Sedaka, Neil - The Hungry Years Lyrics

Girl we made it to the top
We went so high we couldn't stop
We climbed the ladder leading us nowhere
Two of us together
Building castles in the air

We spun so fast we couldn't tell
The gold ring from the carousel
How could we know the ride would turn out bad
Everything we wanted
Was everything we had

I miss the hungry years
The once upon a time
The lovely long ago
We didn't have a dime
Those days of me and you
We lost along the way

How could I be so blind
Not to see the door
Closing on the world
I now hunger for
Looking through my tears
I miss the hungry years

We shared our daydreams one by one
Making plans was so much fun
We set our goals and reached the highest star
The things that we were after
Were much better from afar

Here we stand just me and you
With everything and nothing, too
It wasn't worth the price we had to pay
Honey take me home
Let's go back to yesterday

I miss the hungry years
The once upon a time
The lovely long ago
We didn't have a dime
Those days of me and you
We lost along the way

How could I be so blind
Not to see the door
Closing on the world
I know hunger for
Looking through my tears
I miss the hungry years
I miss the hungry years

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Sedaka, Neil The Hungry Years Comments
  1. Frankie Tatcanbearrange

    The feels of the lyrics & his singing, my that tugged the heart, brings tears to a grown man! 😢😓

  2. tysona23

    Truly perfection. Makes me cry every time I play it. Tears just spring from nowhere. Magical

  3. Oldenweery

    One complaint: "I _know_ hunger for?" They don't write 'em---or sing 'em---like this anymore.

  4. John Smith

    Look inside my tear's😪

  5. larry fontes

    with all the clowns in the rock and roll hall of in God`s name is this man not in?

  6. David Black

    I love this song as much now as I did the first time I heard it.I suffered a lot of Hungry yrs & I don't mean just food. Mr. SEDACA this still is one of my favorite songs. Any time I can relate to the lyrics of a song it is worth listening to. U r a great songwriter.

  7. Kuya Pritchard

    A great artist a great song

  8. blackmagic414

    A song from my childhood,and STILL the most beautiful song and words i have ever heard !!!

  9. Ellie Merc

    I love this song so much, thanks for posting it (hugs). May 20/18.

  10. Jeff Smith

    its been my life exactly like this thought that business was everything and we had a business so we did not need another but the stress it brought on us and other things ?now we have nothing no happiness no love no fun is all gone in one mad decision so song says it all

  11. angela theresa

    This song reminds me of the first few years of married life it has now been 38 years wonderful this song is poignant

  12. diego Fraschini

    The best slow ...of Neil Sedaka

  13. Samuel Raymundo

    A very touching song,splendid!

  14. John Clarke

    So many the song's but this will always be my favourite.

  15. Go Marilou

    The things that we were after...were much better from afar

  16. Go Marilou

    Everything we wanted..was everything we had...

  17. Go Marilou

    Honey take me home... let's go back to yesterday..!

    Wil Andersen

    Marilou...My favorite line in this song...This song is now the story of my life...Sad sometimes where life leads you...

    Go Marilou

    Yes..and i love this song very much wil... its very sad

  18. Samuel Raymundo

    The MMMMOST beautifiul song Neil had ever made I believe!

  19. E Por

    Great song, to view your own life......

  20. Everything we wanted was everything we had. OMG so very very true

  21. roy staple

    we hear about burt bacharach and hal david brilliant writing skills but neil sedaka writing and composing is truely subline.Hungry years just brilliant

  22. peter volder

    Its been a long year, wish we could could go back to yesterday miss you honey see you soon

  23. Everything we wanted was everything we had

  24. Joe Mckeown

    Beautiful.Song .

  25. John Smith

    looking through my tears.💖Fantastic....

  26. SXT 98 Comet

    Neil Sedaka is unbelievable. A national treasure!

  27. Heather Jones

    I am in tears now, this is so poignant at the moment in my life. Thank you Mr Sedaka

  28. peter volder

    reminds me of a a wonderful lady gone

    Zep Camilleri

    reminds me too of a wonderful lady also gone. great memories of her though, of 35 years ago!

  29. John Smith

    so emotional.

    Chris Ahearn

    great bit of songwriting

  30. woff woff

    spiritually uplifting .. thanks for the memories...

  31. wagbelt

    in my opinion he wrote and sang some of his best songs in the seventies,like this great one !

    tunefultony johnson

    @wagbelt Neil said in his autobiography that,  he was inspired by Sonny and Cher, whose career together had romance, talent, success, drama, ambition, ...... and eventually tragedy.

    Nita White

    @tunefultony johnson wow

  32. J Good

    Wow, well done, thanks for a great show as well as some great memories. That IS the best thing he has done and that is saying something with all he has done, so much great music, (and just by him) so little time. Good score but have to feel for the 1 with the weak wrist that can't hold up the thumb. Thanks again, j

  33. Howard Ring

    Just Wonderful...moving and well written

    Jennifer Chua

    So true

  34. tysona23

    just lyrical perfection. Too beautiful x

  35. Becky Yeager Smith

    It would be so nice to MISS the hungry years...


    how can human write this ?! unbeliveble

  37. tysona23

    This just too heartbreaking . A masterclass in how to write a song

  38. FredScuttle1969

    What a GREAT posting!! Sedaka fan since 1975.

  39. Emmanuel Dimal

    Such a moving song plus a nice video equals 2 THUMBS UP!

  40. thatkoolkatal

    A truly beautiful song, and yes, its one of those that comes once in a lifetime.

  41. agau54

    This is my prefered song by Sedaka, because it is a perfect one, the kind you'll only write once in your lifetime. Sedaka wrote several very good songs, but this one is just out of sight.