Sergio Mendes - Empty Faces Lyrics

Now the world is empty faces
That I see don't care
To ever know the love
You gave to me so much
When morning made our song
And now it seems so far

Oh what can't I mean for stars
A song that means too much
So many things to know
When twilight seems to go
The long night just for dreams
You said to me again

Oh just say to me again
The calling for the sun
I can't believe you're gone
No never would we try
Our hands would dance away
Without the time to cry

Now I see the nighttime shadows
Breaking over dreams
That have no more to say
If time will pass
I'll wait for you until and then
I'll wait for you again

Then all I will ask of you
Is all you want to give
When twilight breaks the day
Come quickly now and stay
As long as we can try
Without the time to cry

Oh we ought to wait
Oh we ought to wait
Oh we ought to wait

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