Screaming Trees - Barriers Lyrics

Stand against barriers
Through cruel hallways
Up against barriers
In every day
Give me another shot
Come and let me hear you talk
Glassy eyes I look like chalk
Call a word and hear it mocked
The hands of the clock

Night is a barrier
In dark hallways
Lights in the barriers
In every way
Show me fantastic lands
Come pick through little sands
Just what is out of my hands
Like the world I just go around, man

Test the barrier
Daylight ever come
Up against the barrier
So I take some
Time to throw my life away
Feel it slipping every day
All they see is down in pain
Give it to me let it reign
Through the dark window pane
Up against the barrier

The daylight ever come
Up against the barrier
So I take some more man gonna take some more man
Up against the barrier
So I take some more man gonna take some more

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Screaming Trees Barriers Comments
  1. Johnny Santi

    Four guys with a low budget can make great music. This sickens me. Every modern day rock star should be shot in the face.

  2. lucid_delirium

    One of my all time favorite bands since the early 90's. Especially in their SST years. Pure psychedelic punk. And in my opinion, Lanegan's highest achievement as a vocalist was to sing for these criminally underrated dudes.

     A reunion would restore my faith in rock and humanity in general.

  3. grajmahal

    Greatest band that nobody knows existed at one time.

  4. Keith1974

    Whenever I mention the Trees people always say "The band with the fat guys, right?" What a thing to be remembered for.

  5. Maria Laura Panzeri

    OMG Early Screaming trees!

  6. richard phillips

    That's Van Connor on Bass! AWESOME!

  7. burnlastsunday

    Who's that guy in the first pic? Third from left with the curly hair?

    Wreckof theHesperas

    Johnny Santi the pic is really early..maybe it's him? 2 Connor brothers in this band, yes?

    johny baltimore

    Steve Fisk.producer.

  8. Juan Alfredo Candiotti M.

    increíble como este grupaso, por razones del mercado nunca se escuchó en Perú.. si no fuera por nunca hubiera disfrutado de ests joya de los 90 s

  9. Dwayne P

    So I take some more man!

  10. Adelia Hogarth

    These photos are so cool!  So is of course this song.

  11. Luc Maranto

    dude no one understands the trees. ive listened to them for almost 10 years now and discovered them totally randomly. there will never be another band like this. everyone should check out microdot gnome (gary lee conner's new band) it sounds just like old school trees its amazing. also valis which is van conner's band. Valis is awesome too

    John smith

    yes another microdot gnome fan, yeah check that out guys

  12. veritas1007

    Nobody will ever make music like this again especially the newer people

  13. Soham Sali

    It's 2015 and I still listen to the Trees everyday.


    +Soham Sali me too,very special guys

  14. Jorge L. Rodriguez

    no sabia que ñoño del chavo del 8 tocaba guitarra en los inicios de screaming trees

  15. manolos95

    You are completely right man ! The vocal line is very similar to Blue Monday . I think that this is a perfect example that shows Mark Lanegan's influences.

  16. donald dive


  17. Elena Di Vincenzo

    I love the pics!!!!!!! :D

  18. ilovemywah

    mate you didn't read my previous coments, start at the bottom of the page & all will become clear, i say this early trees material reminds me of Motorheads on parole album which was released in the mid 70's.. i know the tree's formed in the mid 80's...checkout On Parole, you may agree, it's a clean sounding record, not like the Motorhead that came later...

  19. Leonardo Souza

    best banda ever

  20. Jimmy Ramone

    sounds like marks son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. ilovemywah

    @Dannynator5000 i see mate, no worries..

  22. Dannynator5000

    @ilovemywah you're right dude XD I thought you were talking 'bout Screaming Trees

  23. lethrneck4

    Awesome song..SST anthology of these guys is all you need, their major label stuff cant compare

    Bruce Dunkle

    That's a good collection. Gotta have the "Change Has Come" EP on Sub Pop.

  24. ilovemywah

    @Dannynator5000 nope??? what you talkin about? motorhead's On Parole was first released around 75/76.. do your home work..

  25. Dannynator5000

    @ilovemywah nope. it is 1985 indeed

  26. ilovemywah

    correction 1975 release.

  27. ilovemywah

    love the trees! this earlier stuff always reminds me of Motorheads 1979's "on parol" album.. Screw new order manc gobshite's...

  28. acid psych


  29. losingmyreligion6767

    marks voice has dropped like 12 octaves! xD

  30. J Cz

    How bout Marks muligan... They really went far from here for sure... thanks

  31. David Pereira

    I love Screaming Trees but this is a total rip off of New Order's "Blue Monday", though i prefer Trees :D (kinda like "The 80's" from Killing Joke and Nirvana's "Come As You Are"

  32. HighCommander

    @ferchutorres ha ha no shit it's blatant, good tune though

  33. Kelly Goosecock

    This band continually blow my mind!

  34. FablesJonny

    TREES RULE!!!!!!!

  35. PsychedelicRoom

    thanx man! i go mad about this one