Sean Price - Stop Lyrics

Aiyyo think about it, wait, erase your rhyme
Forget it... don't waste your time
I raise the nine, never give you bozos love
Omar from The Wire, youse a homo thug
Use your head for more than a hat rack
'Fore I choose to use the lead to fuck up your hat rack
Peep the knapsack backpack vibe
Used to ride the Amtrak with a knapsack with crack inside
Back to the rhyme, listen pah, Ruck in the place
Not the deep voiced dude with the cut on his face
I love Allah but I act Christian
Make salaat, then I'm back bitchin' like I got the facts missin
The whack rendition of rap you spittin
Makes me wanna clap but I can't go back to prison
Black people unite, let's all get down
'Fore I slap people tonight, with the long trey pound
You better...

You better stop boy...
You better stop boy...
You better stop boy...
You better stop, fuck around lay around

Aiyyo stop look and listen
We smoke pot cause we cook crack in the kitchen
The weed is green, the paper's brown
The coke is white, youse a bitch and so is your wife
Straight hell is what I give a brother
Smack a cracker callin Dru Ha a nigga lover
You just mad Buck and Dru won't fuck with you
You like "Fuck Duck Down~!" Nah pah, fuck you
I'm not an artist, I'm the President
Gimme the word I'll set fire to your resident
It's evident by the way that I act, way that I move
Sean Price ain't a kid that can act, nothin to prove, BONK
Choose to lose, I choose to win
One hand hit the rib the other bruise the chin
I remember when DJ's would check for a record
Now these niggas want a check for a record
Motherfuckers better...

You better stop, and think about it
Yeah, you better stop boy
This is Duck Down for life, this is Duck Down for life
You better stop, this is Duck Down for life, stupid nigga
This is Duck Down for life, let's go

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Sean Price Stop Comments
  1. Cardinal JAMJAM

    Still the greatest that word play 🐐🙏

  2. Manhattan Raised

    Def one of my favorite Ruck tracks. RIP god

  3. Kareem Sanders_249

    My hometown Brooklyn 🔥💯

  4. Mic hall

    Stop 2019!!

  5. Falcon 84

    RIP 🙏🏾

  6. Marc Foster

    Past, present after him no one rapping I this future

  7. Thurman Merman

    Jesus Price Supastar is such an underground classic...... Ruck truly was one of a kind.

  8. Cipher5687

    Ill sample. Dope joint. Salute. Rest in the peace to the God.

  9. kurtfromMichigan

    One if my fave sean p tracks.....Rip sir. I really can't pin point 1 as my favorite because theres too many of them. The good always die young seems to pkay out sadly. Rip sean price (that's what's up) jay dilla(that's what's up) proof(thays what's up) biggie smalls (that's whats up) big l(thats whats up) many more(thats whats up) if you get the reference (that's what's up)

  10. Lee Brimmy

    RIP SEAN P :'( xxx

  11. I Hate Google

    Where can I find the instrumental for this?

  12. SNoCappidona

    Never give you Bozos love

  13. james green

    Rip prodigy killa sha Sean price

  14. John Crosler

    Sean p. Bung

  15. Mustafa Ahmad

    EgoBoxing brought me here cause this joint fire

  16. RIP George Smith

    stop 2016

  17. Haze

    Dilla , Sean R.I.P

  18. I Hate Google

    RIP Sean Price

  19. Victor Hempel

    Sean P Real Hip-Hop Headz Never Forget You R.I.P

    Marcus Lewis

    Real talk, fam! R.I.P. Sean Price

  20. Luis V Cabrera

    Rhyme in piece!!!

  21. Jon W.

    RIP P!  "Omar from the Wire you is a homo thug"

  22. steno beatz

    the good die young

  23. steno beatz

    the good die young

  24. nadinzuerlich


  25. Gin Ichimaru

    Damn of the realist...

  26. siyom 2

    rip dilla and sean p

  27. Spaz Izapeaceovshyt

    R.I.P Sean P

  28. Sean Curtis

    Salute the god, rest in paradise Sean P!

  29. Robert Anstatt

    Rhyme in Peace, Sean. Hip hop will miss you big fella.

  30. Erik de Wal

    R.I.P. Sean Price. One of the greatest,

  31. TuPadre6666

    RIP Ruck

  32. Pimb79

    Can't believe he left us so early. RIP Sean Price.

  33. donte bosley

    my favorite song from 'tha price' in peace my brother...the good ones get snatched too early

  34. SNoCappidona

    use your head for more than a hat rack

  35. Nollie White

    My peoples went in on this one..."P"!!!

  36. megatronjmp

    I give mad repsect for dilla dawg crushin this sample..but I'm sorry 9th wonder took it to another plateau son....he flipped it only like 9th could....his equipment will be next to dilla dawg In the smithsonian one day in the future....#BEELEEDAT


    @megatronjmp Khrysis produced this dude. Just saying.

  37. SNoCappidona

    honestly this was a great album

  38. brew bake

    bumpin it this shit

  39. Brian Crump

    P fucking body!

  40. Lenny Grace

    I Love Allah But I Act Christian, Make Salat Then I,m Back "Pitching" LIke I Got The Facts Missing!!!(lol)!


    yeah sean p got bars ....barley 2000 views that's crazy. whatever ima bump this track

  42. LA Franco

    Amazingggggggggggggg !


    I remember when dj's would check for a record/ now thes n..ggaz want a check for a record


    a yo stop look n listen/ we smoke pot plus we cook crackin the kitchen the weed is green the papers brown the coke is white yous a bitch and so is yr wife

  45. Carl Badwa

    I can't find this track anywhere on iTunes?? WTF it's like the lable pulled it

  46. thehexagonportal

    sean p is da shit

  47. Rusty Berrings


  48. Vasilis R.

    Γαλατσι City !!! Peace and Love to y'all!