Sean Price - I Love You (Bitch) Lyrics

Ayo words can't express the way that I feel [whistles]
Yo, ya ass is fat, ya brain is small
You slap the kids and ya chain is pawned
You look like shit, you destroying yourself
Heineken for breakfast-ass bitch
You don't even make my dick hard no more
Gotta think about my ex to get erect
Gotta take X when I'm erect
Stretchmarks, titties lookin like prunes
Fuck you with the lights off from behind in the room
My sister told me to leave ya ass alone, but fuck it...

Y'all know how I met her, we broke up & got back together
Then broke up and got back together, pshh
I love you I hate you I hate you I love you
Whatever it is, do it on the strength of your kids
When I was fucked up in the game, you held me down
I'm still fucked up in the game and you holdin me down
Listen ma, we gon' make it
Push come to shove, wrap the snub, we gon' take it
(Nah mean? I love you ma) Yo, yo...
Our love is like husband & wife or a brother & sister
Unconditional love, even if I ain't with ya
'Member when I fucked up, you kicked me out of the house?
Wait a minute that was yesterday!
Came through the next day, started foreplaying
You asleep but why the fuck you move ya breast this way
We ain't meant for each other
I ain't shit you ain't shit, bitch we meant for each other
Fight all day, fuck all night
Ruck ain't shit, but Ruck all right
Love my kids but got no dough
And I... love you bitch, I'm lettin you know

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Sean Price I Love You (Bitch) Comments
  1. Ahh Rodeo

    "love my kids but got no dough
    and i love you bitch, I'm letting you know"

  2. B Davis

    The realest shit you’ll ever hear Rest In Peace Brooklyn’s finest 🙏🏼💯🖤

  3. Nik Banaga

    Authentic 💯

  4. Brooklyn’s Finest Red hook! 718


  5. asewonderable

    Damn. R.I.P. to that gawd. We miss you Sean Pppppp!!!

  6. Gregory Kerkhove

    hahaha P just say everything in one song^^

  7. Technews

    R.I.P. to one of the best ever!

  8. B. Ford

    Rest in Power P and Aretha!!!

  9. Shane Daniel

    Heineken for breakfast ass bitch

  10. High Yellow Fello mellow

    This is romance at its finest!!

  11. Anette Jensen

    Damit P

  12. Rashon Keitg

    Copped this album the day it of the greatest to rhyme on a mic...r.i.p...been open off you since you told Mr.McGhee to not get you angry

    gideon oscar keya

    Rashon Keitg

  13. Mr VS

    I don't want to love a whore lol

  14. Elvis

    this fucking song is tru hiphop right here XD

  15. Christian Hatfield

    I like fried taters

  16. Brylan Williams

    R.I.P an underground legend. Enjoy heaven Sean Price

  17. whoo else

    i love u bitch lol.

  18. Shane Daniel

    Most realistic love song I've heard

  19. Jasseen Maylor Bey

    This song is the most romantic song ever in Rap. R.I.P. Megatron Sean

  20. LucielBlade

    y luego los mierdaleros dicen que el regueeton deniagra a la mujer jajaja

    No Holds Barred

    ¿Entiendes la letra siquiera? Lo dudo.

  21. ill Drumatik

    ''We ain't meant for each other
    I ain't shit you ain't shit, bitch we meant for each other
    Fight all day, fuck all night''

  22. Freddy Kruger

    This song brought me here.... Rest in peace...Elm St.....

    The Depressed Jets Fan

    Lmfffaoooo hahahahahhahahahahaahahah

  23. CW043

    Fight all day... Fuck all night... Ruck aint shit...But Ruck alright!
    Rest in Power!

  24. barry jwz

    heineken for breakfast ass bitch.. lol
    burning one up now for one of the realest to ever do it

  25. Ben Berman

    R.I.P Genius ... Sean Peeeeee!!!

  26. Pele Won

    R.I.p. Sean p the motherfucking all time great

  27. Alexandra Bielinski

    Is this the end of the internet

  28. Mobb Deep

    Sean Price body every new Rapper out right now hands down grown man rap

    Roof Bug

    @Mobb Deep that statement is actually incorrect and irrelevent. wait im sorry i aint mean that statement itself what i meant was that it was incorrect and irrelevent to mention P Body in correlation to any of these 90 percenters. wait im coining this term NOW. From Here On Out 90 percenters is a term that is to be applied to any of these new kids from 2007 on up(unless they doin it for the culture but as hip hop really belongs to the individual ideas of that term also belong to the individual)because 90 percent of that shit is trash

    Mobb Deep

    You said all that 2 say what not here to hear anybody comments about what I say go to face book for that

  29. Nollie White

    LOvE u B!+C#

  30. Codex Gigas

    Shit is hard and its so real

  31. jano las

    9th wonders is da masters beat !!!!!!

  32. Remy Lainez


  33. sinduda

    we aint meant for each other, I aint shit, you aint shit, bitch we meant for each other

  34. beantownn54

    Ya ass is fat ya brain is small. smh... REALNESS !!

  35. OustemOne Alphabeticalismz

    P!!!.iz in da BUILDING...

  36. Carlito Brigante

    Old but still amazing.

  37. BraveHearts

    this that shit yo

  38. Hannahbis

    When I was fucked up in the game, you held me down.

    Im still fucked up in the game, and you holdin me down.

  39. BrutesWayy

    real talk

  40. Kenny Powers Gaming

    i still bang thison the regular . SALUTE PPPPPPPP

  41. Big D DunDee Bless up

    This ill ....ayo little brain

  42. OriginalK Solomon


  43. OriginalK Solomon


    Darin P.

    And KEPT saying it too. Wtf??

  44. Onslaught 91

    One of the realest songs ever made

  45. MoonsOfEmpire

    sick beat, bcc4eva!

  46. Remy Lainez