Sean Price - Da God Lyrics

[Sean P:]
Peace God
[Sadat X:]
Peace peace peace...

[Sean P:]
Ayyo, who the fuck beatin' the God... peepin' the God?
Groupie ho from the show, wanna sleep with the God
Wanna late-night creep with the God
Wanna fuck all night 'til she tired, count sheep with the God
She like: "Ruck, could you skeet in me, God?
Hell no, ho! You must think somethin' sweet with the God
Don't try to get deep with the God
Don't try to conversate 'n holdin' hands down the street with the God
She thinkin' about leavin' the God
I don't care, it's up to you to choose, bitch, even the odds
Even ma squad say: "She be deceivin' you, God
She's the atheist, she ain't even believe in the Gods."
"Fatal Attraction" bitch got heat for the God
So I backsmack the left-side of the cheek on the broad
Now, I done wrote a lotta goddamn rhymes
But this time I must be outta my goddamned mind

The arm-leg-leg-arm-head - gone is your bread
With no church we pardon the dead
All praise to AKs 'n coffins
When God in the spot you see the devil often
You scared? Go to church!
You scared? Get a dog, nigga, this truth hurts!
Pardon me God, get to speak to 'em
Please show 'em the light, throw the heat to 'em!

[Sadat X:]
She say she wanna get with the God
Then got slick and tried to slip me lard
You may think that I'm odd
Give us free like "Amistad"!
Now, these dudes tryna beat the God
Like I ain't live up the block with a murderous squad
Now, these dudes is supposedly hard
But they ran to police when I pulled the rod
The actions of a cowardly broad
But I have 1 jail pass - one last card
Who in the street with the God?
Got a hundred grands, you can eat with the God
Yes, there ain't nuthin' sweet with the God
Gotta come a lil better, to compete with the God
There is a evil to God
40 in your face leave your skull piece charred
Dig out your pocket, snatch a lil award
Give half to Price cause we peas in a pod

[Sean P:]
I heard y'all niggas bad speakin' to God
Damn! That's fucked up, it wasn't like that last week with the God
Y'all niggas wanna clap heat at the God
I ain't sayin' shit - I'mma let the gat speak for the God
If your shit fat then get on a track with the God
If your shit wack you can't get on a track with the God
Fuck I look like? Y'all bitch ass niggas is the shook type
Missy on the chorus, the song is wack but the hook tight
Now, I done wrote a lotta goddamn rhymes
But this time I must be outta ma goddamned mind
Everybody wanna rap like the God (pff)
Go outta town 'n grab the pound 'n sell crack for the God
You ain't gotta do that for the God
All you gotta do is cop the LP that brought crack for the God (P!)

The arm-leg-leg-arm-head - gone is your bread
With no church we pardon the dead
All praise to AKs 'n coffins
When God in the spot you see the devil often
You scared? Go to church!
You scared? Get a dog, nigga, this truth hurts!
Pardon me God, get to speak to 'em
Please show 'em the light, throw the heat to 'em!

[Sean P:] "Everybody wanna... rap with the God"
[Sadat X:] "Got... ta come a lil better, to compete with the God"
[Sean P:]
"Now, I done wrote a lotta goddamn rhymes
But this time I must be outta my goddamned mind"
"The God"

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Sean Price Da God Comments
  1. RaeRae Jeru

    Sadat kills it. We already know P is that guy, but c'mon Sadat did his ting on this jawn!!!

  2. Shurikn23

    Wer das hated, hat die Kontrolle über sein Leben verloren !

  3. Ali Powe

    One of my favs. RIP SP!

  4. Darius Taylor

    R.i p god bootcamp click lives on

  5. Larvelle Taylor

    Get out the way old white woman!

  6. Christopher Harris

    Sadat X 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. jerkojovic

    now this fake god has to ask for mercy from the real God


    Only someone who eats dog period would say that.

  8. Tom

    She's thinking bout leaving the god, i dont care Its up to you to choose bitch even the odds, even My squad says she be deceiving you god, she's an atheist she aint even beliving in god...WGAAT!? He done did it!!

  9. Moorish Science Temple of America # 8

    you either get it or you don't BOTH WREKED!

  10. Rashad Giles

    Rap professor is the best

  11. Rashad Giles

    I'm the son

  12. Rashad Giles

    Sp mah man!

  13. alwaysbusiness4

    P was a Lyrical god

    SupremDeltron SupremDeltron


  14. Zak Deering

    Sadat X ruined this badly. All I needed was 3 verses from Da God P

    Mike Mike

    Zak Deering you crazy Sadot Killed it

    Mike Mike

    Zak Deering Sadat

    Kesha Cobb

    Sadat rekked, simple and dope, HE ON A TRACK W/ SEAN P...

