Seekers, The - Calling Me Home Lyrics

There's a sun up in the sky
And I know the reason why
It's because I'm not alone anymore
Gentle breezes at my back
As I'm heading down the track
And I know I'm not alone anymore

'Cause I'm thankful for the day I found you
Feels so good to be around you
Love is calling me home
I finally found what I've been looking for
Walking through that open door
Your love is calling me home

Though the darkness may appear
Still I see things very clear
'Cause I know I'm not alone anymore
I am happy I am free
'Cause the love inside of me
Means I know I'm not alone anymore

And I'm thankful for the day I found you
Feels so good to be around you
Love is calling me home
I finally found what I've been looking for
Walking through that open door
Your love is calling me home

Used to be so sad and lonely
Used to hang my head down low
Now it seems I've got the whole world in my hands
Whoa whoa whoa whoa

Your love is calling me home
Your love is calling me home
And I'm thankful for the day I found you
Feels so good to be around you
Love is calling me home

I finally found what I've been looking for
Walking through that open door
Your love is calling me home

Calling me home calling me home
Calling me home calling me home
Calling me home calling me home
Calling me home calling me home

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Seekers, The Calling Me Home Comments
  1. Watermunt2

    Judith i hope you are doing well also the rest of the band ik kom oet Venlo Limburg en bin ein groete fen van de siekers

  2. S Tramayne

    Soo good. And so sad I never knew how good they were. In my part of the world we didn't her about the comeback until long after it happened.

  3. ted gurecki

    Love You All Forerever../

  4. Jacky Leach

    Love listening to Judith singing and watching her singing with the men from the seekers. Very enjoyable,thay are still my best to listen too. You can understand the words that sing

  5. Tman NC

    Just fantastic, I wish they were here playing today, Judith is always in motion, I could have fallen in love with her in a minute!!

  6. darrenjray

    Kieth? FAIL.

  7. Neil Mc Neill

    Shared your "Judith Durham and The Seekers" on youtube :)

  8. Jim Vanderpool

    Just plain fun!!! Thank you Seekers!

  9. Dirk Huesken

    Was in the Army stationed overseas missed their heyday Thank You Tube!!

  10. Bev Bailey

    You can keep the rubbish of today thats churned out two a penny ..this is priceless..give me The Seekers anytime xxxxxxxxx

  11. michael evans

    Thank you Australia

  12. M5guitar1

    could have been recorded in 66

  13. Osvaldo Karpov

    HERMOSO !!!!!!!!!

  14. Meechang Tuie

    Awesome seekers

  15. Richard Gorrell

    Awesome song you guys. Thank you, Judith, my friend. Let's do it again. Let's do it from the beginning.

  16. Thies


  17. john king

    It's a bit of a shame that they didn't promote this album with a tour in the US. Incredible potential with several strong tracks...could have been massive. I think maybe at this point in time the Seekers were quite happy keeping things less complicated and staying close to home.

  18. Linda Huckabee

    I would have loved traveling on a train with them and enjoy listening to their great songs they wrote.

  19. William G Stritzinger

    They are better than any of todays music keep it coming

  20. wallyran

    Still sounding absolutely singularly wonderful

    and looking great as well!

  21. Aaron Seymour

    listened the Weavers, followed the drinking Gourd... found these guys! ;) good times to be alive!

  22. Tyler Seabrook

    This music is the best of the best, At the their last performance in Melbourne I actually ran out of tears!

  23. Krynitsky TF2

    Does it get any better than this? I think not!!!!

  24. John Godfrey

    One of the world's great groups,but Judith Durham is one of five greatest singers of all time,Barbra Streisand,Ella,Karen Carpenter,and Maria Callas.get well soon.

    Bill LeeMaster

    Scratch Streisand from that group...she is NOT pitch perfect.

  25. EMS Paramedic

    I'm so glad the fellows listened to Judith about getting paid better the 2nd time around, otherwise we wouldn't have this great music to listen too. So very glad.

  26. nina cabral

    It's because I'm not alone anymore!

  27. Michael Bradley

    This is my favorite song from this album, and my second favorite song behind _I'll Never Find Another You_
    Decidedly old fashioned sounding only without the 60's echo effect, but without sounding dated.
    A wonderful thing they reunited and made some new music.
    Obviously _Georgy Girl_ is the most recognizable song they did.

  28. MP3 Rider


  29. kris collins

    It is inserting to see images of the group in the sixties and in the nineties.

  30. Frederick Green

    Judith: class, beauty, talent.

