Sepultura - Inner Self Lyrics

Walking these dirty streets
With hate in my mind
Feeling the scorn of the world
I won't follow your rules
Blame and lies, Contradictions arise
Blame and lies, Contradictions arise
Nonconformity in my inner self
I won't change my way
It has to be this way
I live my life for myself
Forget your filthy ways
Blame and lies, Contradictions arise
Blame and lies, Contradictions arise
Nobody will change my way
Life betrays, but I keep going
There's no light, but there's hope
Crushing oppression, I win
Betraying and playing dirty, you think
You'll win
But someday you'll fall, and I'll be waiting
Laughs of an insane man, you'll hear
Personality is my weapon against your envy
Walking these dirty streets
With hate in my mind
Feeling the scorn of the world
I won't follow your rules
Nonconformity in my inner self
Only I guide my inner self

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Sepultura Inner Self Comments
  1. Epyon

    funky fresh

  2. Letícia Portilho

    Do tempo em que o sepultura prestava

  3. Evgeniy Maximov

    First album😊

  4. Scotty Jones


  5. Scotty Jones

    Thrash Metal genius...🤟🤟

  6. Ruan Maciel

    Mega som eu tive esse (vinil) Caralho aqui não é da época da internet não porra!

  7. Christopher Richardson


  8. Franco Nieva

    Igor madafaker cavalera

  9. Pedro Pedrinho


  10. 남은삶행복

    Oh my head & neck...

  11. CoolGoolMusic

    made a Halloween fun version of this for those who wanna check at

  12. Sergio Henrique Almeida Santana

    Aqui é trash Brasil porra.peso na veia sinta a escuridão

  13. D H

    This sucks.

  14. Gerson Tumolo

    1:39 aaaaaaahh

  15. Καπτεν Χαρλοκ

    ΝΑΙ ΡΕ ΜΟΥΝΙΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. stilnoxVisions

    My fucking INNER SELF

  17. Vagner Vegeta BLÚE POWER NOCCE

    Isso é banda porra é do Brasil
    Caralho 🤘 🇧🇷

  18. jaa jaadiman

    a tie between desprate cry n this

  19. Sheila Stutz

    I may be older but I grew up on all kinds of music, including doom metal, starting from Ozzy and this rocks!

  20. Hudson Santana

    curti o show em BH em 1989...foi muito doido..a galera agitando o hardcore..cai no core...!!!som muito massa..isso eh que eh musíca ñ essas merdas que tocam por ai..

  21. Ruan Maciel

    Braçada do carai mano

  22. Adi Yo

    2:42 sounds like the cavalry is catching up with you from behind. RUUUNNNN !!!!

  23. h P

    Washing these dirty sheets??

  24. Danny Rodguez

    As a metalhead is impossible to don't know sepultura

  25. Sound Leader

    Currently listening to: Sepultura - Inner Self

  26. deyson Melo

    Sepultura e uma das melhores bandas de thash metal do brasil junto com sarcófago viva o sepultura show

    gabriel felix

    sarcofago ta mais pra death

  27. Andreas Prophet

    Got it scince first release😎🤘🤘

  28. jesus medrano

    the best trash song all the times

  29. Darko Kuris

    Odlican album stare Sepulture.Jedna od omiljenih pesama je upravo ova-Iner self.

  30. Guy Dviri

    only I guide of my inner self.

  31. Massimiliano Modica

    Sepultura forever🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  32. Ryan Duffey

    I fuckin love this song

  33. Luis Frez

    Este era el verdadero sepultura ahora son pura mierda

  34. dean stewart


  35. Miejski Dobroczyńca

    Best song of this band!

  36. Peter Parker

    The rift almost sounds like something Metallica would play.

  37. yasser sama

    Sepultura was the darkest Thrash

  38. dany souesme

    I love this métal

  39. El Calorie

    Inner Self, desperate cry and mass hypnosis

    My favorite songs

  40. Galaxia México

    Todo el álbum es una joya, los instrumentos se escuchan a la perfección

  41. Ricardo Corona

    Was so great and Magic discovered this music at early 90's. Now it's enough to writte Metal Music in YouTube and that's all. Not too much sense.

