Sean Price - Suicide Doors Lyrics

[Sean Price:]
Big bang theory hear me? Sean born
Fresh out my mom's pussy, Sean born porn
Sean long gone, somebody bring him back
You movin too slow, somebody bring him crack
He's movin too fast, somebody bring him dope
Fucked up in the dirt, somebody give him soap
Clean up my act, write a few violent songs
But they whack like Glenn Rice with New Balance on
Dominique, wore Brooks, Sean P wore Crooks
... and Castles, smack you if I get long looks
You baffled, but my rhyme design is outlandish
Like coppin cokes and poppy not understandin Spanish
Understand the damage of the incredible Ruck
Puff green, get mean, spray and your shit get bust
Hope your shit tough, Tonka truck, 4x4
Guns out, get rubbed out, all our war (P!)

[Neil Rames:]
Yeah, that's whassup, it's Ruck and Rames
Trucks trains planes we settin 'em on flames
Sean P the sniper, nice with wordplay
I'm the igniter, verses all day
Weeks months even if the beats bump
You get cut from the team, you need Jesus
Price Superstar, Rame's got the stupid hard bars
Over looped guitars, fresh like a new cigar
Just like Lex Luthor's jaw yo I'm smooth with it
Two minutes or less, a fresh new lyric
You hear it first, every verse is the jewel nearest you
Sharp like a diamond, pah stars and lightning
Frightening, the days I raised my [?] hymen
No standin eight count, cain't take my name out'cha mouth
Howseabout that motherfucker?
In living color, my pen is the boxcutter
Slice through a page, I bet my mic weighs
Eight thousand kilos, snakes sounds torpedo
Deebo the track, that's a whole lot of zeroes
Egos is whack, that's the facts of life
Pass the mic device, get zapped in fights
Sean Price still reigns when disaster strikes

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