  15. Demonkai Mugen

    My shitmy I still bump....RIP
    Gone too soon..
    Hip hop lost a heavy gem real talk^^

  16. Leo For life

    RIP.... so sad he died..... Sigh, I'm just waiting for someone to blame this on the illuminati.. like they always do smh


    more times than most, it be true tho...yu mean all these rappers really be dieing of natural causes?

    Sidney Barnes

    @JELZ617 people die of natural causes ever day you dipshit. You blame some fake ass illuminati shit as the cause just because it was someone who died that mores popular then most

    Leo For life

    @Microphone Tormentor Lmao.... right


    +Microphone Tormentor not saying dude didn't die of natural causes, but you can'T disprove that the society doesnt have their hands in the mix from time to time...and calling someone a dipshit...ain't the 90's no more

    HIP HOP Gorilla

    When great people die they become even more appreciated. RIP Sean P and ODB.. p.s. I feel you bro, I have been listening to P like every single day since he passed..


    Got to come a little better to compete with the God!

    Grum Pee

    DAPRODUCK a little? Okay...

  18. James Jones

    RIP!! Peace God!

  19. Greezy Green

    R.I.P. 2 DA GOD !!!!

  20. Gavin Koszara

    This song was in the backround of the boondocks episode: thank tou for not snitching.

  21. Vusi Twala

    Sean Mandela " hell no hoe" this shit real hip hop!!!....

  22. Kevin Formann

    Hell no hoe!

  23. doomfan12345

    On the episdoe of boondocks thats about snitching, you can hear this beat in Grandad's car when he drives away from the old white lady and uncle ruckus.

  24. 666AJdj

    sick track.simple but sick beat. sean p rugged flows rip it up.REAL HIP HOP.peace.B.

  25. Nick M

    This is my favorite song I can't stop listening to it!!

  26. brainsick213

    sean p!

  27. Aubrey Zanders

    Give us freedom like Amistad!! Sadat X always come with some shit you gotta think about sometimes!! Thats my dun right there!!

  28. john doe

    when god in the spot u see the devil often

  29. Phillip Cavouras

    'all you gotta do is cop the LP and you bought crack for the god' SO GANGSTA

  30. Doga MasterLevel

    this is your rap teacher mothafuckaaa

  31. Fly Tye


  32. Shawn Johnson

    @callmealiaragain Another thumbs down to that response. Sadat X is the shit. Sadat has got that M.C. flow.

  33. Shawn Johnson

    @jonraymond21 Sadat X is one of my favorite's of al time. l love his flow because he has his own style. He's a real M.C., he rhymes so you can see what goes on. That's a bad ass m.c.

  34. monsterdime

    cl smooth changed his flow sound nicer but sadat x idk either why does he sound like that only on suace for birdheads was nice the beat had you alm,ost forget he was on it

  35. Tolim1

    got 100 grand? you could eat wit da god lol

  36. playyamxz550

    shit seems like it would hit hard on subs

  37. Khakupa Cantole


  38. Shane Taylor

    @jonraymond21 i agree with you man i always thought i was the only person into hip hop who couldn't stand listening to him.

  39. Badluck got cash

    @SumGuy17 wouldve been tight 10 yrs ago. shady couldnt hang anymore

  40. djdelta777

    Sean Price got a humourous flavour cracks me up everytime

  41. boozee84

    groupie ho from a show wanna sleep with the god, wanna late night creep with the god, wanna fuck all night til' she tired, countin' sheep with the god! xD
    love that shit!

  42. Pazij

    would be tight if he collab with Eminem

    Mike Mike

    Pazij Eminem stole Masta Ace Style

  43. Pazij

    He kinda got the dipset flow sometimes. lol

  44. Pazij

    Man, Sean killin it...

  45. Badluck got cash

    i think its one of the best verses from the album

  46. Badluck got cash

    timeless beat

  47. swagger2000

    I swear the first verse is one of the most slept on/over-looked verses of all time!!!!!


    I wish Buckshot spit a verse...

  49. JiveAt5

    sadat killz it

  50. malatement

    Sean Price killed this beat.
    Sadat X ruined the whole song.

  51. outofAlog

    youths study your 120 lessons peace

  52. fergzca

    rap.about says Sean Price is the most underated artist of all times



  54. Stanley Keese

    she's a atheist she aint even believe in the god

  55. jazzymania93

    good track!!!

  56. djcadaver

    Hell no Ho! You must think somthin sweet wit that GOD!!! Sean price is the fuckin man!