  42. Charles SWAG


  43. hola k ase

    7u7 esa distorcion 7u7

  44. syaifol abidin

    The best song forever



  46. Terrible Itch


  47. Danny Kaspers

    Good old times! \m/

  48. Ima Pullya

    I walk these dirt streets wid hate on my mind

  49. gemxz

    walking these dirty streets (London)

    jon burbridge

    San Francisco 🤪

  50. Andy H

    Immortal thrash. So original when it came out.


    del putas este tema.....

  52. andres claudio romero guzman

    Nada mejor para rrelajarse

  53. Leandro Silvaaa

    Época boa

  54. Saurav Sharma

    i hear lots of SODOM in this very album

    Arka \m/

    This album is way better than Agent orange

  55. King Diamond

    Roots bloody roots, is one killer songs but best, too hard hard to say? But Roots is one masterpieces!

  56. King Diamond

    My definitely favorite song but not best songs, only my favorite in album!

  57. donnie capomolla

    Pull the fucking blood roots out because there original sound on there frost four is better there mu metal sound.

  58. mickey boy

    Better than slayer.....

  59. Arturo Castano

    Que chimba sepultura pero desde que metieron a un punto Negro de vocalista se tiraron la banda

  60. eric hughes

    When Scott Burns completed the recording of this record, he was also kidnapped while returning back to the states from Brazil. They tried to get a ransom from Road Runner records but they don't negotiate with kidnappers so Scott Burns had to fight his way out and escape. Turns out The kidnappers were the cousins of Sepultura's bass player

  61. eric hughes

    Scott Burns traveled through miles of treacherous jungle with a machete and a hand surviving the elements and dysentery and malaria to produce this record

  62. Melissa Mcswain

    Follow your house rules ONLY.

  63. genymost

    Music of my youth 🤘

  64. anvil747

    Fuuuuck Yeah!

  65. mathieu lecompte

    Just like olds times..fuck off

  66. suka suka

    Xpdc Mael 2019

  67. Thamara Martínez


  68. brl8feyenoord

    black metal

  69. Scotty Duryea

    I can see my babe just banging her head with her headphones on. Then asking me " what the fuck, play it again "

  70. Scotty Duryea

    Ohh Shit... Grab your guitar and cranking your amp, \,,/ my inner self!!!!!

  71. Walter Light1

    Wheat in my mind :D

  72. Larry198 c

    Igor Cavalera is my favourite metal drummer , so groovie !

  73. Richard Antunes

    Isso é Brasil caralho!!

  74. Wayne Drew

    My best friends sister asked me to butt fuck her to this song. Thank you sepultura

  75. sockz09


  76. Bruce Jimmy Cordero

    Sepultura lo mejor de la historia y para nosotros lo mejor de América

  77. Cristian Vig

    Oscar song

  78. David Miller

    Sepultura bad ass...

  79. Robert W


  80. Joe Cordero

    Que joya

  81. anak indonesia BANGGA!

    sepultura is the trash metal..

  82. Alex Moreno

    Talladega nights anybody?

  83. jpaschl

    I can't make this go louder haha

  84. abu Bakar

    Very good music😀

  85. Primordial Remnant

    "I live my life for myself.. forget your filthy ways.."

  86. Julio C Paredes Pardo

    Muybuen disco me remonta a un tiempo. Y una epoca de buena musica gracias sepultura

  87. macho del bierzo

    BEST riff in the all times

  88. Aneese Hamudi

    Max and Igor are without question to the most talented artist to ever live

  89. RIGGS


  90. Luciane Silva

    bora votarrrr !!
    Betraying and playing dirty

    You think you'll win

    But someday you'll fall

    And I'll be waiting

  91. Baixista Solitário

    Igor is a fucking beast on the drums

  92. jeam darknes


  93. Antony Suarez Fernandes

    Musica que limpia mis oidos que agradable

  94. jaychen

    How is there 103 dislikes? Fucking humans!

  95. pavelruben1

    BEST TRASH SONG EVER !!!!!!!!!

  96. Héctor Lezama

    This son its power full

  97. mia kala

    He sing better in concert