  31. Frederick Green

    'what a beautiful and talented lady. She is unique. My one true love for more than 50 years.


    The Seekers: AWESOME! Judith has it ALL! VOICE! LOOKS! SEX APPEAL!

  33. Thomas Scully

    Thank you for being just you.

  34. Thomas Timlin

    God this is excellent!

  35. 77thTrombone

    lively, catchy, entirely delightful & infectious ear candy.

  36. jswyman

    Where can you can this CD? I am in the US.....Can't stop listening to this group.....

  37. drh kleinert

    I love how all looks now...theyre old but everyone is still the same...

  38. Lea Batista

    The Seekers for always!

  39. sliat1981

    Pretty sexy for someone in her 50's


    A beautiful lady !

  40. maxwellfan55

    Love the sound of that 12-string guitar, not least Judith's slacks!.

  41. Lee Anne P.

    What an upbeat happy song. Co-written by Judith.

    Riley Ann

    Lee Anne P. I don't like this song because the music ain't good at all but good comment

    George Parmeter

    Love the song and the group.

    Bill LeeMaster

    @Riley Ann Perhaps you'd prefer listening to Cardi B or Ariana Grande?


    Grazie a Judith and the Seekers ,siete fantastici ciao

  43. Teemu

    It reminds me of Mrs. Robinson

  44. Ronaldo Souza

    Voces são demais. Inesqueciveis.

  45. Tan YikWah

    Thank you Australia for giving us this wonderful group, love the Seekers forever and ever.

    bernard hilton

    you said it all .

    nina cabral

    Tan YikWah ♥Yep!

    Wide World of Trains

    Yes Agreed

    nina cabral

    Wide World of Trains !

    David Phillips

    Tan YikWah I

  46. Truth Seeker


  47. Philip Reinhart

    Really great stuff. Very enjoyable. I'm listening to many of Judith Durham's songs on youtube and it is fantastic.

    Hank Sadowski

    Philip Reinhart n

  48. byron briscoe


  49. marcel-nine-one-one

    They still sound great :)

  50. Statese Tice

    I am thankful for the day I found you, Judith Durham and the Seekers. Remember it like yesterday. It was a 1969 LP of The Carnival is Over, long lost record I found in the collection of my transgender friend's family collection, when I drove her to family reunion after the surgery, to hold her courage. I had to play it on an old Torrens gramophone, just for the purpose of hearing the oldest record in collection, very rare here in ex-Yugoslavia. Just loved it. Love still lasts!

  51. Roar Møller-Hansen

    Very good music! Big hug to all!

  52. gary scott

    Happy Bithday Judith , you guys did a great job

  53. Ivo Ponduša

    (July 3th)

  54. dave jenkins

    voice of an angel

  55. Liz

    I've never heard The Seekers sing this before. I LOVE it!

  56. Texaschainsaw

    Their stunning unique sound will outlive all of us!  They are timeless!

    Gavin Mathew

    Totally agree!

  57. Kevin Bruce

    Such an effortless singer, and always with a smile. Absolutely wonderful,

  58. Julie Dutton

    Best group of all time love you forever xxxx

  59. William Murray

    jay p ,  the pipes area given, the rest of judith isn't hard on the eyes either , great smile and from what i hear she a real nice person to boot !

    Christopher Hayes

    I have seen it written that, when young, Judith was convinced she wasn't beautiful! I personally cannot take my eyes off her even today!


    Love you~


    I love you, too.

    Truth Seeker

    +angelbe88 ❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊

  61. LeafonaTreeGreen

    The music sounds kind of Spanish. Then again, Aussies and Spaniards are somewhat alike.

    Natasha Kershaw

    @Fritz H
     Just my opinion.

    Adrian Larkins

    +LeafonaTreeGreen I haven't heard a Spanish guy say, GERDIE MITE

  62. George Giles

    Still a fantastic group

  63. Cal El

    What a GREAT bunch of kids........

  64. William Murray


    William Murray

    @funkmasterjee please tell me what vegemite is ?

    John Peel

    It is a uniquely Australian spread that is consumed in large amounts in Australia (I read recently that 300,000 jars are produced DAILY). It is a bi-product of the brewing industry (something the Aussies have been enthusiastically supporting since our inception as a colony then nation.) It is definitely an acquired taste. Goes best with hot, buttered toast at breakfast time. Australians will sometimes refer to themselves as "happy little Vegemite's".


    I hear that Vegemite was seriously considered as a chemical weapon in the Vietnam war ....but it was considered as far too cruel and quite possibly contrary to the international rules of war. Napalm and agent orange were chosen instead.


