Sergio Mendes - Wichita Lineman Lyrics

He is a lineman for the county
And he drives the main road
Searchin' in the sun
For another overload
I hear you singin' in the wires
I can hear you through the whine
And the wichita lineman
Is still on the line

I know I need a small vacation
But it don't look like rain
And if it snows that stretch down south
Will never stand the strain
And I need you more than want you
And I want you for all time
And the wichita lineman
Is still on the line

And I need you more than want you
And I want you for all time
And the wichita lineman
Is still on the line
Still on the line...

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Sergio Mendes Wichita Lineman Comments
  1. Eurotrash on Tour

    I like this version, but Glen Campbell’s original is perfection and in my top 10 of songs.

  2. Jose Chacon

    Fabuloso tema

  3. Ronald Hill

    This version is dinomite!!!!!!!.

  4. Pipe Duster

    I loved this music in general. Only maybe not this particular song.

  5. Jonathan Nieto

    !Una joya de canción¡ Excellent¡ 🏆🎶🎸👍

  6. monizdm

    I appreciate the hommage. But, there is only one Glen.

  7. Alex Cremers

    I don't know what it is but I can't keep my eyes of Lani Hall.

  8. Grant

    Wow. Just an incredible version. 1st time I've heard this.

  9. Ardent Fan

    These two ladies have the best voices of Brazil 66 group. Their singing voices are mesmerizing.

  10. BroccoliQueefed

    Did they always sing in Unison or?

  11. BroccoliQueefed

    Such mellow smooth female voices. They were da-bomb. Timeless music.

  12. Howard diskokid

    The song and accompanying video pretty amazing

  13. Howard diskokid

    Oops, it went to Wrong song was supposed to be for Sergio Mendes version of Wichita Lineman

  14. Howard diskokid

    Beautiful handling of Jimmy Webb's masterpiece

  15. triumphmanful

    just played along on my Hohner Marine Band Harmonica in C. Sounded great ! Thanks Sergio and girls !

  16. Jorge Ortiz

    Ouvindo isso me emociono e pergunto: onde a música se perdeu, pra chegarmos no “funk” dos MCs?

  17. Stephen Martinez

    A composition by Jimmy Webb, an alumnus of San Bernardino Valley College. Who would've guessed he was a homie from Verdugo.

  18. John E

    I don't understand how they make this work but god they do...I had thought only Mr Campbell could do justice but I am corrected!

  19. Robert Young

    love Lani Hall voice ..........

  20. Joseph Harder




  22. John Tatum

    Wow...such a great cover...amazing stuff!

  23. richard smith

    becky how I used to agonize about you AND THESE LYRICS IN 68,;''WHERE IN HE.LL ARE YOU NOW,?,I 'still
    love you'

  24. Dan G

    It's funny how quickly fashions changed from sharp/groovy 1960s. By 1969 things had decidedly taken a turn to the ugly.

  25. aldinofilho AACF

    Que vocal é esse.... espetacular. Magnífico. Eterno.

  26. Doug Helms

    Karen wasn't in on the vocals. Lani Hall Alpert did all the singing, double-tracked, far as I know. Love these guys.

  27. John Browne

    Not one of their best, but still...

  28. Marco Antonio Cerna Zeta

    una de las bellas canciones de este musico excepcional y de las lady crooner fantasticas

  29. designchik

    This group was fucking amazing.

  30. falldownhard

    As much as Glen Campbell owns this - Sergio Mendes' interpretations almost seem to respect both the original record and Jimmy Webb's classic song, taking nothing away from the former whilst highlighting the quality of the latter. His arrangement on this is just plain gorgeous, and the vocals by the ladies are lush and spot on pure with not so much as a quiver of vocal acrobatics. Even against the unbelievable range of talent of the 1960s, for me they're easily one of my Top Ten favorite artists of the decade.

  31. coashddjj2

    Such a fantastic band, and those women were awesome singers.



  33. Arturo Guerra-Mondragon

    Sergio Mendes usually improves on the originals but this time I'm sticking with Glen Campbell's..

  34. Bernadette Castillo

    HAhahahh! Killed,,,,,,???bulls eye🕋

  35. Anthony Fereday

    They just dont make music like this anymore. Can listen again and again.

  36. Robert Young

    nice voice ..Lani Hall .. after she let the group......then "' Come What May '' Duet with Herb Alpert ( husband ) @ 1980

  37. Debbie Brett

    They can do no wrong!

  38. karajokoo

    Two gorgeous women and her beautiful voices. Sergio was a lucky guy to have them with him.

  39. Peter Rodrigues

    Absolutely beautiful music from an era of music playing artists that remains unsurpassed in today's world.

  40. Shaun Toole

    What variety show did this come from?

  41. LINYVideo

    Having been born in 1966, this song takes me back to a place I don't even remember.

  42. roberto romaguera barbosa Romaguera

    The better version for this song! Great Sergio, Lani, Karen and troup.
    From Rio de Janeiro. 2019

  43. Randall Sundeen

    This song comes from the most prolific and creatively daring time of the late sixties I love music from this period thanks for posting ❤️

  44. Barrie Moore

    I grew up on Sergio and Brazil 66 ....Best times of my life !! Lani and Karen ! You will never hear voices like that ever again !!!! So beautiful, so distinct....... ❤️💃🕺💃🕺

  45. DirceSiqueira

    Wow, Karen and Lani were great. Sergio Mendes superb.

  46. ozell1992

    Nurse Dish!!!

  47. Beverly Feimster

    Just love this version

  48. Randi Behrends

    Really enjoyed the video. 👌

  49. Stephen Maggi

    What's the context of this performance? Is this from a variety show or what?

