Sean Price - Pyrex Lyrics

Whole lot of shots followed
After I bust your snot box with a Ciroc bottle
Shoot the fair one, one mano-a-mano the clown
I'll pull a pound on a Ronald McDonald
You a happy meal nigga, with a toy in the box
I clap the steel, nigga, put your boy in a box
P, and the gun that'll slap ya
I'm lying, just like the rest of these dumb ass rappers
Provide flesh, most of y'all niggas can't test besides Tek
Most of y'all niggas can't dress, Nike galore
Right on the floor
Copped twenty pair with Vinnie one time on tour
Listen, love is love, clap the gat at y'all haters
The CEO of your label is a basketball player
That mean your shit is never coming out
Sean Price, I'm forever dumbing out, pyrex

Pyrex, a microwave, and a whisk
You're probably thinking I'm baking a cake when I'm working a whip
You probably think it's pyrex

Wake up, all of that crack in the street talk
It's made up like "Jack and the Beanstalk"
When I talk, the streets listen
When you talk, the streets dissin'
I don't even like you
I don't even wanna fight you
So stay the fuck away
For such and such from such and such, come buck and spray
Don't make me abuse my power
One telephone call, shoot this coward
I was the bum, but the pendulum switched
Now my whole team supreme, no Kenneth McGriff
Y'all niggas is fiends, steamed tilapia
Ving Rhames in the bing, slapping ya, animal
Different beast on my fucking sweater, giranimal
Half monkey, half man; the manimal
P, heatmiser in disguise, surprise beat fire
Spark fire out your face and break wires

Pyrex, a microwave, and a whisk
You're probably thinking I'm baking a cake when I'm working a whip
You probably think it's pyrex

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Sean Price Pyrex Comments
  1. MilwaukeeMisfit909

    We miss you, Sean.

  2. Mister CR


  3. LaChant Tyson

    This hiphop is missin

  4. L Ron

    sounds like a primo beat..

  5. Daniel Hughes


  6. Chome Oner

    cant believe its been almost 7 years since this came out.. time flies

  7. Jerry Tarkanian

    Id be scared to battle this dude. RiP

  8. da zurp

    All days!

  9. Isis Aset

    Real bars!

  10. Trev

    you a happy meal nigga wit a toy in a box

  11. MeteoBlitz

    goddamn sounds like a preemo beat
    lyrics short and sweet
    classic P

  12. OTFCloutBoi6oTv


  13. Sharieff Freeman

    Funky first time hearing this

  14. Aidan Platt

    Does anyone know where to find this Instrumental ??

  15. tarren garfinkle

    This s*** is hard alrighty p capital p

  16. elmekki benmahmoud

    the hook in this track is epic i really like it.......salute

  17. elmekki benmahmoud

    -first bar:WHOLE LOT OF SHOTS FOLOWED AFTER I BUSTED YOUR SNAP BOX WITH THE CIROC BOTTEL......snap box is the profile if your face

    the ceo of your label is a basketball player that means your shit is never coming out.........he killed you dumb ass rappers hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    RIP P

  18. Antonio CC

    this one, plus king kong...2 of the 5-6 best ones he have made if we talk SOLO tracks IMO

  19. HotGritz910

    "Whole lotta shots followed after I bus ya snot box with the ciroc bottle" P just comes in on this track crazy. Legend!

  20. Ryan B.


  21. AFG Incite

    So many quotables on this song ...

  22. jamie shannon

    im lieing just like the rest of these dumb azz rappers

  23. Anthony Hodo

    I knew this wasn't Primo the cuts are not clean they're sloppy no disrespect..just not primo.

  24. Troy Mind Write

    Now my whole team Supreme no Kenneth Mcgriff

  25. Underground Hip Hop Paradise

    amp had made made a djpremier type beat . . .wow . . . .

  26. Light Of God- CHRIST FAMILY

    Not gonna lie when I heard this I thought it was a preemo beat aswell hahah it reminds me of (It's a set up) by Gangstarr.

