Scott Walker - Manhattan Lyrics

Here you
are boy
here you are

Here you
are boy
Here you are

Here you
are boy
Here you are

I tip to Bengal
tip to Somal
I tip to Burmese
tip Kenyanese
see them sliding
through the sun

I tip Havanian
Here Alaskan
Here Corsican

See them sliding
through the sun

it's on me
all my life
On me
all my life

in the lampglow
on a chair

stick wiped

and his arm

Fleur de Lis
le wrist is

chief of police
a la collar -
- bones disconnected

and here you
are boy
here you are

and hear the
word of the

I tip to Bengal
he tips to
tips to Somal

tips to Burmese
tips Kenyanese

See them sliding
through the sun

in the lampglow

stick wiped shirt?

say something
round that
shredded dirt

Say Fleur de Lis
Le jaw bone

chief of police
a la ankles -
- connected

And here you
are boy
here you are

here you
are boy
here you are

he tips Havanian
tips Abyssinian
here Alaskan
here Corsican

we tip to

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Scott Walker Manhattan Comments
  1. luis Valenzuela


  2. wellandtruly joshed

    Beautiful man beautiful voice ❤️ RIP Scott 💔. Outstanding creator of sound- we’re still listening 😢👏

  3. Christian Bordonaro

    Difficile da capire ma interessante da ascoltare

  4. Rogan Hennie

    I am brand new to this music. A Facebook group called "90's Grunge and Alternative Music" brought me here.

  5. flash gordon

    I understand why Mr Bowie was Bowie.. an excellent 'pupille' from the master...! All is here, RIP 'l'arsiste'...

  6. guntharis adolfo

    This Scott Walker music is kind of madness… out of control… apocalyptic! But it is great and It touches me deep inside of me! Gorgeous!!!

  7. kotidze

    RIP Scott, you were immense. I'm crying like a baby right now, you shall be so missed

  8. Carol Bordignon

    This is genius.

  9. paul hurford

    Unfurnished and Unfinished rooms of Modernity?
    Nobody deserves torture. Only aesthetics should extra rendition.

  10. Daniel Bromfield


  11. Rainy

    The opera of nightmares. The voice of the shadows.

    Delhi Delirium

    You should try Devil Doll and see how that works out for you . Very disparate music, still , you´ll soon notice that ´grand guignol` description you just did .

  12. Wally Toynbee

    Great track!

  13. West Coast Experience

    saint etiennes interpretation of this song is so strange,. how they got where they took their version/cover ,..i don;t even know. this is the real composition,.  i guess theirs would be the flowery gossamer fogged london skied mandolined-up version of which description they might be most happy with,. Scott Rules.

    Alaïd Idnalid

    Then again, how would one reinterpret any song on Tilt without sounding a wee bit strange haha