Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Watch Me Bleed Lyrics

The silence keeps it easy
keeps you safe for the moment.
As you're walking away
your foot steps get louder.
All you needed was time
But now time will destroy us.

It will all be over, and here we are
we're stuck inside this salted earth together.
You'll pierce my lungs
my limbs go numb
as my colors fade out.

You watch me bleed.
You watch me bleed.

I gave you everything to die with a smile
all you wanted was to live for a while
you took everything but it left you empty
you can't replace me, you can't.

It's almost over, and here we are
we're stuck inside this salted earth together.
You'll pierce my lungs
my limbs go numb
as my colors fade out.

You watch me bleed.
You watch me bleed.

It will all be over, and here we are
we'll die inside this salted earth together.
You'll pierce my lungs
my limbs go numb
as my colors fade out.

You watch me bleed.
You watch me bleed.
You watch me bleed.
You watch me bleed.

Watch me bleed.

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Scary Kids Scaring Kids Watch Me Bleed Comments
  1. happy together

    I listened to this a lot when going through depression. If you’re seeing this know that you are not alone.

  2. Bea Kaulitz


  3. Vera Trims

    I'm 24 now. I listened to this song back when I was like 13... fake people around me make my color fade out man. I never drink alone when depressed but here I am... have a good night everyone

  4. back rolls??

    It's getting better. There is hope.

  5. 0. Akira

    if you are listening to this in 2019 you are a legend.
    Aghhhh still my favorite ~

  6. Denmark Dayrit


  7. Annie Beauvais

    12 years old me was listening to this in 2010.. Still amazes me in 2019 . Amazing song

  8. Juan Carlos Villena

    Here i am, once again.... after all these years...

  9. Tyler Chagnon

    Damn that shit was depressing man I am emo my self but that was. A whole new type of depressing

  10. The Empress

    We are the astral travellers traveling through time and space through light and dark.. From this world to the next from here to now.. The journey itself is in essence the evolution of consciousness itself.. To know we are all the universe experiencing itself that all life is interconnected separation is truly an illusion as we are all one💛 all the light and love of the cosmos enraptures you beloveds💫 remember who you are<3

  11. Austin Shadows

    The comments made me lose it listening to this. I love you guys and stay strong

  12. karina gardocki

    My first and my biggest crush showed me this song. Ever since then this is my go to when I’m super depressed. This song hits the spot when you’re feeling horrible. I wish love was less hurtful. I wish love didn’t cause pain‼️😭💔

  13. Exhil_rate

    I think I heard this when I was deeply in unrequited love.. Damn this song destroys you, when you're in that mood.

  14. Devin Williams

    Good song

  15. Sylvester The Cat

    Currently dying inside. 💔

  16. H R

    I couldn't remember the name of the song or band for the life of me but I used to listen to it so much but now I remember why I forgot it. My mind blocked out all the past and self destructive memories I have but now that I'm listening to this I'm remembering all of it.

  17. Lissete Garcia

    Tyson 😔💔💔

  18. Kiddo

    To my husband:

    4 years have passed since I met you. It was one of the best days of my life. We were so close, loved so deeply, even had a little girl together. I was convinced you were my soulmate.

    Now here we are, these years later. How have we drifted so far? How could you trade me in for other girls? All those lonely nights I spent aching for one glance from you that even held a drop of the love your gaze once held, you spent them with others instead. Anyone but me. I grew used to the loneliness in time, but finding out the reason we lost one another along the way has shattered me.

    I needed you.

  19. Nebulous State

    This isn't very good you should listening to some wiley

  20. Dante Alijah Marchetti

    Awful song

  21. Margaret Eddings

    Ghost me

  22. ReactToitBro

    If anybody needs to talk I am here for you

  23. Wiard Zijlstra

    I was so lonely

  24. Leeann Phelps

    I use listen to this 9th-11th grade💔💔💔😭😭😭 after I was sexually harassed 3 times and almost raped by my ex. He made me so depressed and suicidal 💔💔💔💔💔.....

