Sean Price - #4 No Reason Lyrics

Benevolent rap cat
Hundred percent real nigga
The president half that
Evident in the rap spat
Make niggas uncomfortable fuckin' with that wack
Every bar is hard
Every hard bar I spit bizarre to ya'll
Every bizarre hard bar up to par
Paw, your bars ain't hard God, I saw your flaws
Can't be him, Boot Camp champion
Your style is equivalent to Ambien
Sleepy, hand me a No-Doze
Most of my friends broke
I hand 'em my old clothes
Meyhem Lauren, he gave me his Rugbys
The weight on the plate great
Play with the drugs, P
Today's math is wisdom culture
Of being born to equality, come follow me, P

Ay, ay, ay, ay
I'm a grown ass man
Ay, ay, ay, ay
I'm a grown ass man

Back with the lines
Your lines wack, smacked with the rhyme
My shit is right and exact black, I rap all the time
I never try to rhyme like the latest
Rapper out, smack a mouth soon as he say shit
When I spit this rage
Understand motherfucker I got kids your age, P

I know what the fuck a vegetable is man
Don't, don't tell me what a vegetable is man
I'm, ay, I'm a grown ass man, alright?

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