Sean Price - Give Em Hell Lyrics

[Sean Price:]
Yo, news from the East, sire
The beast's back and everyone of his raps that he speaks fire
Demolish a corn-ball ass rapper and smack him 'til Knowledge is Born
Peace to the Gods and Peace to the Earths
My piece put your ass in pieces, put your piece in the dirt
God Sean hands-on, I sandpalm niggas
Beat you bitch bloody, here's a tampon, nigga
Rapper Sean, truth spitter
You do decathalons with Bruce Jenner, you bitch
The apparel is tally-ho
The God Donkey Sean throws barrels at Mario
King rap in the Phantom
Jump out the back singing National Black Anthems

[Illa Ghee:]
Man, I put a bullet in your sweatglands
Yankee not a Mets fan
Punch you in your headband
Illa the original killer of the bars
Kill the fraud scars in interviews
And get on your interlude
Honorary chemical, monetizing metaphor
I'm Malcolm X's funeral, bastard but I'm beautiful
Hashtag Illa got it man, you's a fag bag
Probably dress in drag, street stabbin' at your swag
I'm an atheist but I know I'm God myself
Cut the shadiest, radiator bars I melt
So melodic, 50, 000 devils in the preacher's pocket
See I beef and broc' it, words a sexy object
Be the prophet, I'm a murder in the projects
Gorilla mist, flick of the wrist, showin' the watches
Don't even bother, I'm better than both Carters
This is Sparta, I'm pushing your wig like bad barbers

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Sean Price Give Em Hell Comments
  1. Jeffrey Wynn

    💯rip sean price boot camp for life

  2. Timbo Sliceee

    Dope shit

  3. William de Murney

    I just ❤️ you - Ramp ⏭️ 💯

  4. Spi Ker

    I bet ya'all Sean P and Prodigy smoking together right now!

  5. Patio De Gladiadores

    Seven Bitch Ass lil pump lovers

  6. Elf Kolli

    I love this song rip brother in islam douha for you from france 🇫🇷

  7. Adam Gordon

    Sean P. Is definitely one of your favourite rappers favourite rapper seriously, and he got busy on this beat damn 🔥🔥🔥 R.I.P Ruck 🙌🏾 and is it me or has illa ghee's lyricism stepped the fuck up or what ??

  8. True King


  9. Adam Gordon

    Sean P. hands down top 5 real talk...RIP

  10. MudSlingazTV

    Damn Sean killed it. Miss u P!

  11. Porsha Hatter


  12. David J

    "DON'T EVEN BOTHER I'M BETTER THAN BOTH CARTERS.." Gotta give ILLA props for that line!!

  13. THE COME BACK KID Mendoza


  14. Jughand


  15. Jughand

    attention to an t落后 identity id den tityLuòhòu


    le lu le lu lololol auwowya!!!! awhuahuayuahuyuhua!!!

  16. DavidSheis


  17. Troy Mind Write

    The God Donkey Sean throw barrels at Mario, lol


    f*cking amazin' lol i heard it like what !!!

  18. alwaysbusiness4

    Damn......Oh My Damn🎧

  19. Krunoslav Blašković

    metaphorick real street shitt,rest in peace Sean the Don

    frenky đeps

    +Krunoslav Blašković didi :D

  20. GrandMasterPurp

    demolish a corn.. ball ass rapper then slap him til knowledge is born

  21. mon3ybagz

    Old ALC beat,... and the God killed it. Peace to the God!!


    +mon3ybagz i was wondering who did this beat.

  22. driverdj2000

    Illa Ghee is a demon on this track. He kills it on this mixtape. Respect !!

  23. louis brains

    God Sean hands-on I sandpalm ninjas.

  24. Jay Jay

    word play gotta be correct

  25. Jay Jay

    even ta get on a song wit p is a challenge to sound worthy like that man from the Lakers

  26. Jay Jay

    ta feature wit sean price it's a pass to be original

  27. Jay Jay

    raps over another one's beat but the word play is original all day ask illa g

  28. Jessie E.

    Prodigy and The Alchemist- give em hell

  29. Dr.Groovesquatch

    illa and p are a lethal combination!!!!

    Hxllz Cxrtxz

    Dr.Groovesquatch hell yeah both of them killed this shit

  30. Adam E

    damn son.

  31. Jay Jay

    p is da illest under rated Mc ever in my list let me know

    Brandon Boger

    I'll second that

    goony googoo

    +Jay Jay Sean Price is the greatest.

  32. Sean Stabler

    S. price will be my dude foreva... But damn this nigga Illa g stepped the fucc up!!!!

  33. Chris Hicks

    Alchemist &P!!

  34. Muctube

    Sean P!!!!

  35. Closed Loop

    one of my favs off the new mix tape, RIPPPPP

  36. 40jonah

    rip Sean P!