Seafret - Atlantis Lyrics

The birds have left their trees
The light pours onto me
I can feel you lying there all on your own
We got here the hard way
All those words that we exchange
Is it any wonder things get broke?

Cause in my heart and in my head
I'll never take back the things I said
So high above, I feel it coming down
She said, in my heart and in my head
Tell me why this has to end
Oh, no, oh, no

I can't save us, my Atlantis, we fall
We built this town on shaky ground
I can't save us, my Atlantis, oh, no
We built it up to pull it down

Now all the birds have fled
The hurt just leaves me scared
Losing everything I've ever known
It's all become too much
Maybe I'm not built for love
If I knew that I could reach you, I would go

It's in my heart and in my head
You can't take back the things you said
So high above, I feel it coming down
She said, in my heart and in my head
Tell me why this has to end
Oh, no, oh, no

I can't save us, my Atlantis, we fall
We built this town on shaky ground
I can't save us, my Atlantis, oh, no
We built it up to pull it down

And we build it up and we build it up
And we build it up to pull it down
And we build it up and we build it up
And we build it up to pull it down

I can't save us, my Atlantis, we fall
We built this town on shaky ground
I can't save us, my Atlantis, oh, no
We built it up to pull it down

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Seafret Atlantis Comments
  1. Alejandra Melgar

    ... 'Cause in my heart nd in my head... 😕
    Tell me...
    ... I can't save us, my Atlantis, we fall... 🥺

    Ohh, noo...

    ... I can't save us... my Atlantis, we fall...

    - 🦋

  2. rebecca lily

    Okay is it just me or does this really give the vibes of Where the Wild Things Are?

  3. Ashy Lyn

    I watched the video because it looked interesting thank goodness i did... im inlove with this song

  4. Ashy Lyn

    Where the wild things are vibes af 💕💕

  5. Melike Merve Boz

    When spotify adviced me seafret, i fell in love immediately. Now i wanted to see the clips so here i am but i didnt expect that they are not popular. Thats... unbeliavable. Music, clip, everything definitely 10/10. They deserve more :(

  6. D Mukherjee

    so fortunate i got introduced to their music

  7. Farah Belbagaria

    i get to know this song thanks to someone . this song i heard it in a perfect timing. it gives me the urge to do the things i always wanted to do like not wait for perfect moment or perfect situation .

  8. IzAce

    This gives me where the wild things are vibes

  9. Kyoto

    I can't save us! ❤️🍃

  10. BLAH! TV

    So tell me seafret have you talked to Aurora yet?

  11. Tango Berry

    This reminds me of where the wild things are

  12. Tiago Alan


    Priscila Albuquerque

    Tiago Alan ❤️❤️🥺... vídeo lindo

  13. Gabriel Abrante

    Apareceu do nada e já gostei , mais alguém?

  14. Gabriel Abrante


  15. cosmic child

    eu sei que ninguém vai ler isso, por isso tô deixando aqui. eu sei que sou estúpida e deixei isso acontecer com a gente, mas não quer dizer que eu não sinta saudades. você era a pessoa mais especial pra mim, desculpa se eu não deixei isso claro quando podia. você não curtia esse duo, mas eu sempre lembro de você quando escuto essa música. desculpa por tudo.

  16. Aaron Kerry

    Where the wild things are 2?

  17. Ophelia

    I know in this song Atlantis means "his imagination" or "safe place" but in their other song Oceans there is line which is "It feels like there is oceans between you and me" and the fact that real atlantis submerged. I'm so emotional right now...

  18. Tim Bergling


  19. Its Just Kon

    OMG It's Kattegat!! 1:40
    Shout out Vikings.

    (i know its ireland but same place they film vikings) lol

  20. Cris Emanuele

    I love this video with all my strength

  21. Mariana Alencar

    Cade os brasileiroooos??2019

  22. dj slime plays

    My ex told me about this song 😢(i miss her)

  23. butterflies

    maybe hes in heaven

  24. eXTREME18

    In my heart and in my head tell me why it has to start oh yes oh yeeeeeeeees i can save us my atlantis we not falling we built this town on safety ground i can save my atlantis oh yeeeees we built it up to pull it uuup

  25. Peachii The wolf

    I thought on the tumnail it’s was a fury and a guy

  26. Kader Tursun

    Ölmek için fazla ölüsün

  27. sept

    I want a good ol' friend like him

  28. Fleetwood28

    We got here the hard way

  29. aliye vahabli

    Olume Fisildayan Adam
    '''Tutulmaz okyanus ciplak elle ''

  30. Jordan Vega

    was that filmed in Ireland? The lake looks like the guiness lake down in Wicklow mountains ?

  31. 1Vision Production

    We build it up to pull it down :(

  32. 2fab 4u

    This is the saddest music Video I’ve ever seen but I love it at the same time

  33. Marcel van Poeijer

    End 2019 and still one of my favourite songs ever.


    Marcel van Poeijer same

    Maike ha

    I spek german bat i love this song too

  34. Angy Pett


  35. Julia WlazloWska

    Why this clip looks like Spike Jonze movie "Where the Wild Things Are"? Those monsters look just alike. Interesting

  36. Tony Lara Condori

    y yo recien escuchando a este grupaso :(

  37. Gotman

    Туалетная бумага Zewa | Хорошо там, где забота

  38. Vojtíčeek

    This song make me cry🥺

  39. Zuźka Ł

    To polski komentarz ktorego szukasz haha

  40. May girl

    i wanna go to these places........ :)

  41. Ahmet Şançı

    Bölüm 7
    kanadı düğüm kelebek

  42. Katherine Tapia

    Hermosa Canción La amooo 😍💜

  43. traveling in dreams

    is "Where the Wild Things Are"?

