound....

  73. keegan hinder

    LIES this is not a lyric video

  74. gokubroly12009

    i first heard thius song when i saw the condemned

  75. kenny whitney

    "doing time while you have your freedom" is what he is saying in the incomprehensible part

  76. Rashid Hafez

    Their intros are always fucking AWWEEESOMME :D

  77. InternetulOmoaraTV

    Smackdown vs Raw 2008

  78. Anthony

    i heard of this band before they were born

  79. slipknotowns23

    if you came here from a video game good for you, if you heard of this band before a video game good for you


  80. Rashid Hafez

    The intro is like.. fucking music from heaven, its BEASSST

  81. Longer

    SVR 2008!

  82. Zasso no Kemuri

    Hell yeah bro i hear ya!

  83. kordulus

    was about to type the same comment give or take word far word,,, my custom wrestler had this song.. listened to it forever.. one day decided to look it up and insta sevendust fan for life.

  84. Zasso no Kemuri

    First one I heard from Sevendust YEARS ago (Thanks WWE), i'll never forget this song or this band <3

  85. niyef360

    WWE = Life

  86. Don't Access

    Macho Man > Chuck Norris
    Sevendust = Macho Man of Music

  87. Maremons

    I agree. It's totally hard butt.

  88. John Conte

    2 people are in reverse

  89. MonstercoreXFilms

    this was my first ever heavy metal song.

  90. pmbtheheavy

    2:37 - 2:56 FUCKING EPIC MOMENT !

  91. MegaMr46

    My WWE Enterance on SvR 08

  92. xdropthatx

    The intro sounds like Disturbed.

  93. Skystorm16

    "Doin' time when you had the freedom for living."

  94. Craig McGeachy

    I don't care where you heard it from. Just fucking listen.

  95. Dan Whooley

    my ringtone

  96. Rigicai05

    just do your time for what you've done and then WASH IT AWAY!!

  97. Rigicai05

    NO ONE SHOULD LIVE IN THE PAST! Wash away all the guilt and you can actually live with yourself. no, YOU'LL LOVE YOURSELF!!

    Sw3g B3Ar

    hmmm this is actually great cause this song reminded me of the better times for me as a child