  27. jamie shannon

    The Ceo of your lable is a basketball player that means your shit is never comin out. 😂

  28. tarren garfinkle

    Best rapper to do it ever not even his best peep skill nothing else belongs on this beat peace God S.P

    Antonio CC

    the best gotta be L or Pun, but hes no doubt in top

  29. avenue godz

    rip Sean Price...fa real

  30. Anotha Black Experience

    Shit is still hard

  31. Creative Lael Ashif

    sean price and pun wouldve been ill collabo

    Josiah Mcgrath

    Propz he actually was bout to do a song with him but he died a week later listen to the song blacc history

  32. Light Of God- CHRIST FAMILY

    ▶ And repeat......

  33. Omar Taylor

    AHEAD OF HIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Ali Khan

    in the future this album will be looked at as the album that bought the golden era back. .. This isn't just a work of art ... its a shot at history! !!! RIP brother

  35. BigBake51

    Wake up, all that crack and street talk? It's made up like Jack in the Beanstalk.

  36. Sean Storm

    2 ppl should swallow cum

  37. PeakResetProductions

    P was the prototype MC. nobody comes close to this... P4EVA

  38. Hannibal Vector


  39. Pahricida

    What exactly is Pyrex?
    A brand of cookware favored for makin crack as urban dictionary suggests?
    I mean I heard it first on Only built 4 Cuban Linx and it would make sense.
    "You propably think I'm baking a cake when I'm working the whip" ... yeah pretty sure it's a crack reference now :D

    Trill Cosby

    Pahricida Pyrex is used to cook crack cause it can withstand high heat

  40. MrMaroonman

    Pyrex !! 10/10 R.I.PPPPPPP

  41. Jesse L

    His lyrics fit his personality perfectly. RIP Megatron Sean


    mas respect from Tunisia ! RIP

  43. Jayce Infinite Al'gharhythmns

    Rest In Peace!!!

  44. adotwhite

    The CEO of your label is a basketball player...that mean yo shit is never coming out. LOL. RIP Sean P!

    Jerelle Dortch

    +adotwhite  this my favorite sean price line ever

    AFG Incite

    adotwhite fucken classic line after line

    elmekki benmahmoud

    that was hard and funny hhhhhh

  45. Birchjr Gorrell


  46. The1RealOne

    Not to sound funny... All credit to AMP but everything about this sounds like Preemo, the snare, kick and scratches too. Which if he isn't an understudy, "I'll probably think it Pirates" lol as in Copied a bit too close

    Mikkel Madsen

    @The1RealOne you can def. hear who inspired the beat :)

    Jayce Infinite Al'gharhythmns

    @The1RealOne Wait, this isn't a Preemo beat!?! Talk about understudy!!!

  47. Brian Marquet

    The gun that slap ya - I'm lying just like rest of these dumb ass rappaz .. Haha

  48. money mike

    Ur a happy meal nigga wit a toy in the box lol

    Knock /Da Deathstroke

    laughed my ass off when I heard it

  49. Владимир Куропятник

    нихуя себе)))) классная музычка

  50. 1majn1

    so Premo DIDNT produce this?

    i created this just to comment

    I've noticed that AMP (who produced this) has got some serious Premo-type shit going on with his shit. I often disagree with the imitators, but daaaaaaamn, i wouldn't mind havung some Premo imitator producers flooding out all the DJ Mustard (who bit E-40's buddies shit), Metro Boomin (no comment) etc... you get the picture, fam.

    Sir Swiftus W. Funkellwerk

    1majn1 preem is the Bruce Lee of HipHop. Most imitators ever

    Tony P

    This beat is HARD!


    wasnt it alchemist?

    The BASIC

    9th wonder

  51. grigydaga

    this 'll get you fired just listening to it at work,,P a beast,,


    yeah if you work a womans job, i play this shiit at my work

  52. drugsfx

    king chyldz dontplay spreading love its the brooklyn way great job keep up the good work stay blessed,keep shining

  53. Chronos127

    nikctimus... stop complainin about somethin u dont understand, which is rap just stay the fuck away, before such and such from such and such, come buck and spray... thats dope lyrics, oh u cant hear it? but your so near it? what u just seen is a lyrical genius, so get off your own penis

  54. Chronos127

    when i spit the streets listen, when u spit the streets dissin........ Supreme like Kenneth Mcgriff,, bitch u know, like the nigga that black balled ya shit


    this make me wanna put on my suede pumas and valor suit and cook up sum crack haauh PEEE!!!

