Sean Price - Brokest Rapper You Know Lyrics

It go, Frederick Douglas, Nat Turner
Ku Klux Klan, big black burner
Ashtray, cigarette butts
Box cutter gem star, watch this nigga get cut
Ten dollars, two tokens
Friends hollerin', "Yo, what you smoking?"
I reply with, "none of ya biz"
It's father's day and I ain't get shit from none of my kids
Listen, liquor store, let me get a fifth
Weed spots, let me get a spliff
Mad as hell, plus I'm frustrated
Last album came out, you motherfucks hate it
Rock solo, Ruck broke
Here's a hundred dollars, what a fucking joke
Eviction notice, yo, I gotta go
Album been out two months, ain't did a fucking show
Ruckus, you ruined, I put the barrel to my dome
But what the fuck are you doing? Chill
Found a new way to build
Fuck rap, started selling 2-ways and pills
When the stomach growls, and the fridge bare
And you starving, and ya kid's there
It's... motherfuckin' critical pa
My pursuit of this rap, knew this straight trivial, pa
Niggas all pray loyal, til yet, they all jet
When they fuckin' with a four dollar royalty check
And if you feel me, act like you know
Sincerly yours, the brokest rapper you know, Sean P

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Sean Price Brokest Rapper You Know Comments
  1. dillon DEMEESTER

    its sad that the reall good artists never get the rep they deserve cuz of the rigged industry from gay card holders

  2. Chad Kelham

    Bumping af & brutally honest...this track is one of many reasons why Sean P is the GOAT #RIPRuck

  3. Anthony Weiss

    i know all the words and sometimes will just break out singing this

  4. da Blak

    R.I.P 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. nick raptis

    Shit deep

  6. moneyismeth

    Gotta rewind the first few bars everytime son

  7. alberts1985

    Started selling two ways and pills

    Alfred Jones

    alberts1985 this is real shit he ain't lying

  8. Samuele Mazzola

    Here's 100 dollars what a fucking joke

  9. Adiffrnt Breed

    Still my favorite rapper, Rest In Peace to the legend Sean P

  10. Justin Thorp

    RIP Son

  11. Brandon Brown

    #ripRUCK #SeanP

  12. travis minter

    RIP Ruck

  13. Xristos G. Mytilinios

    still living! RIP P! never be forgoten..