  25. Tré the SPIRITUAL

    Just wanna go back to 2010

  26. Nessa Anderson

    Reading everybody struggling in the comments is pretty heartbreaking. I remember listening to this song during one of the most difficult times of my life; that was 6 years ago now. And i can proudly say im in such a beautiful place now. To all you suffering, i promise you it does not last forever. Nothing lasts forever, including your suffering. Hang in there; my problems i was facing 6 years ago are nothing but a memory to me now. Youll all be okay, Group hug x

  27. notjaredd

    Spongebob brought me here, a long time ago 😐

  28. Kate B

    I used to play this song on repeat when I was a depressed lil kid. My life and my head was changing and my emotional health could not keep up and it resulted in me feeling something I could not comprehend as an 11 year old, but I was clinically depressed. That was nearly 6 years ago... but I remember the cuts like it was yesterday. If you’re that depressed little kid rn, stop the destruction. Don’t glamorize it as an escape like we all did. Break the cycle and put the knife down. Cutting’s not cool, and you can get through this with a better outlet. Hang in there, kids 💕
    A former kid who cut too

  29. Michael Salazar

    "I gave you everything to die with a smile" ....

  30. Billy Sanders

    Damn no comments in 3 years

  31. Ulrich d'Arth

    Good old emo aesthetics :D

  32. MeWGy bon30

    Songs brings back memories wit my old neighbor... Didn't listen to it cause I was sad but was really a cool song to listen to #nevercatchmeslippin #yaboigood :')

  33. Lilith Belladonna

    Please don’t listen to this song if u feel depressed..... please it only make the pain linger and grow immensely


    Lizzie i hope you really love this song that I picked for you I really hope you like my upcoming songs

  35. Kacey Attard

    Skip to 1:35

  36. Jane Green

    I first heard this at 12 years old. I'm eighteen now I'm still listening to this song.

  37. Amber Anarchist

    Omg this was my fucking jam in 2009 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  38. Iam Cxncept

    R.I.P Tyson Stevens you was taken from all of us too early. Brought the music that kept me going. Thank You.

  39. giannis giannakopoulos

    Both of my parents hurt me mentally and just take it anymore, I want to die

    david Hoban

    I'm so sorry man. I promise it will get better. Just push through

  40. Lily Davenport

    Everyone’s over hear being all deep and stuff and I’m just here because this song is good for one of my characters

  41. Paul Espinosa

    This is beautiful

  42. Cori Grant

    I wish hed do a high note on bleed

  43. she took my breath away

    this song is like a mixture of a breakup song and an existential crisis

  44. Stacey PAMELA

    I still play this on piano now and again. RIP

  45. Anna Maria Kadopoulos

    Crying to this for 10 years

  46. Tater Cock

    god kills the good to make the bad suffer. fml lol ily

  47. Shenelle Seve

    _People from all over the universe,_
    It's been a year I'm listening to this again, back to the previous year, I was depressed, agitated, suicidal thoughts and with fading colors, I was blank but this gone for some part of the time, then, I found myself of Spiritual colors, Bursting readily once believed, Ended by an year of struggle, This thought came to me that, _I must revive of my own self_, and now, with the passion and Bounty of writing, Poetry, Embellishing the wreckage of mine, I am living my life with love and prosperity. This is never done with hope, and the belief to grow from the black seed to white sunlight. Please, once in your life, think about yourself, believe that you can go through this. Now, when I go back to the reminiscence of my past days, I laugh and say; _*_"This was a good interpretation of my life, a fine perception and yes, I'm living. This was tough, though, but the more toughness in life, the more Enlightenment we gain."_*

  48. Lone Conqueror

    This song makes me really sad because I see it as a conversation between me and my girlfriend that passed away. To me it feels like I am listening to her in my head telling me that I let her die and didn't do anything to save her when I know that there was nothing I could do. To me this song means regretting being unable to save someone you love and having to live with that regret your whole life while knowing I could do nothing about it, that she was just meant to die. It feels like her telling me that I could have done so much more and that I will never find anyone like her now that she's dead. Believe me it's been 3 years and still no girl is quite as appealing to me as she was, and no girl ever has been up until now.

  49. Riley Xaiver

    Oh hello, sixth grade

  50. finch elo

    it's 2018 and im still *not* okay

  51. Lorena Nunes

    Alguém do Brasil?

  52. Nx Lyrics

    found this when I was searching for "watch me bleed by tears for fears" and now this one feels better.. :)

  53. Puppellora love

    This is a sad song.........

