Sean Price - Top Tier Lyrics

Yo, listen
I'm top tier, your torn up top when the top tear
Tat his eye from the animal akh, I box bears
Got those quotes to Glock pop folks
Two times in the head and laugh
That's the knock knock joke
Shots fly, I nail ya
One eye open scoping, the Popeye the sailor, listen
Used to get hungry off of distress plate
Used to get money off of cassette tape
The best eight made great, the Godfather large armor
Logical, I'm on point chronological
I don't rock boots with spikes nigga
Don't watch Roots with white niggas
Bullets [?] when the eight's spittin'
Blow the shit out of proportion, erasin' racism
A degree from my declaration
But saying Sean P say the P with the exclamation

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Sean Price Top Tier Comments
  1. slim Large

    "Got those quotes ta glock pop folks"

  2. valdemar tavares


  3. Mohamed Ahmed

    Styles p

  4. Gavin Lopez

    This is so fire


    still pure

  6. Joe Pecora

    oh yea and Future disliked this

  7. Joe Pecora

    Sean souds like Pun

  8. David Musil

    P and P!
    Sean and Styles
    Ruck and Ghost

  9. proto

    might be the best verse

  10. Assane Wade

    Nobody gon talk about Bun B's verse ?

    Gavin Lopez

    His was my favorite Bun is so raw ! #HTOWN

  11. Bale Stargaryen

    barbarian thunder P!!!!!!!

  12. rober18

    Sean P is a Top-5 rapper, no fucking doubt

  13. waynewilli49

    what's the sample song on that? at the end?

    Nodari Sazandrishvili

    I wanna know that also

  14. waynewilli49

    haaa shots fly I nail yuh

  15. lorenzo ub

    A degree for my declaration
    When saying Sean P say the P with exclamation

    AFG Incite

    lorenzo ub damn what a line ...

  16. Tiago

    Styles and Sean on same track for me it's gold, with Pac that would be fire.

    B_ dage

    A Big L collab would have been absolute fire also

    Daniel Gourdet

    ßųй ∫ł†∫ pξя∫ξċ†mу øй †ħł∫ †ядċқ ..ų.ġ.қ ∫øя ŀł∫ξ ,💯

  17. Andre T


  18. deezportz


  19. Gus R

    "Flying Shots I nail ya, One Eye Open Scoping em, Popeye The Sailor, Listen" P

  20. dvsn23

    If this were gonna be your last song with statik selektah it's hard to think of a doper one to be on. RIP RUCK. Big props to statik selektah for making this jam and all of his incredible work.

  21. chris ohara


  22. thirdeyeindoctrine

    positive & negative, ignorant and conscious too
    listen to the angels but I watch what the monsters do
    you would think that niggas'll sponsor you
    tell you to have another, watch that shit conquer you..

    Styles P

    El Creepo

    He's the shit. They all were great on this

  23. SwamySwordsman

    I'm top ten, your torn up-top from the top tier
    Tat his iPhone, the animal Ock I box bears


  24. Shawn Gates

    RIP Sean Price you will be missed hip hop lost another legend prayers to his wife and kids

  25. sinduda

    RIP Sean P! :(

  26. Cameron Simmons

    RIP Ruck aka Sean Price aka Sean P. aka P!

  27. Brandon Isaac

    R.I.P. Sean P

  28. JollyRogerBass

    RIP Sean P!!!

  29. ism519

    Damn.. What a banger!

  30. Joe Marasa

    This song is the shit!!!!

  31. Levi Lindsey

    the BUN!! 319

  32. melady

    they coulda went 100000 times harder im disappointed

  33. gnb

    Sean what?



    @Abilities :'(

    RIP Sean Price, the BEAST! 

  34. f wam


  35. Brahne Kidane

    P always real and amazing! I want liryc of this song


    #SeanPrice  .. "2 (Shots) TIMES In THE HEAD & LAUGH .. Thats THE KNOCK KNOCK JOKE" ...

    Brahne Kidane

    Can you write the lirycs of the song plz i'm italian and i cant understand it all! ! Thx


    @Brahne Kidane Bro look up rap genuis and type in this song

    Brahne Kidane

    @Elison Martinez thx bro! !


    B - B - B - BANGER !! .. I Want a STATIK SELEKTAH & SEAN PRICE .. Collabo Album ..

    Brahne Kidane

    True soundkillahs

    Sam Endy

    its coming

  38. PlayaPozition

    You're paralysed if you don't feel this

  39. Eddy Henley

    I don't rock boots with spikes. Nogga I don't watch roots with white biogas P!!!!!!!

  40. Mc Ruiz

    Any looks on the sample??? cant seem to figure it out


    +Mc Ruiz the vocal sample sounds kinda like donny hathaway but i can't put my finger on it either. i could be off on that too :P


    +Mc Ruiz the vocal sample is from The O'Jay's - A Prayer. Not sure if he used that for the melody tho...


    It's a version of the o Jay's a prayer

  41. David Griffin

    Statik kills! Been sayin that for some years now!

  42. Sutter Kane

    Everything Statik touches lately is golden. Love this beat and all 3 of them went in. Can't wait for Lucky 7

  43. PimpleD

    Che cazzo di beat Statik😍

  44. Stevie Boy

    Can't wait for Lucky 7

  45. peteyalyanak

    "I box bears.. P!"

  46. MicLoud Music

    SEAN P!!!

  47. bloodbrother1000

    classic !

  48. Dunhill Lantaca

    P is toP tier.

  49. DaRill Beats

    Dope as always!!

  50. Y-No Richie T.V.

    Dope....I dig it!!!!

  51. Das Blatt

    My favourite producer :-)

  52. Scott Buckets

    Good shit Statik.

  53. HipHop Period