Sean Price - Elmer Fudd Lyrics

[Sean Price:]
Spit harder, P, rosary bead stigmata
Booyaka, medulla oblongata, a shooter
To the world I'm a hella thug
Double barrel apparel similar to Elmer Fudd
Duck season and big Ruck squeezin'
[?] rude for no reason
Peep the poems and the predicate, felon
Tell 'em go home with the medal
Go to your home
Me and homey holding the chrome
Got four fo-fos like I'm Moses Malone
Gun shots, I'm bringing the thunder
I'm mean, don't swing on the King of Zamunda
I killed a cub as a Cub Scout
Rub me the wrong way, bitch niggas get rubbed out
I used to be a b-boy, bitch
Now I spit gemstars, scar, keloid shit

[Starvin B:]
Line up the shots, I knock 'em down
When I formulate a plot, your block is baccala
Beats get ran through like sheets of bamboo
Now they all learn to savor the burn from the grand crew
Stake through the heart, hallucinate in the dark
I create another shadow up in Sculpture Park
'Sposed to rock, assimilate a culture shock
And make ya spine disalign and get your pulse to stop
Check it, let the record reflect my intellect
And the ignorant disposition that never accept death
Got a problem, you could meet us on the moon
Haven't stopped kicking since a fetus in the womb
I proceed to find freedom in the tombs
While your mind still locked keeping weed inside balloons
My steam in piss stream on datpiff
You ain't gotta say shit, just click it and that's it

[Foul Monday:]
Yeah, you better handle with caution
Anyone of my niggas'll cause a misfortune
Fuck the flowers up and spit on the coffin
The foulest brand baby, come and swallow these orphans
Flow airtight like zip locks and body bags
Niggas is pussy and softer than vagina pads
Playing hype like he sniffing some raw yay
All it means is I be beating his ass the whole day
You call it beef but I call it the entree
Boy I serve it up cheap like I bought it from Conway
F to the izzo bitch, no deal
Punch you in production, my function is so ill
Rap trinity is simply too real
The epitome of lyrically shitting on your grill

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