Sean Price - Psycho Killa Lyrics

Fifth split your wave cap
Bring beef where you niggas shit, shave, and bathe at
Brave acts committed, spray gats at midgets
Shorty Shitstain felt the 45th bang
Heat up your fam
You see the heat in my hand
My pistol turn a punk into Peter the Pan, P!
Never step in my pack, partner
I'm a vet sending threats to draft dodgers
The epitome of rap
Pity the fool that's rappin' after me and that's fact
P's in town, weed green, leaf is brown
Receive the crown, holding it, I beat you down
Listen, Sean can spit nigga, Sean can split niggas
Chrome to you unknown non-descript niggas
I'll punch your head off your neck
Sean Pittsburgh, I spit words
Show me respect

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