Sean Price - Price & Shining Armor Lyrics

[Sean Price:]
Yo! Listen...
Afghanistan, bombed out, depleted
I'm weeded, needin' an Ativan
Run up on a rapper when rappin', that's when I slap a fan
Bone-crunch you niggies, the gypsy needin' a caravan
Half-man half-amazing, Mandela
You know the flow is so hard, tell her, Duck Down
Is the label, but - fuck a record deal
Broke after I smoke and the motherfuckin' sucker meal
P! Keep ignorin' my shit, B
I'll punch your shit off like the Story of Ricky
All in my face like a rap battle
Fuck around and catch all of the eight when the gat rattles
That hardcore rappin' is played out
Till I hardcore slap you and ask you what's played out
(What's played out, man?) P! Indeed the grown
Squeeze the chrome, please believe it nigga, Caesar home

Verse two, sunroof casket for the earth dirt view
Work wet, wet work with the sket wet, who?
Vest protect chest, but never get neck duke
Dave Tua, fist of rage, I wave Rugers
Engage shooters in battles, better behave, junior

[Ruste Juxx:]
Ay yo, kill noid paragraph, crack ground, shatter glass
I'll boy, Madagas', bitch with a fatter ass
Top on the rooftop, spit shine my shit
Pitch grind my strip, switch crime rhyme hits
Got a towel, better throw it in
Frontline bangin', P, cover me I'm goin' in
War path is bloody, damaged from one sword stroke
48 tracks to slide and the board broke
What it do, coke kilogram crew (what up?)
The bars is barbaric, Encino Man 2
Paul Bunyan on the corner with the onion
In the booth I'm the dragon breathin' fire out the dungeon
Fuck a metaphor, fuck you think the metal for
Put the mic down, fuck rap, peddle raw
Street fighter, Juxx strike like Bison
The nigga ghostwriting for Price on Mic Tyson

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Sean Price Price & Shining Armor Comments
  1. Derick Burris

    3 Train Gang Raji Pst

  2. RaeRae Jeru

    This could quite possibly be my favorite joint from this dope album. "Imperius Rex" for me is his best album although all his albums are nuttin to f#%k wit!!!

  3. Krule_1981 Lion Kingdom

    who fucking dislike this, people are fucking crazy !!! DUCK DOWN MF

  4. Damian

    First comment on page 2-RESPECT

  5. funkyhaiss

    Masterpiece !! incredible beat and P... Woooh Fire man

  6. Raphael Faugere

    sample please ?

  7. Sean Storm

    Fuckin Viagra music

  8. Edward Miles

    This track is HARDBODY!!!!

  9. Luther Petty


  10. Sitzplatzimbus

    A F G H A N I S T A N.

    Afghan Capone

    You know what’s up! Afg 4 life’

  11. Dylon Allison

    fav quote like street fighta like bison ! hahaha

  12. Dylon Allison

    sick beat n hes got sick flows . rest in peace sean p

  13. tarren garfinkle


  14. Tha Mad Hatter

    "Street Fighter Juxx strike like Bison."

  15. Jimmie Carter


  16. Chantz temming


  17. Troy Mind Write

    All in my face like a rap battle, fuck around n catch all of the 8 when the gat rattles

  18. Leo Trejo

    sean p...... p..

  19. M. I.


  20. Alvin Grier

    man, I had never heard of the story of Ricky, but after hearing Sean P mention it on this song I ended up watching the whole movie on YouTube

  21. Raciel Negrete

    this Easily shits on more then half da shit out today

  22. Colt Dyback

    R,I.P Sean Price

  23. Nkosinathi Mcusi

    Half man half amazing Mandela..RIP Sean P!

  24. Dondi1it

    This beat is stupid magical!!!!!! Listen to that beat!!!!! I freestyle all day in my car to this!!!!!!!! Sean P and Ruste Juxx say some wild crazy stuff! Super Crazy Stupid Flows!!!! Sean Price Top 5 Dead Or Alive! Ruste Juxx outta Crown Heights! Awesome! Both representing Brooklyn! P Reppin Brownsville! BOOT CAMP! I love these guys!

    Ryan Ziegler

    Truth! This beat is so firey!

    M. I.

    +Ryan Ziegler Beat is stupid ill. Agreed

  25. Dondi1it

    SEAN PRICE RUSTE JUXX ALL DAY!!!!! "P"!!!!!!!!! "YOU KNOW WHAT CRIME IT IS?"!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Unblind Swordzman


  27. The Infamous Manifesto

    Good song 

  28. barbarescoo

    so sick!

  29. unknownkemist