Sean Price - Boom Bye Yeah Lyrics

[5 Ft.:]
Yeah, come on, yeah, come on
Yeah, throw ya hands up, come on, yeah, come on, yeah
Sean P! Sean P!
Get at these niggas, son!

[Sean Price:]
You can catch me in a tenement
Doing too much drugs, straight Jimi Hendrix-in'
Pop's a drinker, my mom's on dope
Pick up they bad habit, now the God do both
Popping some pills, sniffing a line, drinking some wine
Up in the club, grabbing my gun, fucking with Shyne
Bling bling (bling bling) it's a Sean Price thing
Too many clowns want the crown, but there's only one king
I'm the King, ask Rock, there is none higher
Bitch ass niggas better call me sire
Burn my kingdom, must use fire
Big bag of weed, a dutch and some E-Z Wider
Yo, Ruck had a drug habit and all
Bust matics, chrome static I ain't fucking with y'all
Don't get my hands dirty, I got goons that spray
Quick to kill a motherfucker, like boom bye yeah

Dru Ha, what up, yeah yeah
Buckshot, what up, yeah yeah
Big Rock, what up, yo yo
Tek and Steel what up, yo

"First name Sean, last name Price"

I step in the ring weighing an even two hundred
Lost twenty pounds in B-ville, fucking around with E pills
So I took a trip to Jack LaLanne
Got my weight back like that when I snatched the chain
Duke I'm hardcore, far more than the average
In Job Corps, I smoked more than you bastards
Y'all niggas ain't fucking with Ruck
Wilding out like it's dust in my dutch, motherfucker
Stupid bitches think the God got plenty dough
Just because they saw a motherfucker up on Jenny Jones
Have to step back and laugh at these hoes
I'm Sean Price, the brokest rapper you know
Nice to meet ya
Ike Turner when rocking the wife beater
You step on my toes, hoes and you're wiping my sneakers

Rustee Juxx, what up, yo yo
Illa Noyz, what up, yo yo
Elroy, what up, yo yo
Sethlow, what up, yo

"First name Sean, last name Price"

You can say what you want, just spell my name right
First name Sean, last name Price
Nigga I'm David Ruffin in the flesh
Fucked up in the game, but never the less, I'm the best
Y'all niggas be rhyming about nothing
I rhyme about nothing, and sound like something
I used to sell crack and listen to Redman
Now I smoke black, while I'm getting some head, damn
Sean Price, always broker than most
That's why the gunsmoke choke in your throat
Stick 'em up
Put your hands where my eyes can see
Yo, this ain't Busta Rhymes, bong!
Bust a nine, bong!
Roughest and toughest, so don't fuck with mine
I will, snuff 'em and cut 'em, before he fuck with mine, yo

What up
GRB, what up
Dan the man, what up
Sean Price, what up

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Sean Price Boom Bye Yeah Comments
  1. Nico S

    RIP P!!!

  2. The empty Mighty

    2020 still bumpin this ill shit!

  3. Christopher Clayton

    2020 to inifinity...P!

  4. Il Gaucho

    2020 and I'm still here.

  5. KarlKilo

    2020 still bumbin this!!

  6. Infinite Teknik


  7. KBTITAN24

    R. I. P.

  8. Axe God

    P for the Hall of Fame

  9. Teve Steve

    Cruisin around Southport with this banger on Krhyme,miss those days 😞


    Rosen Oaks baby! lol

  10. alihh12

    Anyone know the artist behind the album illustration? Please gotta know !


    alihh12 I believe Marc Ecko did the artwork, I read it online somewhere that it was him


    2022 anyone?

  12. Laurens Klappe


  13. Nick Nelson

    8257 still bumpin this!!!!

  14. Chantz temming

    Catch me in your tenement doing to much drugs straight Jimmy Hendrix'n

  15. darude sandstorm


  16. mosi

    straight jimmy hendrixin'

  17. B.H.B. TV

    Those Muslim women brought me BACK here!

  18. Vernatron

    how old is this??


    Vernatron 14 years

  19. RogueSkyPilot


  20. jace jacey

    That beat 😍😍

  21. Mike Spex

    This shit is so fuckin kill!!! nasty!
    Yeah P!

  22. metalnata maimuna

    salute salute !!!!!

  23. Epic Mac

    R.I.P Sean Price

  24. popshots extrafleisch

    This shit is incredible.

  25. Der Bozz

    The realness ! Rip

  26. Sebastian Leiva

    Pure gold

  27. RA GR

    2019 still bumpin this!!!

