Sean Price - Heartburn Lyrics

I love selling nicks at night, go home, to my son
Roll a spliff and watch Nick at Nite
I love it when my bitch cook, come home
To a hot meal, it's not real, the bitch can't cook
I love them bullets I sent you
You know what's up, I'm broke as fuck, and nigga the rent due
I love my moms and the drug habit
I love a double jointed bitch up in my Craftmatic
I love snatching niggas jewels up on the mass transit
I love busting in ya mouth, I know you can't stand it
I love it
I love it when you bob ya head to this
At the same time, giving the God head in the whip
I love it when I'm with wifey, you say nothing
Right under her nose, I'm right under your clothes
And I love it

"All this love in my heart" In my heart y'all! (I got heartburn)
"And just enough to make 'em stop" uh-huh
"Only take us on the path" - P
"So it is on your mind" - and again

I love fist fights with brass knuckles
I love to get right with the 5th and make ya ass buckle po-po
I love mushrooms, I love to puff boom
Love living with you though it ain't much room
I love when you say my song is corny
At the same time, huggin' my nuts, the God stay horny
I love to flow, dog, tell me about it, the hoes
I love it raw dog, Telly Savalas you know?
I love Martin Luther, I love Malcolm X
Love Knotts Landing, love Falcon's Crest
I love wallabies, I love trees just as much
As I love collard greens, and cheese, bitch, I love it

"All this love in my heart" In my heart y'all! (I got heartburn)
"And just enough to make 'em stop" uh-huh
"Only take us on the path" - P
"So it is on your mind" - and again

I love to punch street niggas
Rude awaken, food is taken, lunch meat niggas
Ya'll motherfuckers phony, the father told me
To knock y'all niggas out, quicker then Antonio Tarver
Show me ya dollar, nigga, I'll show you the llama
The bullet blow throw holes through your armor, blam blam
Damn fam, you fucking with a grown ass man
Couldn't, picture my life different on Kodak cams
See, I'm on your block in a tore backed van
Jumped out with a new gun, hold that fam
Bah, Sean Price, past, present and future
Better late than never, whatever, I see you, I shoot you
I love ya

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Sean Price Heartburn Comments
  1. Sicelo Sithole

    Rest In Peace Sean.

  2. Fulton Hasty

    when he said its not real my bitch cant cook lol he had me leaning

  3. Phoresight

    This my joint for real, smh R.I.P. Sean P!


    God Bless .!!! He’s missed deeply .!!!

  5. jcsmooth70

    Still rockin this sht! Sean Price forever man!

  6. Christopher Evans

    It's hard growing up listening to there sound develop when everyone like me was stunned by Rockness in every way shape & formen Sean Price ending up taking control of the camp and hearing this song just really makes me cry because this the only time it wasn't about hurting a Nigga. It was from his heart talking about his feelings about what he cared about.

  7. l C

    rip my brother....P...EACE

  8. Donny Goodall

    My personal fav joint to listen to on repeat on valentines day RIP SEAN P

  9. lord fury


  10. Sasco Bara


  11. Richard Dotson



    those 42 peeps giving a thumbs down... check yourself... P BODY...RIP

  13. Hakan Akgöl

    i luv my mom i luv my drug habbit :) oh yeah, i luv it !!!

  14. Jondu Flee

    This still breaks my heart rest in peace 🙏 🙏

  15. Julian PiePierve rce

    CLASSIC RIP Sean Price

  16. Righteous Raul

    Impossible to play this just once

  17. GreaterGood510

    How did P die exactly?

  18. ZThe Real

    Was this a 9th wonder or a rare dilla joint is the question of the day?

  19. G Evo

    we miss you bully r.i.p

  20. RRT

    SeanP will be forever played at my house. riP!

  21. Anastasia FFY

    damit P

  22. Suff Dele

    This shit should be at a million man.. RIP og

  23. blackzilla

    Sean Price is in my top 3 !!!!

  24. Foued Eighty-Three

    From north africa
    Rest in heaven kimbo price

  25. Christopher Evans

    Nothing but tears. Gotta​ be real.

  26. Davey Krowder

    I got heartburn since you left the. Damn it P...

  27. Davey Krowder

    P.s. You been nice on the Mic from jump... Wish i could've met you lol. Probably one of the reasons i use to just go to BK eventhough very dangerous @night... One Love to the abig hommie...

  28. Davey Krowder

    Well, Damn. That's my definition of a real man!!! R. I. P Sean P!!! THAT'S REAL N.Y MC-N SALUTE SOLDIER... BEEN A FAN SINCE FAB5...