  56. Origami Bulldoser

    He's right though, unless the bandwidth is shared between sound and image. Don't diss a dude 'cause he knows stuff. :)

  57. Jaweebelow

    haha your trying to sound clever, just no. XD

  58. Sarah WInes

    u happy meal nigga wit a toy n tha box

  59. Dajvid Williamson

    nastiemayem I luv u

  60. Nicholas Alford

    I Lol'd at Nickitimus. That was priceless. That track is right, but that's some real shit. The second verse is just....sigh. Come on Sean. You can do far better than this.

  61. Ian Kay

    AMP produced it. He's on Jamla

  62. Ian Kay

    AMP produced this. "Amp on the beat likeeeeeeeeeeeee"

  63. MartiS

    did premo produce this? really sounds like he did. dope track

  64. theonlywalrus

    1080p refers to the number of lines of pixels you can see on the screen at one time so it don't make a difference in regards to sound

  65. money mike

    Dj premier in sean p wow

  66. Brian Crump

    Pyrex P!

  67. thefryguy

    cant get enough of this, fuckin real shit

  68. duunx

    clearly slows his flow down deliberately to come across as nonchalant and dismissive - listen to the lyrics... do you really think he would just give up on a beat half way through? the device clearly worked, only some people are too slow to pick up on it

  69. duunx

    what a stupid comment

  70. Nick Fernandes

    After I bust your snotbox with a ciroc bottle WOOO ~

  71. carbonphiber

    i know it's weird. i can't hate on it or anything. but the way he spits is like............ i dunno. just not throwing much into it. like always feels incomplete.

    Chant Ski

    carbonphiber lmao you don’t get it it’s ok it’s not for everyone , this is the rawest rap , it’s supposed to sound rugged and not wit a fuck to give hahaha

  72. kunt zmashur

    dude, ur right


    Fucking dope

  74. Influence Getem

    I feel you fam, P !

  75. jazzymania93


  76. 2Phaktor

    I really thought this was Premo until checking the credits...props to AMP, great job on this bro.

  77. EllisCarver

    "The CEO of your label is a basketball player. That means your shit is never coming out..."


  78. carbonphiber

    SHOOT this coward

  79. producedbypejota

    AMP on the beat like !!

  80. peyton dumas

    Killed this shit!!!

  81. imhh11

    PRIMO HAHAHA ???? talking and dont even know what hes saying. AMP is on the beat.... ( but this beat sounds like one primo did with gangstarr...)

  82. Majin Vegeta

    1080p sounds like P is right in front of you and about to punch you through a pizza shop window!

  83. NHBdiaBloNOHABLO27

    this beat kame from the depths of hell

  84. Ricky Rude


  85. b gizzle

    half men half animal!

  86. E to the azy

    I think he might be a muslim



  88. OstatniGasiŚwiatło

    Braggadocio homie...Google it if U don't know...

  89. Jay

    your a tard

  90. Mudhutha Nudimmud E Ka'haga'dul-El

    I love the primo track, but sean price fell off my niggas...slap niggas clap niggas thats the only thing this cat can rap about, gotta open your mind homie

    Grum Pee

    I Em Hotep Djed Muttalib Atum El slap yo' self g. Put respeck on it when you mention his name.

    Chant Ski

    Lmao slap yourself kidd

  91. blackpantherairsoft_cqb psychomfdrama

    Respect and props

  92. IceKreamKravers

    No dislikes for good reason

  93. NemiAidid

    I like my green tea without sugar. I like my hip-hop without that sweet shit too. Thanks to Sean P for bringing it. BCC 4 LIFE!

  94. shotterz

    AMP on the beat........part of jamla team........9th wonders people dem

  95. standingfocused

    Amp laced it....damn this shit sounds like a Premier record. Crack.