    Matthew Greenwood

    I’ll never stop bumping this


    That is even in 2050 still bumpin

    Taron Beverly

    Hell yea 2000nbeyond

  28. breaded chicken

    2024 anyone?

    Benjamin Verheijden

    cluck cluck

  29. Jason Garcia

    On dust listening to this RIP SEAN P

  30. whoo else

    Put ya hands where my eyes can see, no this aint busta rhynes BONG! Bust the 9 BONG!

  31. Kacem Mohamed

    Miss you brother :(

  32. Lukas Hledik

    Timeless headbanger 👌

  33. Y K

    This song goes hard! Saints Row 3 baby! Rest in Peace Sean P!

  34. Romana Oktábcová

    DOPE. 🔥🔥🔥👌

    Lukas Hledik

    ..hell yea😈

    Romana Oktábcová

    @Lukas Hledik 👌😈

  35. mbigboyny

    Mega Sean

  36. mbigboyny

    It's not possible to flow to a beat as raw as this ONE🎵🎵👏

  37. mbigboyny

    This beat popped me in my damn mouth IT'S so damn hard....just soooo disrespectfully dope as hell🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😬😬😬🚨🚨🚨🚨🎵🎵🎵

  38. nl3101

    Always remembered , never forgotten

    Kristoffer Torsvik

    Uhm.... two lines, same meaning

  39. R M


  40. Salty Salmon

    *Absolute banger*

  41. waynewilli49

    Best intro ever

  42. tentadeas

    indigo is god

  43. sebbe617

    Why the hell have i never heard this before? What the fuck, my speakers just died cuz of that hardcore beat and Sean P's flow

  44. Bubba Dewy

    This jam hits you like an uppercut to the jaw!

  45. LottoKingKalle

    listen to hip hop almost my whole life, but this is still the sickest beat i have ever heard! RIP Sean P


    LottoKingKalle same

  46. elementofnaivity

    I'm David Ruffin in the flesh/fucked up in the game but nevertheless I'm the best

  47. BananeGrau

    Commencal! <3

    BraapMotionTv\ Flash Riders

    BananeGrau bc Edition 😂😉

  48. Juan Gonzalez

    Sean go in!!

  49. Trae Rayford

    2018 still bumpin this !

    Allen Jones

    Trae Rayford he murdering rappers today from the grave!!



    Wayne Anderson

    2019 and it aint gotten old yet!!!!

  50. Henry Morris

    Teenagers from Uranus brought me here

  51. Oskar Säärits

    Listen serbijan style

  52. Kaurin


  53. Ivan Pero

    Beat hard as fuck

  54. Averry C

    First name SEAN last name PRICE

  55. Trae Rayford

    I stayed havn this shyt on repeat💯🎼🎼 BBY💯💯💪🏽

  56. Xs33NsxXx gang

    Sean price

  57. Baby Girl Eriss

    rip ❤ saints row 3 for life 💜

  58. Ty Harris

    this shit is HEAVY r.i.p sean price

  59. Chief 420

    R.I.P Sean price!!!

  60. I hate faggots

    this is cancer

    I hate faggots

    are you sure?

    Albert Hernandez

    DoubleGrand IZachI Lol you're probably an SJW haha.

    King Cobe Raps

    Shut the Fuck Up, pt. 2


    Classical music and video game OSTS

  61. Paul-Michael Perdon

    could even make the calmest quiet kid, AMP UP to the point of Fucking some one up. 😠

  62. Heltah Skeltah

    best beat ever, r.i.p. Sean Price

    Phony Mex

    Heltah Skeltah lol dumbass said best beat ever

    Dam Hz

    the original beat is of monogamija- serbian style

    Allen Jones

    Heltah Skeltah yo this beat is crazy....and he killin the flow!!

    Ptr Jbvtr

    Dam Hz Nope, this is originall beat:) Bolje ćuti kada ne znaš !

  63. Heltah Skeltah

    best beat ever, r.i.p. Sean Price

  64. dalfen

    harambe on the thumbnail

    Anakin Skywalker

    Sam Harambe's whole family on the thumbnail

  65. GH0STXP

    Saints row 3

    Blastrickx Germany

    First time heard it there and it was long time my only track in ingame-mixtape ^^
    Biggest shock ... he died on my birthday -.- RIP


    mine too, man

    Yung Escrow Mason

    Had the game 4 times still goin strong

    Mike Durant

    @Blastrickx Germany man I only just learned he died from reading your 2 year old comment. I can't get a reason "died in sleep, cause unknown" is all i seem to find, that's no a reason. I only just heard this song as well its epic

    Blastrickx Germany

    @Mike Durant may he rest in peace. His music is with us forever.