  50. Carlos Y

    Bella canción y la versión es muy buena, toda una época.

  51. Morag MacGregor

    I've never heard this. I kind of love it.

  52. stevealexR1

    He is a lineman for the county
    And he drives the main roads
    Searchin' in the sun
    For another overload
    I hear you singin' in the wires
    I can hear you through the whine
    And the Wichita lineman
    Is still on the line
    I know I need a small vacation
    But it don't look like rain
    And if it snows that stretch down south
    Will never stand the strain
    And I need you more than want you
    And I want you for all time
    And the Wichita lineman
    Is still on the line
    And I need you more than want you
    And I want you for all time
    And the Wichita lineman
    Is still on the line

  53. Angela Barone

    Wow beautiful

  54. Frankie C

    Damn does this SUCK!

  55. Jesus is Lord

    Those words!

  56. Brian Munson

    I have never heard this version. They actually did a quite fine job on it. The female voices make a nice harmony together. They also jazzed it up a little bit. All in all it was a good cover. Thank you.

  57. MSK Chess

    I was just born in 1969 but I love the sixties like no other epoch in history, such a flowering of talent.

  58. Roger Rabbit

    Best song ever made from the 60s

  59. Shakira Schultez

    Just heard little big town sing on CMA awards 2017. Good version but sergio Mendes priceless and timeless!

  60. Incognito ONE

    This version is actually very nice. A young Lani Hall!

  61. Thomas Vasiloff

    Everything Sergio did was gold!

  62. stixnatedogg

    The last 35 seconds are my favorite part of the song

  63. elsamere

    Simply gorgeous.

  64. Lori Holman

    The only one who does this the BEST,THE ONE AND ONLY GLENN CAMPBELL❣❣❣🎶🎶🎶💞❤💞🎶🎶🎶

  65. Ralf S

    I could look at Barbara all day long......but the think the real 'voice' goes to lovely Lanni Hall.

  66. cruz silva

    did I have crush on these two as kid back then....might been young...the wicked thoughts..I knew about girls...I lost my virginity at seven to 15 yr white girl ..that was in my older sister eight grade class...she was fine...pretty redhead.. memories....very fond memory.....

    cruz silva

    that was around back in 1965....

  67. Livia Calasans


  68. Fr. Gary T. Villanueva

    I love listening to Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell & I heard this version today at Boracay Beach Radio. I have a hunch that it's by Sergio Mendes and the Brazil '66. I googled it and I am right. What a lovely jazzy interpretation.

  69. Peter M


  70. Terry Bowman

    Great version. Saw Lani in concert this past Nov. she still has great pipes.

  71. Paul Cullen

    Lani hall is truly magic

  72. bodeswell35

    Lani Hall was kind of the anti-Janis Joplin...and believe me, that's a compliment of the highest order!

    Dan Nájera

    Janis Joplin was a filthy dirty hippie

  73. Rich Williams

    Lani Hall.

  74. russell campbell

    Lani Hall's voice! Pure Wow!!!!

  75. Ila Hilda Sissac

    Wow I never knew they did a cover of Glen's classic.

  76. Wazzup

    Sergio Mendez's are some of the most musical videos I've seen. Gorgeous girls with angelic voices !

  77. R. V.

    Who did you prefer as secondary vocalist, Karen or Janis?

  78. Heck

    Be still my heart

  79. russell campbell

    The voices!

  80. Mike M

    lani such a cutie -- sergio brilliant -- talented dude

  81. masquenada8


  82. Jim Foley

    Jimmy Webb came up with idea for song as he was driving through Oklahoma, 90 miles from anywhere and saw a lineman 90' up a pole. And thought, that is definition of being alone. So to me it taker Glen's arky twang to make the song real.

  83. jsilence418

    Glen Campbell was a much better singer than this broad .

  84. Mr. VW O' Day

    R.I.P. Glen Campbell

  85. Dario Western

    RIP Glen Campbell who originally hit with this classic.

  86. Jim Knepper

    Simply superb. Oh did I love this group!!! Their greatest hits album if not the first, one of the first albums I ever bought. Bought it at E.J. Korvettes in Cool Valley, Mo.

  87. martinmmv

    Been listening to Sergio since the '60s when I was stationed in Thailand . Love their music which never gets dated and is still relevant . Gave away most of my LPs but kept Sergio
    Mendes and Brasil 66 . But for the record I still prefer Glen Campbell's version of Wichita Lineman .


    I am Thai

    John Difalco

    born n raised in bronx
    luved listenin to this group
    no other group like them
    hot chicks singin
    co ol dude on piano!

  88. nina miranda- smoke city - zeep - shrift

    the heavenly sound

  89. Emilio Malbrán

    demolishing Jonnhy Rivers version !!!!

  90. John Prudent

    I wasn't around when music like this was new. but it did play my house when I was a kid. So grew to have an appreciation for it. Simply beautiful.

  91. calvin jackson

    Love it Sergio Mendes with those angelic voices of Karen and Lani.Thank you Sergio for your version of Scarborough Fair.

  92. Morris Tab

    and i need you more than want you and the witchita lineman is still on the line. Operator- please deposit 5 cents for the next 5 minutes or your call will be disconnected.

  93. ghost in summer clothes

    Fucking NUJABES, Ristorante Mixtape

  94. Mama Jacqueroo

    This song brings back the yearning I felt when I was a teenager.

  95. falconflight98

    what an incredible era!!

  96. Ed Baker

    I love Bossa Nova and loved this group. I also worked as a utility lineman for 12 years, and have always loved this song. But Wichita Lineman just doesn't quite make it for this Bossa Nova group.