    The rest of the World Thank you.

    Randy Felts

    Amen and Amen! Love them since I first heard them in the early 1960's.

  65. Bill Crain

    What beautiful music!!!!!

  66. Saskia Cornell


  67. dick12235

    Judith: Get well soon.

    Thanks for posting.

  68. dick12235

    Judith: Voice of an Angel.


  69. una mckillen

    These guys are amazing. I admit I have always struggled with "wholesomeness" but I cannot argue with Judith's voice and I have discovered they do have a nice, low-key, ironic sense of humour so, yes, I am still an admirer. My late mother so loved "The Carnival is Over" and I so love it too. It is nice to see them starting out again here. They clearly genuinely liked one another.

  70. raul martinez

    Reminds me of Jesus' words in "A Course in Miracles'--"This world you think you're in is not home to you,& deep down you know it to be true", or something to that effect.

  71. Ian D

    Brilliant. They still have it and far, FAR better than any manufactured cowell rubbish

  72. Ed McDowell

    Amen brother

  73. disgruntledtoons

    Athol is still rocking those birth control glasses!

  74. Gary R

    Just Great performers!

  75. Mark Peacock

    How can you be in a bad mood after listening to this song?

  76. bazthehandyman

    Totally in world of their own......nothing to compare.


    That voices is un-touched by time

  78. chris daigle

    Bravo on your response! Exactly my thoughts! YouTube has opened up a whole new view of things I only knew through the AM radio in 1966. I just hope I can be as good at something as they are in music. The Seekers should be required learning material in every music school.

  79. wmden1

    With just the 4 songs that got air time in The States, the Seekers were among my top 5 favorites in the 60s. I new nothing else about them until youtube. I can't describe my feelings, finding them again and actually seeing them as in the 60s, hearing how Judith left them, etc. Here they have gotten back together, in the 90s and are unbelievably good. They still perform some, as of 2011. They are now my alltime favorites. I consider them phenominal and the musical group of the 20th century.

  80. Doug Bingham

    Their secret recipe --- LOVE & RESPECT for each other , great harmony , excellent production , entertaining , music that comes from the heart --Long Live The Seekers

  81. bumperu

    Hey that guitar player looks like the Professor from Gilligan's Island.

  82. Ron Cromer

    Hey everyone! Judith Durham for President, of The World. And The Boys will be her cabinet. I know we'd all be alot better off, eh?

  83. Les Sweetman

    Great to hear a new song from a group of the 60's.

  84. aces high

    how many of todays motley crew will look and sound like this angel at 68, this was the voice of the last 50 years and theres a very very excellant chance it will be for the next 50 no one born yet can hold a candle to her thats super praise for a SUPERSTAR performer, love you judith

  85. Alan Rosenbaum

    @sliat1981 Now, at 68, she's still beutiful.

  86. Ron Cromer

    How could it ever get any better than this?

  87. sliat1981

    even at that ages she looks so yum

  88. Artemis Gordon

    @keerdenir 1997

  89. Berry Music

    Seekers Smiling.

  90. wmden1

    Imagine this song in the 60s, when they would have performed it at least a step higher in pitch. I think it would have been their biggest hit and The Seekers would have been completely over the top, for good, Beatles, Stones or what ever.

  91. Thomas Chin

    When Judith Sings, she is in her element, this is where she is at peace with herself and at the happiest moments in her life, out side of her husband, Roger! I wish her much happiness and spiritual peace, since this is what she and the Seekers have given to us, thanks Judith!

  92. wmden1

    The unison singing sets you up for a strong wave of nostalgia when that unmatched "Seekers Harmony" kicks in. Genius song and arrangement. One of their best and 30 years later. I'm not one to gush, but they are amazing. I think I will listen again.

  93. Nick

    In what year was this song recorded?

  94. grangeender1

    It can't be, can it? She can't possibly be as perfectly perfect as she seems. God, I have such a crush on this amazing woman. Ga Ga - listen and learn.

  95. jay p

    amazing that they were here and gone so quickly. I know georgy girl, but the rest of these songs are great too! Judith has a fine set of pipes

  96. rick knapton

    I think the Seekers are the greatest. For sure a world apart from the noise they call
    music today.

  97. ajay999999

    @andyandymax He was talking about the blokes

  98. bumperu

    Who says 60s rockers can't age gracefully.

  99. jacorn444

    Calling me home. God is calling us all home, live your life here then come home my friends. He will throw the best party there is to celebrate your return to Him. Rev Jack