  29. BrooklYN

    R.I.P. Sean Price

  30. prince far i jah love

    LOVE YOU P❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  31. Clare Woodland

    Forever and always

  32. OshawaStateOfMind

    Forever in my heart

    Clare Woodland

    OshawaStateOfMind I’ll love you forever


    clare w ❤

  33. IO Flava Original Flava

    For lifeeeeeeee

  34. MarqMcguireTM #freesmoke

    R.i.p Sean price 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  35. Sarah Pendleton

    My son turns 1 in December we named him Sean Patrick so we can call him Sean P. 😢😢

  36. LePerv'

    RIP Sean Price, forever remember ....

  37. vincent williams

    nice hip hop music

  38. the guy on the couch x

    Thank you for this legacy your music is everyday music, hip hop beautiful struggle.

  39. Amadou Sarr

    I love listen to Sean P!

  40. Lucas HOLZMANN

    enorme merci sean


    How do u dislike dis🔥

  42. Austin Edwards

    Boot Camp Clik Forever 💯🔥🔥🎧🎤

  43. Tactical Wookie

    R.I.P Sean... U were the greatest to bless the world with your rhytm n rhymes <3

  44. grullon76 76

    Still rocking Sean p hard rip P

  45. Dave Dix

    Whoever gave this a thumbs down should literally go kill themselves. RI🅿️‼️‼️‼️

  46. Zain Nadeem

    this song puts me in tears 😟

  47. Daniel Alston

    I'm actually trying to hold back tears still listening to this song man!

    I remember when I first got the news. Sean was always my top tier Emcee.

  48. chomp300

    RIP Sean P, love you bro

  49. Mano dee

    R.I.P. Sean P

  50. Nick Monaco

    RIP to a legend

  51. I_Love_You

    i love this song

  52. charleerox

    who ever put this video together good job !!

  53. shoroh1

    drugs never get to the good/ Another addict died/

  54. Austin Edwards

    Boot camp Click Forever Sean P Rest in power🎤🎤🎤

  55. Kevin Smith

    u cant mess with p

  56. LooneyLane16

    Rip Sean you still ain't forgotten 💯


    is it me this song make you wanna cry rip Sean pistols

  58. vinnaymaan

    R.I.P. 1 Love Ruc!

  59. shawn price


  60. Austin Edwards

    Yo this makes me so sad man i just cant belive it hes im shedding tears right now Rip Ruck we love u man Boot Camp Forever

  61. Andre Caldwell

    Extremely underrated.

  62. George Bunk

    Listen to this at least once a day.

  63. George Bunk

    Who were the 27 bitches who don't like this shit?

  64. Anthony Blue

    you think?

  65. Horse Puzzles

    R.I.P GOD. ONE.

  66. Methodmaticz Meth


  67. Ambition aka AMBEEZ

    I love that the second half of this video is just extra footage from the Onion Head video.

  68. lifestraight

    "Cause it's love in my heart, I'm sure it's enough to make a staaaarrt, all it take is an address..."

  69. Jerry Kunta

    I m Ashamed of myself i jus t found you u are the truth in paradise sean price i m till rockin with ya !!


    Better late than never welcome to the duck down family

    Jerry Kunta

    hell yeah ...real talk fam

  70. Hunter Cook

    when i listen to sean p's music i feel like he still lives through it

  71. Hunter Cook

    Damn this is a dope song

  72. lifestraight

    9th Wonder is the truth

  73. ti3walker

    in my heart ya'll...

  74. Demario Lacy

    Shit sucks man.We miss you P!Timeless music

  75. lifestraight

    Portion of the video from 1:27 on is from the music video for "Onionheads".

  76. Psycho Mantis

    Grown man rap, sux u gone P RIP

  77. James Bailey

    Sean Pee One of the real lost way to early must respect to the Dirty underground Artist Never dead just hiding!!!!

  78. lifestraight

    "I love it when my bitch cook, come home to a hot meal, it's not real, the bitch can't cook!" LOLOL

  79. khadicorn

    tune tune

  80. Dondi1it

    No no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😢😢😢. Why Sean Price God??? Why???.... Smh.......

  81. Dondi1it

    0:08 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    T Kong

    still can't believe it

    Stephen Fields

    Right. Smh

  82. ESP-POWER 117

    all day ever day Sean p he now in a coffin smoking that boom keep coffin

  83. RODRIGOR300

    finaly something that is not agressive or complaing cliches


    RODRIGOR300 love busting in your mouth

  84. Trevor Mounts

    Beat is FIRE. RIP Sean P

  85. diana palomera

    rip sean p baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. L Ron

    it's so hard... rest in peace sean price

  87. Felipe Oyamada

    My fav rapper. Rip sean P

  88. joe mcginnis

    Rip to the god... P body, realest mc in the game...

  89. Mental Incorporated

    First comment i ever made. Had to do it, Sean price is fluid. Brain food. R.I.P ROSTAFARI