  54. Daniel ღ

    i listen to this 3 years ago,and yea im still depressed...

  55. daddys boy

    2:23 is he crying?

    Meggan Mclellan

    i know i am lol

  56. REIGNZ

    ya'll got to quit acting gay n enjoy the song

  57. Ian Hinkle

    I’ve been looking for this music from spongebob and Patrick sell shit for a year

  58. Typhoon Monsoon

    I've had surgeries most of my life I went threw 3 spine surgeries since I was 16 and I'm crippled and can't work I don't have many friends and I'm stuck living with my parents suffering in pain.. life has been pointless too me I don't want too die alone but I probably will if things don't change. I'm tired of it all really. nobody loves or cares about me besides my parents.. so I'm stuck in my room playing video games alone for ages as everyone I use too know has a family or at least a partner I'm not good enough so I'm gonna end up either dying from something surgery or health related or my major depression will kick in and I'll end it... oh well I'm glad I heard this song.. let me release my emotions.

    WinterFell _

    If this is true then am sorry for you but remember people are assholes these days they are selfish and don't care for others. This is simply a comment but remember that somewhere in this world there are nice people hope one day you meet that special person :)

    Typhoon Monsoon

    WinterFell _ thanks, and yes this is true. and I agree with you, I really want things too keep going in a good direction. honestly tho i was in a bad place when I wrote that and I'm sorta in the same place still. I keep going forward for some reason while most people wouldn't keep going.. I mean my parents think I lie about pain and stuff like that cause as a child I was a bit of a crybaby but of course I'm 22 almost 23 and I'm not the same. I was just told that my parents thought a spinal migraine was just me being a pussy about a headache they say I can talk too them about anything but little tiny stuff makes them mad.. so I get on the internet and complain about shit sometimes.. I'm sorry if I'm rambling but anyway. thanks for the reply. I appreciate what you said and I may drop some contact info like my discord or kik or something.. anyway thanks for being nice and I appreciate your kindness


    Been there my friend. i considered suicide as a child. I myself am your age. 23 myself. It's been one hell of a ride. Don't forget that we have 7 billion people, and from my experience, more of them are good than not. Sometimes you have to peel past their own layer of insecurities and such they have placed to protect themselves.
    If you need to rant. Rant.
    If you need someone to listen, ask.
    If you need someone to offer advice, or sympathy etc, reach out.
    The internet is our greatest tool ever. It connects us like never before. Someone will take the time for you, a total stranger. And in turn, you can do the same, and alter the course of someones life.

  59. Amanda A

    What did I do? All I ever did was try so hard and love you so hard. What did I do to deserve this?

  60. the pale emperor

    I feel like shit today and i have just received death threats:)

  61. Hairul Danial

    i thought that after 5 years i would't listen to song again

  62. Jinxx

    0:00 and I start crying...

  63. Dax Garcia

    Just wanted to say it's been 6 years now. 6 years ago I started hurting myself, and it made it to my face, my torso, thighs etc. I'm covered in deep harsh scars that people always stare at and ask about, and it sucks. I regret every inch of my actions because now my mistakes mark my body, and they'll never go away for how bad they are. It's not worth it, there's hope and happiness if you wait for it. I swore I'd never be happy but here I am. I made it. You aren't alone, if you really want to get better you'll make that effort and eventually get there, it's work. but worth every minute. I love you, whoever you are. I'm happy now, watching these sad videos only triggers you,. click away and watch funny movies or videos. Get rid of negativity and other triggers. Get rid of bad people, tell people you trust how you feel, it's one step closer to the life you want.

    Dax Garcia

    There IS hope. It's work, but it's there. I survived suicide attempts and extremely severe self harm, along with addiction. It's not impossible, I'm living proof. I know that pain in your chest, I know the sadness inside you. You NEED to fight it, please don't resort to self harm or suicide, there's people who really care...I care. I hope you get the help you really need, you will if you really strive for it.

  64. shayne Gaw

    So stoned right now. I can't even.

  65. Hansgettheluger

    yall depressed pieces of shit find a purpose i used too be just like yall to smh

  66. Trippy Boy

    This song just brings back memories of when my depression was really bad and my ex showed me this song

  67. Saturn Mao

    This song... <3

  68. mike rotch

    Damn, this comment section, am i right?

