Sean Price - Bullshit (Radient Jewls Remix) Lyrics

Yo what's good son? (Whattup son?)
You be spittin that real shit
But you don't be spittin that bullshit
(The fuck you talkin about nigga?)
I'm talkin about that bullshit
Get off that bullshit nigga
And spit that bullshit
(Aight listen, check it out)

Aiyyo Jurass'neck niggas I blast techs
Alejandro, came through with the Mexican Aztecs
Rap smack niggas on a whole different aspect
Homey, owed me know that's how we fucked up his last check
Three trains [?] the train stopped, nigga bent
Metro-pah with the plan, make major figures, foul flagrant
Two shots, give me the ball back
You got shot, get off my ballsac, you not hot
Give me your car back, niggas is all whack
Super duper super shit, Ruckus don't fall back
P, ain't a problem that the God can't handle
I set it off "First Blood", Sean John "Rambo"
Whoo! Whoo! As you can see I'm focused
Boot Camp for life, fuck the G.I. Joe shit
Boot Camp is a Army, better yet a Navy
Marine Air Force Ones nigga, them shits crazy
Don't play nigga

That's what I'm talkin 'bout shit, knahmean?
That bullshit
Other niggas be bullshittin when they rhymin son
But you, you got that bullshit, that's what I mean
I don't be fuckin with that other shit nigga
I listen to hardcore rap, and Mary J. Blige
That's it nigga, I ain't fuck with none of that other bullshit

Yo, yo, all you new school niggas I'm Joe Clark
Bat in my hand, beatin nerd rap niggas with no heart

Aiyyo chill son, chill son, chill son, knahmean?
You just makin sense right there dunn
Try to be smart? I ain't with all that smart shit knahmean?
Fuck that man
This is bullshit you kickin nigga!
We on some bullshit, WE OUT~!

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