Seekers, The - Days Of My Life Lyrics

I'm never goin' home when the summer is a come
And it's morning again at my window
I look back in my life through the pages of time
And the days of my life with you

When we ran in the sunlight with love on our faces
And laughed at the world through the rain
There were days of my life filled with people and places
And I wish I could live them again

So I'm never goin' home when the summer is a come
And I think of the good life we knew
And it's sad to see it end and to know I will spend
All the days of my life without you

Once a young sailor I met by the sea
Said he wished I was eleven years older
Maybe some summer he'll come back to me
And he'll carry me off on his shoulder

So I'm never goin' home when the summer is a come
And I think of the good life we knew
And it's sad to see it end and to know I will spend
All the days of my life without you

So I'm never goin' home when the summer is a come
And I think of the good life we knew
And it's sad to see it end and to know I will spend
All the days of my life without you
All the days of my life without you

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Seekers, The Days Of My Life Comments
  1. WillyWentWest

    The first picture was taken the afternoon of June 3, 1967 at Expo 67 in Montreal, their final outdoor performance to be followed by their final indoor performance in the Expo Theatre that evening. I am seated in the bottom row, on Judith's left behind the drum set. After the evening show I was very fortunate that I was able to meet Judith and have a great chat with her, such a lovely lady.

  2. Joel T. Kovac

    I have followed this superb group since they first appeared in the 60's and have had the joy of seeing them in concert twice ...and Ms Durham solo when she did her first tour as a jazz soloist with The Hottest band In Town. I love this song, beautiful haunting melody but I think it was over-orchestrated and Durham's amazing vocal quality and those soaring harmonies were kinda (?) buried? I wish they had re-recorded it sometime without the clutter.

  3. RossinLex

    I too agree that this is a classic. From what I know, this is the last single they recorded before Judith left in 1968. I don't think they ever performed this song again. This being their last recorded song along with the lyrics make this song profoundly poignant.

  4. john king

    To my humble ear this has all the quality of a genuine classic. I'm surprised that they didn't resurrect this stunning little beauty when they came back together in the 90s. I suspect it may have enjoyed a much better reception.

  5. Donna King

    I love the song and the video at a castle?

  6. marco brenni

    The Seekers: one of the best folk groups ever!

    kevin heming

    You are wrong. They are THE best! This was their last single together.

    Doug Mulley

    @kevin heming It was their final single of the 1960s. But much more was to come during the reunion years from the 1990s! LOTS of it here on YouTube.

    kevin heming

    Doug Mulley   The last single before their split in the 60's. I've been lucky enough to see them several times from 1966 up to their 50th anniversary concert in London in 2014.

  7. Tullio Moras

    Great melody reminding something far away in the past

  8. Richard Barr

    I have searched other groups and singers comments on YouTube and never have I seen so many positive and loving comments as this group have. Amazingly it tells you all you need to know about her the seekers and Judith Durham

  9. Pock Boon

    what a group, still together after many years.

  10. GroundHog67

    Well done as usual! I really love Judith and this group! Thanks for posting.

  11. Richard Barr

    How this wonderful rendition did not make it to the top in the Western World I'll never know

    Dan Esteviz

    Richard Barr the group broke up soon after this release so no tours no promotions

    Richard Barr

    Thanks both of you, that makes sense.

    Richard Barr

    Yes I'm sure you are right. Sorry that they did not tour America again.

    James Sero

    The reason it never went anywhere is the same reason why this band never made it in the US....sorry, lousy management. The first thing Oldham did with the Stones is to promote them in the US. The Seekers management couldn't care less about the US and today, the majority of the US don't even know who this band is. Now you know.

    Jerome Wysocki

    James Sero , I wonder what would happen if several of the Seekers songs were just anonymously slipped into the play lists on some popular current musical hit radio stations here in the USA? I wonder if enough people would notice, like I did, first time hearing the Seekers on the radio back in the late 1960s. My first response was "WHO IS THAT FEMALE LEAD SINGER? SHE KNOCKS MY SOCKS OFF!"

  12. Green T

    A very lovely song.

  13. Julie Dutton

    Love you forever

  14. Colin Rowley

    my mother is a huge fan. she is very ill in hospital. I was going to play this to her but the theme would be too emotional for her. she is possibly too ill to return home. sad.

  15. Texaschainsaw

    What an under-appreciated gem.

  16. Dave Walker

    Fabulous forgotten song.  This was their last single but never even made the Top 40 when released in the spring of 1968 just before their break-up.

    Robert Stevens

    It was released on April 26, 1968 in the UK. Mickie Most was the producer.

    john king

    Thanks for the info, guys. Such a hauntingly beautiful piece and probably not well promoted considering the timing.

  17. dick12235

    Judith: Voice of an Angel.

    thanks for posting.

  18. Ruth Tseglakof

    I love this also. Sigh.

  19. Ruth Tseglakof

    Has such a melancholy feel to it. Bring on May 14th in Melbourne.

  20. Bruce George

    You said he wished you were 11 years older. I wash you were 15 years younger & I was Australian.

  21. Worldview66

    I divide The Seekers' songs into two groups: pop and folk, and I place this song in the top four of all their pop songs. Great melody and lyrics.

    Donna King

    What about their excellent gospel/spiritual?

  22. Worldview66

    A wonderful song; I couldn't find it on any Seekers' album tracks. Did it ever make it onto an album?

  23. lorina627

    nice song. I give this song a 7. comparing to Georgy Girl which is a (10) in my book.

  24. Artemis Gordon

    God this song is great. God the Seekers are great...

  25. Proculled

    One of my favourites with them,such a lovely little song.Love the way she sings it.