  69. Colonel Bean

    I first heard of this song from a YouTube poop, but strangely I now kinda like it. I’m not “emo” but I always had a liking for gloomy songs.

  70. Matthew Maduli

    I first heard this song being like 10 or 12, knowing its a sad song and thought it was pretty. Havent heard the song in years and being almost 17 and having gone through some shit since then, this song really hurts now.

  71. RenagadeExstreme 95

    Goodbye Stephen Gordan Lee Berglund. You will never have what i gave you, and i feel sorry for you. Bc you don’t know Love, family or friendship.. you like hurting those that try to help you, an then say they stabbed you.

  72. Aaliyah Quintanilla

    All I feel is hurt every single day, everyday with these disabilities and nightmare demons every single night. Life is meaningless when nothing matters and nobody cares about you at all. Life has been hell throughout my entire life. Nothing good has ever came out good for my life with the hell I had to go through.

  73. Bugsy Siegel

    Yeah it's been a while since I've listened to this amazing song, depression is life I guess.

  74. 1Kamui1

    Well..hello 2017. so much nostalgia...i really miss the old times. damn this song makes me sad, like always. rip Tyson Stevens. hope u guys are ok.

  75. Sensitive Snowflake ass

    Help me my heart just broken i feel suicidal i need to talk to someone

  76. Iznx

    Take a shot every time he says "Bleed"

  77. Fishy Playz

    Jesus... I was going through a "emo" phase when I was 10-12 and I'm now 14....

    All these people fake being emo by saying "life is pointless" "this is so real" "I want death and not to feel pain anymore" it's so cringe

    You all need to stop going to YouTube and get therapy

    It's sad that you think your deep I can be more deep than this song

  78. Aaliyah Quintanilla

    Nightmares come into my mind and I feel I need to listen to this song, to bleed out all of my nightmare demons!.

  79. conman

    Too many bad memories

  80. Emo Raberson

    Still listening in 2017.

  81. Campfacer


  82. Rayna P

    everyone here is so depressed, i know im just another comment, a stranger on a keyboard, but vent if you need too. Im an ear that will listen.

  83. Daniel ღ

    Wow it's been to long..hearing this song make me remember my old self even tho i change a little bit..

  84. Reddy Red

    All you needed was time.

    Time will destroy us.

    It will be all over😀|😭

  85. Exhil_rate

    Whoever feels depressed or says they hate their life: Remember that you are the creator of your life and therefore the creator of your reality. You can start giving your heart the power you're currently giving your unconscious self loathing thoughts. YOU are a human being and thus you can create happiness. You can create what makes you whole. Life was given to you for free, so there can be nothing to complain about, you are alive. Pain is temporary, you got the eternity before you.

  86. Lara czi

    I think my heart just broke

  87. ღ Shook ღ

    Crazy that he's dead, man. It's like, these songs are literal cries for help, for most of these artists that are dealing with shit, and end up committing suicide. It's like, no one fucking cares... Smh.

  88. e69alpha

    Original sad meme song

  89. any name

    حينما الصمت يصبح عادة يجعلك في امان

  90. Evangelista Steopic

    Oh my God I'm not emo but I used to be when I was 8 and ended around 12, now I make fun of songs like this but now that I listen to it hits too close to home, like fuck even after a decade this song still makes me think. and the lead singer died of an overdose? Holy fuck my day is fucked

  91. Jasmine

    it's 3:36 am and I'm bawling my eyes out.....

  92. TaffyChu

    I'd do anything to not feel like this anymore. It's getting so old
    I'm sick and tired of crying every night

  93. Get beaten by a trash bin

    This song always make me 😢

  94. gyhviolettauchiha m1lgral uchiha m1gr4l

    I love is music , music it's my life💔😭

  95. Hela ‘

    sigh.. R.I.P

  96. Dr.Obvious

    RIP my happiness.
    I was so happy...
    So bright
    Now, suddenly I have depression... why?

  97. trinirocker101

    knowledge, memories, dreams,....time....almost made me forget this masterpiece...almost

  98. Josh akers Films Actress

    I'm a bully victim I'm suffering depression anexity