  44. lil' bunny

    This is quality music

  45. Melike Ayşe Okmen

    "Tutulmazmış okyanus çıplak elle..." Ölüme Fısıldayan Adam

  46. Melike Ayşe Okmen

    Kanadı Düğüm Kelebek-Ölüme Fısıldayan Adam

  47. la vida es un carnaval

    A love you

  48. Meryem Turgut


  49. Jerry guo

    can't help myself from crying especially when I heard the lyrics . How helpless.

  50. Yağmur

    I cant save us, my atlantis...

    Seni seviyorum Ufuk.

  51. Luis Santiago Ochoa David

    2:47 Dios mío, mis audífonos XD. Por un momento pensé que era mi perro jodiendo y me fui a revisarlo

  52. Gamespective

    I feel the music video really has 0 connections to the music. Since its about a couples broken n lost romantic love

  53. Fidelio _


  54. Daniel Freitas

    Essa musica me leva muito lonje 2019

    Bruna Alencar

    Oi vamos ser amigos? Kkkk

    Daniel Freitas

    @Bruna Alencar vamos

    Bruna Alencar

    @Daniel Freitas e agora? Kkkkkk

  55. İlkay

    '' Tutulmazmış okyanus çıplak elle '' Ölme Fısıldayan Adam

  56. Nazım Kartal

    ölüme fısıldayan adam kitabından bir ben mi varım +1

  57. elif

    *7. bölüm*
    *_kanadı düğüm kelebek_*
    _"tutulmazmış okyanus çıplak elle..."_

    Hilal Çakır

    Ölüme fısıldayan adam 💙

  58. Ruth Chelimo

    I LOVE this song!

  59. Celal Duman

    celal babaa

  60. Stranger Things

    ölüme fısıldayan adam'

  61. the brightness of the sun

    *kanadı düğüm kelebek*
    : _tutulmazmış okyanus çıplak elle..._

  62. im hozang

    bu şarkının bağımlısıyım

  63. Lucia Casas

    I first listened to this song in a lyric video, I had never seen the offcial video until now. I thought it was about a destroyed love but watching this and seeing comments, I notice it can also be about a boy who has lost his innocence due to the war. This is art. It can be everything and nothing specific at the same time. When I listened atlantis for the first time, I had broken up with my boyfriend recently so I found sadness everywhere. I thought this song represented my love, I mean, I needed to feel represented to be able to heal with time. Now that I am fine and happy, I understand this song tells more than a devasted love. It talks about other important things. This is why I know atlantis is art. It makes everyone feel completely different things. I dont kow if you know what I mean or these are just weird thoughts of my mind.

  64. Ezgi Kütük

    Türk yok mu?

  65. Олег Зайцев

    Any1 else crying while wathcing this video?

  66. AW Ecem Erkan

    "tutulmazmış okyanus çıplak elle." ♥️

    Thácio L

    Verdade ❤️

  67. İrem Eke

    "Kanadı düğüm kelebek" #ÖFA dan gelenler?


    Fucking good song

  69. Ave S

    It reminds me of where the wild things are movie

  70. PuJin Park

    só quem tá pulando de kodaline pra seafret morrendo de chorar

  71. ırmak

    “tutulmazmış okyanus çıplak elle..”

  72. Hasan Çalgan

    Türk yok mu ya?

  73. Giovana Leide

    Me faz lembrar do filme "onde vivem os monstros", melhor filme do mundo (do meu mundo)

  74. maddie hibdon

    this song is beautiful.

  75. hamozx0

    Nunu & Willump

  76. gisielly melo

    Lembra o filme “Onde vivem os monstros “

  77. Ryzenx jeh

    this reminds me of where the wild things are

  78. Hugo Poma

    donde viven los mounstros? genial la referencia!

  79. Gece

    ÖFA:Bölüm 7
    "Tutulmazmış okyanus çıplak elle..."

    juvia f

    ne alaka bu fksşxkwşdkwğ


    @juvia f ÖFA da geçiyor bu müzik

  80. Susana cayul nahuel

    Porque no hacen peliculas? Sus videos son geniales...y su musica es hermosa. <3

  81. 貳滴


  82. Jemima Fernandes

    Alguém em 2019? 🇧🇷

    Jemima Fernandes

    @ALEXIA camz 😍

    Jemima Fernandes

    @Samaniego 💛😉

    Jemima Fernandes

    @Gessivan Santana 😁

  83. Abdias Do Nascimento Do Carmo

    Amo este vídeo, esta música.

  84. Hanna S

    This video is reminds me of a movie called " Where the wild things are " if anyone knows this movie :3

  85. Globe Queen Records

    Indie music is my favourite.

  86. Thais de Souza

    Amorzinho ❤️🇧🇷😎🎶

  87. Nino Ts

    თეთრადშლა :D

  88. Suw Endersson

    Viciado nessa música, todos os dias ouço ela...

  89. Darren Bulanon

    Reading some of the comments make me feel I'm surrounded by people who have the real taste of music.